How to Make US$1,000 In A Week Helping People To Vacation & Have Fun Using Your Phone (FREE COURSE)

if you need to make some quick cash this simple strategy can actually earn you ,000 in a week but of course you know it's contingent on your commitment and guess what you will be helping people to vacation and have fun and the thing is all you need to make this happen is your mobile phone and a little bit of Internet so stay tuned rock stars so that we can unlock this stepbystep strategy to making money online from anywhere worldwide helping people to vacation and have fun happy New Year rock stars and may your best day of the last year be the worst day of the year to come thank you so much for your loyalty and commitment to this Channel it really is appreciated and if you have decided to take your Rockstar game to another level by becoming a member on YouTube a patreon subscriber or a club member on patreon I want to thank you for your support now the first step is to sign up for chat GPT and for those who don't know chat GPT is actually a AI platform that can generate informative engaging content and we'll be using that as a strategy throughout this process so go to chat and create a free account if you have not already done so now step two in this process is to promote travel platforms that actually have affiliate programs and in this video we're just going to focus on two aoda for hotel booking and aoda is actually a site that many people use to book travel accommodations across the globe and rock stars there's a prediction out that this coming year we'll see a boom in travel whether it's because the pandemic fears and restrictions are continuing to fade or the fact that some people are still on the YOLO or the you only live once hype because they have survived the pandemic and feel like rewarding themselves and treating themselves knowing that they could be gone to tomorrow whatever the reason travel is projected to increase exponentially over the next year now importantly aoda offers 5% with its affiliate program to get started just visit partners. and it's not an affiliate link I'm not benefiting in any way by sharing this it's just that I've seen it work where someone used it on me and they made ,000 us in a very short time so I felt compelled to research this to build on it and also to share it with you here after going to the website you'll then sign up to their affiliate program and then you'll get a unique referal link that you'll share and don't worry I'm going to show you several strategies that you can use to share your referral links that will assure you some clicks as long as you're following it carefully with Agoda if someone were to use your link as an example and book a $300 hotel stay you're going to earn $15 US for that one booking now the resort that I'm staying at now that you saw earlier in the video it cost me and my family about $5,400 for the time that we're staying here so it means that if I had used your link from Agoda to book this particular hotel stay your commission would be $270 from Just One customer now I got winded of this method of earning because one of my patreon club members had sent me a link for me to use to book my travel and of course I always support in any way I can this company however was and the link she sent me was her affiliate link now for those who don't know as per their website here is an online travel agency that enables users to search compare and book a wide range of travel related Services these Services include flights hotels car rentals train rides attractions tours vacation packages and even tickets to events with over 4,100 employees and more than 4 400 million members offers an extensive network of 1.4 million hotels in 200 countries and a flight Network that comprises over 2 million individual flight routes connecting more than 5,000 cities globally why am I even telling you this because you have options you're going to have a vast number of things that you can recommend through the strategies that I'm going to share with you and get people to click your links so that you can earn in a passive way and again for the record is not sponsoring this video I'm just sharing something that I witness at work and I'm going to tell you exactly how much commission this person made from me and my family using their affiliate link to book some trips that we have over a very short period of time now I didn't know even existed prior to my patreon club member introducing it to me but I fell in love with it number one I get some of the best and most competitive rates out there number two I quickly qualified for a club that rewards me with points and discounts I also like the fact that I can use my PayPal dollar to book vacation because you and I know if you live in certain countries getting your money out of PayPal may be a challenge so this is an excellent way to use it so when she told me about outside of just supporting her I also realized that there were benefits to be gained which would make me the customer be incentivized to use her affiliate link to book all our travel now as you can see here we have used to book a stay at this hotel which again is about 5,000 Plus when it was my son's birthday we spent $8,200 for his birthday event at Moon Palace of course that included our family but I also invited several of my son's friends to come along and celebrate with him about a week ago we stayed in monteo Bay at a property we used again to book that stay and that was about $11,000 and we had also booked a family trip to New Jersey for a particular event and that one cost us close to $88,000 now the total that we have spent on since getting that affiliate link is about $22,000 and that was over a 4month period And as you can see here the affiliate program from will pay 5 to 7% for hotel stays and it does pay for flights for train rides and several other things as you can see here now from my family's Vacation Fun and enjoyment alone the patreon club member made $1,092 in affiliate commission remember we're just one customer and this happened in a period of 4 months and I know you are thinking can I find that many people who is spending that much on travel I'm going to explain the strategy to do that so hang tight rock stars now after seeing what this affiliate program could do from my patreon subscriber I decided to start to identify strategies and culture on these strategies to increase her earnings significantly and more so to do so in a passive way so I showed her how to create blogs using AI which means it's going to take very little effort as I shared in this video here and also how to create automated videos for YouTube and of course these are faceless and voiceless videos what I showed her how to do however is to embed her affiliate links into those blogs and into the YouTube videos and don't worry I'll tell you exactly how to do that later in this video another strategy that I've used is Kora or

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