$1,897 Prize Challenge – 3 Fiverr Graphic Designers vs AI

hey everyone welcome back today I have such a crazy idea that I want to share with you guys so my husband and I are starting a new project and we needed a logo so I thought why not make this into a challenge so we're bringing in three insanely talented graphic designers and I want to throw in a game changer so we're bringing in AI as well so it's gonna be human touch versus Cutting Edge technology but you know I love a good challenge so what the graphic designers don't know is that whoever designs the best logo that my team and I are gonna pick is not only gonna get bragging rights and go home with the glory but they're also gonna win a hefty prize not only am I gonna gift them my freelancer freedom blueprint course which is priced at almost fourteen hundred dollars but I'm gonna pay them five hundred dollars bonus on top of whatever they're gonna charge me so let's get into this let's see who is going to do better all right you guys so here's what I'm gonna do I have put in a notion page everything regarding the logo that I'm looking for my Brand Story the color palette and all of the ideas that I have in mind in terms of how I want this logo to look like and we are going to go ahead and recruit three graphic designers across all three levels of Mastery we're gonna find somebody who's a beginner who's Junior we're gonna find someone who has some experience and we're gonna look to find an expert and as we do that I'm gonna comment on why I'm choosing them and what I think about their profiles as well so if you're a graphic designer hopefully this gives you some insight and value as well now let me explain why having a great logo is such a big deal for us and again if you're a graphic designer or you want to become one then keep this in mind because you will need this to understand the value of your work and even to price it so look for me a logo is much more than just a design it's like the Cape of a superhero if you will because the way I look at a logo is whatever sticks in people's minds it's whatever attracts attention first it's whatever tells the brand story so do me a favor if you will close your eyes and I'm gonna name some Brands and I want you to think about the first thing that comes to mind okay Nike Coca-Cola Netflix Apple Amazon Disney should I go on if I'm not mistaken I bet you've thought about their logos you see because that's the first thing that comes to mind whenever we think about a good brand so I want to make sure that this logo that I'm gonna pick is going to be memorable all right so let's go ahead on Fiverr and let's start looking for our contestants all right so I am now on Fiverr and I'm gonna start looking and in case you're wondering well why are you looking for human designers can you not just use Ai and that's it well actually I want to test things out and I want to see what's the difference in terms of personalization in terms of creativity in terms of adhering to my guidelines but also telling the brand story because in my opinion if we look at the human side of the equation I feel that the human designers are going to bring in a touch of authenticity they're going to be the heart and soul of Designing this logo I feel that they're gonna be better at telling the brand story so I'm really excited to see who can we find and what exactly will they deliver so let's look I'll just go search for logo designer Okay so we've got here one designer that charges about 25 dollars it says Hill package for startup three logo design along with white and transparent background four days delivery unfortunately we don't have four days to wait for this okay so let's take a look at this profile it says I'll design creative Modern Luxury minimalist logo I don't know if I want the luxury side of things but I like the idea of a minimalist logo in terms of pricing he has a let's say 15 option a thirty thirty five dollar option and a 75 option I don't need three Logo Concepts see about the standard two logos no I just want one so probably we will go with the basic package and it says one day delivery which is perfect now let's look at his portfolio is that what we want okay they look they look interesting I'm not sure about the color palette but I already gave him the color palette that I'm looking to use okay so right off the bat I am seeing that he really tried to write a profile that gives as much Clarity and as much value to whoever is going to hire him do I see opportunity for improvement for this profile absolutely um I think for me for example it would be important to include some thought process in terms of how he's thinking about the logos and how he comes up with the ideas so I get a sense of what I'm gonna get um I like that it says what he will provide and that the first design is going to be there in 24 hours that I really like I like that he includes a link to his broader portfolio that's really useful but again I think in order to differentiate himself he could do a bit better on the profile however we're gonna hire him for this challenge foreign so I really like that he's asking a lot of questions I think if somebody is not already prepared with the briefing like I did this is going to help the designer make sure that he's gonna get the best result for the client so I really really like that he took the time to ask all these questions all right we have recruited our first Challenger now the order is placed let's go ahead and look for our second contestant I actually really like his style so we're gonna pick our second contestant then I'm gonna pay for extra fast delivery so what I really like about his profile is that he has a lot of extras and the reason why I believe this is a great strategy for whoever is a graphic designer is that if your designs are beautiful and you use some of the most beautiful ones on your fiber a thumbnail then you will get people to click on your profile also if the price seems a really good deal and then you can offer all sorts of add-ons which in marketing we call that upsells and that's because you will be able to really tailor your offer exactly to whatever each client wants without having to think about that but you're going to be able to charge much more in the end than you would if you just use the three scenario options that you have on a regular fiber profile so really good job I'm gonna go ahead and hire him okay so the second designer is asking a good amount of questions but I don't think they're as well tailored as the questions that our Junior designer was asking so really really good job already from the first designer we have just recruited our second contestant now what I want to do for the most experienced one I'm gonna go on Fiverr Pro and here you should be able to find even more experienced Freelancers all right so let's take a look at fiber Pro to find our expert designer so you can tell already that these are much more experienced Freelancers not only do most of them have five stars but some o

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