Fashion Business Ideas For WOMEN (+ you don’t have to sell clothes!)

no I'm not going to gay keep I'm not going to keep this to myself I'm coming straight to this community and telling the girls when I saw this I was like I don't think the girls realize how much money from working a 9 to-5 to generating over $800,000 in a single year by let's talk about fashion baby let's talk about making money if you're a fashion girlly and you want to get to the bag this video is for you in today's video we're going to talk about fashion money so if you want to make money doing fashion things but you don't necessarily want to own a store you don't want to have your own fashion line cuz that's too much you just want a side hustle you want it to be related to fashion then I got you girl that's what we're talking about in today's video in today's video I have nine of what you could call small business ideas or side hustle ideas but here's the gag they're all related to fashion and while all nine of them are awesome the the money and number eight the money that these girls are making on these streets if you want to get the most value out of this video make sure you watch it all the way to the very end number one while number eight is my favorite one number one is also a really really good one and it is personal shopping number one is one of my favorites because anyone can do this even if you're from anywhere in the world and I'm going to tell you in a second how you can make big box doing this if you're from Africa or the islands or some other country that doesn't have a lot of big stores there's so many ways that you can get to the big bag as a personal shopper one is by being a luxury personal shopper there are people out here men to be very specific high value men who want to buy really expensive things for their Partners or their wives and they don't know where to begin they know that some women like purses and Jew jewelry and they have the budget to buy these things but they do not know how to shop for them and that's where a personal shopper comes in and girl the girlies are making big bucks doing this look at this I sell millions of pounds worth of goods as a personal shopper the most expensive item I've soured was a £250,000 watch did you hear that if you want me to make a whole video about personal shopping like going into how to get started how to attract clients and all that good stuff let me know down in the comment section and if you live in a country where there are not a lot of people who have big budgets which is very unlikely cuz even in Africa even in Nigeria there are people who are willing to spend a lot of money but if you don't live in a country where a lot of people have big budgets what you can also do is be a personal shopper for items that are sold in stores that are not available in your country so for example you could be a Zara or H&M personal shopper but if you want to get into the luxury Market specifically let me know down in the comment section and my team and I would do the research necessary to give you that information number two number two is to flip thrift store items and I said flip and I said Thrift but here's the gag one very specific Niche that really works well with this is the Vintage luxury Niche now there are girlies who will pay big bucks for a Dior bag from the 1980s like literally there's a girl who went on Tik Tok and started making a lot of money doing this she would go and search for old designer items and then flip them and sell on her website and through this she started making a lot of money enough to quit her day job I mean look at this last night we sold 55,000 in sales just being able to save 55,000 in 2 minutes blows my mind number three is the setup of fashion subscription box business now imagine a whole Marketplace of thousands of people who already want to buy subscription boxes and you have the style have the knowledge have the expertise to put together a fashion subscription box and you're right in front of them in the marketplace isn't that just a dream the website is called crate Joy so in this case we might be dealing with little pieces not actual clothes but maybe jewelry maybe hair accessories and other things that make our wardrobes complete number four number four is image Consulting now if there's one thing I did this year I networked I went to a lot of conferences met with a lot of people and my mind got expanded in ways that I was like no I'm not going to gay keep I'm not going to keep this to myself I'm coming straight to this community and telling the girls I went to a conference last week and I couldn't believe my ears when I listened to the conversations that were happening there are people who actually hire image Consultants to help them look a certain way and I mean professionals doctors lawyers entrepreneurs people who run businesses who have budgets specifically for image Consultants so for example there could be a woman who's really good at business or law or medicine and she wants to build her personal brand but she knows nothing about fashion or about looking good but she also doesn't want to spend her mental energy on trying to figure out how to do that how to look good and that's where you come in you need to go on to Instagram and find people who design websites specifically for a Target group so for example you want to find someone who creates websites for Boss women and then offer your service as an image consultant that way when she's closing clients when she's speaking to potential clients she can ask them do you want to photo shoot with your website design if they say yes she can also ask them do you also want an image consultant to help you pick out outfits that align with the brand that you're trying to create and nine times out of 10 she would say yes and she is me I need an image consultant so if this is a gift if this is a talent that you have girl start pitching start putting yourself out there and start getting to the bag number five you can set up a fashion theme page on in Instagram without even putting yourself out there without even being an influencer without creating your own content there's something on Instagram called theme pages and basically what that means is that you're simply curating other people's content onto one page that's aligned with a specific theme for example this is a theme page for people who care about weddings right now you can create a theme page for people who care about fashion so you can put some videos and pictures from the fashion girlies you have to make sure that you tag your sources though and you ask for permission and give them credit but when you do that and you create a page like that you would attract a lot of fashion enthusiasts and then you can monetize that page by working with fashion brands without being an influencer now number eight this is the one that completely blew me away because when I saw this on Forbes I was like o I don't think the girls realize how much money influencers make this woman went

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