Make Money From WATCHING YouTube Videos – Worldwide (I TRIED IT in 2024!)

hey everyone Anastasia here so I've seen many videos that promise you just by watching YouTube videos you can make money super fast some even claim they made almost $60 in just 10 minutes sounds wild right well I'm going to try and follow the steps and see how it goes especially because in a lot of these videos they mention doing something on Pinterest and I happen to have published over 150 videos on my Channel with Pinterest marketing tips so I kind of know the Pinterest platform inside and out and it would be interesting to see if this can really work so here is what they tell us to do first I need to start by exploring trending videos on YouTube they all suggested using viq so open the link in the description below and start a free account once you do that you can download the free viq Chrome extension and um make sure that the extension is enabled and pinned in your browser like this once you do that go back to YouTube and you will see this viq blue icon over here the first thing that I have to do is click on the most viewed option and the free account uh will show you the trending videos for the past 7 days and just to let you know the free version of viq works just fine for this tutorial but it is a great tool and if you're thinking of being a serious YouTuber kind of like me you can do extensive keyword research for your videos you can get keyword suggestions daily and I even get an AI coaching from viq with ideas and recommendations specifically for my channel but for now all we need is just free Chrome extension and we can find some popular video ideas like this one so what we need to do now here is to check out most viewed uh focusing on views per hour and you can pick from the past seven days days and we're talking here about videos with millions of views something like Mr Beast size well in the past 7 days it seems like this video with over 373,000 views called my daughter survives world's trickest parents on Jordan um Jordan matters Channel we want to pick the most viral videos only so let's stick to this one for now now here's a Twist the videos that we're following today they all say that you'll be making money by watching videos but really you are not the one watching the videos instead your job is to attract other users to watch this viral videos the idea since these videos are already going viral people do like them so it should be easy to get more views for them and your role is just to help boost their views and get paid for it next all of them suggested that we need to use the thumbnail from the viral video which kind of makes sense because on YouTube this image helps the video get viral so there must be something in this image that makes people click on the next step they suggest that we use YouTube thumnail I'll give you a link to it um in the description below and you can download the thumbnail well that's easy just submit the URL of the video here and download the image in the best resolution then let's head over to the plat form that I use daily it's and you can sign up for free if you never used it what we will do here is create a vertical image with a custom size if you're typing something like just the word Pinterest you will find two typical pin sizes one is a bit taller and I actually recommend you to go with this one it's 1080 pixels wide and 1,920 pixels tall now you can simply drag in the thumbnail that you downloaded from YouTube and next we will work on adding some catchy elements and headlines our goal is to make sure that this image is irresistible I always recommend placing the important text overlay in the top part of the pin because that's what people will see first when they're scrolling on Pinterest and that will help them understand why they should click on that pin so first up add a shape to work as a background for our text and we will stick to this pink color because it's a good match for this topic and in general keep in mind that on Pinterest you will get predominantly female audience so use colors and Graphics that are appealing for women next we will add a text element using a heading style and we usually need to increase the font quite a lot to make it readable on Pinterest I think that we can easily go up to 100 and I don't like to use these Ser fonts because they're also not so easy to read on the screen so let's change it to this leaks span font we don't want a long text here in fact it should be short to allow us to use this large and bold font readable on mobile devices now check out these numbers the majority of Pinterest users are on mobile devices and when you're new you should always check how your pins look on a mobile phone by the way if you find these golden nuggets and tips based on my six years of experience marketing on Pinterest helpful then don't hesitate to give me a like now it motivates me to share even more insights like these in my videos also I have a whole playlist dedicated to Pinterest and I will link it for you up there if you want to learn more about growing on this platform but let's get back to editing our pin image I didn't waste much time and I just used the text that they had in the video title you see if you just keep the text all the text the same it looks boring so you can click on effects and add this background color uh to the most important part of your text and you can obviously change the color in my case yellow color looks great here now to make it clear this is a link to a video uh click on elements and search for YouTube icon here and canva has actually many options so drag the one that looks best on your design and if you're happy with pin then just click share then download and then copy your pin in the best quality and I would say I would suggest using a PNG format for this save this image as we will need it on the next step let's now head over to Pinterest create an account if you new to this platform it's free and it takes just a few seconds to start an account then you can start pinning how use this create a pin button and by the way if you don't have any board on your prodct profile it might be helpful to create a board first called maybe something like viral videos and um you can save your first pin here for the pin title you can use the same text that they had in the video title and you can use something that they had in the video description or just generate it with some AI text generator I'm really trying to make this work so I will even optimize this pin for SEO in the title and description and I will add a few related keywords so to find a few related keywords you can submit the main focus keyword which I think here would be strict parenting and if you have a free Chrome extension from Surfer I will give you a link by the way in the description below and you can get a bunch of related popular keywords see here we have keywords like parenting Style with o over 27,000 monthly search volume and a few others now you can copy them and add them

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