EARN $25K PER MONTH POTENTIAL *Top Side Hustle Of 2023* (Make Money Online 2024)

could you imagine making anywhere from $25,000 to $50,000 a month I've stumbled upon the best method to Grow Rich and I've kept it under wraps until now no matter your age wealth or location this method works for everyone worldwide it's risk-free doesn't need loans or grants and is just five clicks away this isn't about selling anything I'm not affiliated with this company in this video I'm exposing the secret that's changing lives no manufacturing no inventory and zero upfront costs I'll explain how the rich are leveraging this and how you can too it's all about exclusive rights something that's unique and belongs only to a particular person or group I'll break down what this means so you can understand it clearly and use it to build wealth this method is how the wealthiest people make huge amounts of money I'll demonstrate what you can achieve with just five clicks times have changed and now it's incredibly easy all these secrets will be handled for you I want to clarify I'm not backed or associated with this company why because this isn't the only company that does this there are many others what matters here is the idea behind it whether you use this company or another the concept is what counts in this video I'll explain why this idea is vital why you might not have noticed it before and who the experts are using it daily I'll guide you on how to start and reveal a seldom discussed secret showing how you can apply it in just one day with five simple clicks that's how straightforward it is let's dive into why this is a crucial subject it all boils down to something we often avoid discussing control this method hands you control over a product or service enabling you to reduce competition by crafting a distinct brand that's the key here and the reason why this might have slipped under your radar is because factories tend to keep quiet about it Major Brands like Hines and various liquor producers utilize this tactic and they don't want consumers to know about it they create products for bigname companies and simultaneously generate generic versions sold under different labels at a lower price take Hines for example Hines ketchup might come from the same Factory that produces similar ketchup sold under more economical Brands like Albertson's and Smiths but at a 25% reduced price it's effective even I fall for it sometimes opting for the premium brand assuming it might be superior even though I've heard that many of these products are identical especially at places like Costco that's the Crux here the business I will be discussing in this video is white label product allowing you to build your own brand akin to what Albertson's Smiths and Costco do I want to emphasize once more there's no manufacturing development costs inventory storage upfront fees or minimums required you can initiate your own private label Venture selling your product hassle-free is easy on platforms like Amazon you can list it on various platforms such as OfferUp Facebook Twitter and YouTube for free to reach potential buyers even your email contacts can be targeted to promote your product now the company I'm about to talk about is called suful frankly the name isn't what I'd choose if I were teaching branding but perhaps it works in their favor this company specializes in White Label branding where products are packaged and sold under your brand name now let's make this really simple these products are FDA approved you can see the proof at the bottom of their page they're registered with the FDA and hold a 4.5 star rating with the Better Business Bureau when you think of condiments like ketchup or mustard these products are just as reliable and straightforward consider this scenario a leather bag cost $50 to make add the Louis Vuitton symbol to that same bag and suddenly it's worth thousands maybe even $10,000 people are willing to pay that much becoming wealthy often involves controlling prices and that's where branding shines take Trump as a prime example if you wanted to slap his name on a building according to the contract I once saw it would cost a million dollars upfront plus a share of the profits I'm not not certain how many people took up that offer but it was a licensing and branding deal just by putting Trump's name on a building the value skyrocketed compared to a nameless building you could fetch a lot more money now about this company if you check their supply section you can Kickstart your own brand without the hassle you can leverage your followers or email list to sell products that people reorder regularly these products are risk-free and easily fulfilled when someone orders it's simple you can launch your product by clicking a button and expand your brand let's break it down further imagine someone buys a product for $30 it might cost $50 to make but it only costs you $12 that means you make $18 in profit without having to create or physically handle the product all you did was promote your brand so to help you succeed they offer a variety of products let's take a look at some of them in their product categories they cover things like 5htp and amino acid blend ashwagandha that's a bit tough to pronounce which works as a natural testosterone booster there are also BC AET used for workouts these powders might seem similar to products from other brands because they often come from the same Factory nowadays many companies are what we call white label companies if you look up simplify for example you'll find nutricap a private label supplementing company doing the same thing that's why I want to make it clear that I'm not sponsored another company you can consider for this is full script which also provides white label Services now let's talk about how simple it is we are just five clicks away from launching your product click on launch your product here you'll need to input your name email address and create a password this step will create an account for you if you need to design your product they usually charge around $156 but you can save money by using canva a fantastic Editor to design your own label it can be simple or you can even handr write a label for a unique marketing touch now let's dive into the process firstly you're going to choose a product then customize it after that set a price let's say 30 bucks seems fair you can add a profit markup based on what you want I recommend using canva for editing upload the new label connect it to a store and there you go you've created a product in my example I took an ashwag gandha product that's priced at $28 in the store and decided to sell it for $17 this process is simple and you can tailor it to fit your needs I'm not earning a lot but it's neat right I added my logo with a little extra touch that I thought was cool here's the product everything's there just click here to order no matter which country you're in and you're set they handle the packaging and shipping and that's it you create a label upload it using canva and th

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