How To Make Money Online Without Skills (2024)

let me tell you a secret you don't actually need to have any skills to make money online especially not in today's age when AI can pretty much do all of the work for you so in this step-by-step tutorial I want to share with you some of the best work from home job websites and different AI tools that you can use to make money on those websites and get paid everywhere from $250 to $500 per day without actually having any previous experience or special skills almost everything that I share today is available all over the world and you don't have to buy any coaching program to get started with this my name is Dave Nick and here's a full breakdown of how to actually make money online without any skills so the very first step is to actually find different websites where you can apply for different work from from jobs and here's quite a few of those the first one is YT and this is essentially a platform where you can complete different tasks for YouTube creators like for example YouTube script writing YouTube video editing audio you can essentially just help video creators including Mr Beast who is hiring here as well now as a previous ly said you will not need to have any skills to actually do this because I'm going to show you different AI tools and how to find unlimited AI tools that will pretty much do the work for you this is the first website the second one is this is another platform where you can get paid for completing homework for other people and answer different questions and it pays up to $75,000 per month to become a tutor on this platform again you will not have to need any skills if you follow what I'm about to show in this video another platform that you can use is and you see this is a platform where they have different contest you see if you scroll all the way down to the bottom and you go to design contest section on the left side you can see that currently open contest pay anywhere from $1.2 th000 all the way to a few th000 for just submitting different designs whether it's a logo design or a product label design or pretty much almost any graphic design service that you can deliver here can potentially pay hundreds of dollars and again I will show you how to do it even if you don't have any graphic design skills another platform where you can also make money is design crowd. and if you go to the jobs section you go to logo design for example there's a bunch of different jobs available but just for logo design there's 174 logo design jobs available right now and they pay anywhere from $150 to150 again $1 150 sometimes a few hundred for a logo design but all you're going to do is pretty much just submit different designs and if your design gets accepted you will be paid in this case $150 and there there's currently like 49 designers here 12 designers so there is not much competition on this website and logo design is just one of the jobs that you can complete here another website is here you can also sell a bunch of different services and then we also have where some people are being paid over $500 per hour to do research for different companies and again in a second I will show you how to actually do all of this without any skills so the step number two is to just find different AI tools that will help you do the work so you don't need to have any previous experience or skills to make money online so the first step was to to find jobs online to find work from home jobs the second step is now to find different AI tools that will do the work for you and there's a bunch of different platforms where you can find different AI tools or just go to Google and search for different AI Tools in that sphere or for example if I'm going to go to Future tools. I this platform that I found I can find a bunch of different AI Tools in different categories like if somebody's going to pay me for logo designs then I can search for logo design here and I can find a bunch of AI tools that will do the work for me so here's an example job so let's say for example I found on YT I applied to become a script writer for one of these creators and some of these creators are literally paying thousands of dollars for script writing now I can either open up this free chat GPT plugin which I will also Link in the description if you want to test it out it's completely free but essentially it's like a script rewriter for YouTube just keep in mind that it's not going to be as high quality as if you actually write the scripts yourself but if you don't want to do it with trpt or by yourself there's also other AI tools like for example this one I found it on Future tools by searching for YouTube scripts to basically just go here you search for YouTube scripts you find different AI tools that can do the work for you then you sign up for free and you try to complete that job using these AI tools so that you don't need to have any special skills or for example if you went over to and you go to for participant section you want to get paid to participate in research studies and literally get paid hundreds of dollars per hour then what you can simply do is you can go to Ai and this is like the AI tool which allows you to do research and actually complete some very good studies pretty much when complete autopilot you can watch a short tutorial and see exactly how it works and you can test it out for PR this is just one of the AI tools that I just found from one single search on Google or one single search on this Future tools platform another kind of service that you can that you can sell is SE reading this is another one that doesn't really require any special skills because you can find an AI tool to do it for you like if you go to Fiverr search for SEO writing you can see that some people are charging hundreds of dollars for these services like just this one of over here for 500 Words is charging $75 if we go to the premium it's actually $175 for 1.5000 words if I type in 3,000 words that's $400 for one single blog post and what you can simply do is you can go for example to se writing. a you click on one blog post here we enter the keyword let's say for example I need keto diet recipes and I really want to rank for that then just click generate title and this AI tool will generate a title for me once I have the title I can just scroll down click on NL P keyword generation and that will give me different SEO keywords it will help me rank higher so now I can just click on run and I will have an entire article generated for me here as you can see I've generated quite a few different articles that I've been using myself but I can also deliver this to clients and charge potentially 50 bucks or $100 for a service like this because these articles are usually over a th000 or 3,000 words long if I open up this one over here it's 26,000 words long and it was generated with AI with one press of a button as you saw

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