My 31 Income Sources That Can Make US$150,000 Per Month: How You Can Build Multiple Income Streams

today I feel extremely humble to share with you my personal blueprint of financial success my 31 income sources that have the potential to pay upwards of $150,000 per month and you know what this is not just a glimpse into how I've Diversified my income no it's actually a comprehensive guide on how you rock stars can build and nurture mult multiple streams of income over time because if I can do it you certainly can I was born into poverty I didn't graduate from high school I was a College Dropout the first time and I dropped out with a baby as a Teenage mother trust me when I tell you that you can do it now what's important for you to realize is that achieving Financial Independence and Financial Freedom is improbable without multiple streams of income more than likely most of you have direct income which is where you're trading time for money with a 9-to-5 job and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that but you need to introduce other streams and you need to do so at the earliest time possible because Frankly Speaking I'm not more talented than most people out there but what you will not beat me on is working hard never giving up and not stopping until I'm proud of myself now I had set a goal to introduce at least one new stream of income every single year hence the 30 plus that I have today and even next year I have two streams of income that I'm looking at which is the release of a new platform and I'm going to tell you about it because it's going to help you tremendously and it's going to be free and I'm also launching and investing in a new company in a totally different Niche than what I'm used to but a very profitable Niche so stay tuned rockstars the point I'm trying to make however is that you don't have to do this all at once I didn't get up one day with 31 streams of income absolutely not I set a goal to introduce them one per year in my 20s and I've built on that and even now I'm still in introducing income sources you know why because my objective is generational wealth I wasn't able to control how I came into the world considering that I was born into poverty but I definitely can Define my destiny and I want to leave a legacy for my next Generation to ensure that they never encounter a day of that hardship and don't get me wrong they're going to have to work to get it because we're not giving out handouts here but I'll pave the way to make sure that they are okay that actually rhymed rock stars anyway let's jump into the 31 streams of income and how you can introduce them into your lives and not just Achieve Financial Freedom but also generational wealth now the first stream of income comes from our investment into bonds and let me explain Bonds in a very practical way let's say a company or the government is looking to start a project or to raise ra funds for whatever reason they'll basically reach out to the public through a financial institution and say hey public would you like to help us to raise this money by putting your money into the bucket and in exchange we're going to give you back your money plus we're going to give you 10% in interest per anom as an example so it's really a loan because they're borrowing your money but they're paying it back at a premium now I started to invest in Bonds in my 20s and back then I had established several side hustles when I wasn't selling clothing out of my vehicle I was running a store a harbor dashery a barber shop a bar a hairdresser or I transformed a room in my house into a clothing store that I call design by appointments I also operated a taxi conglomerate small 10 taxis but it was very lucrative income that I was able to make in my 20s diversifying my income but you know what that did for me working in a Fortune 500 company as a vice president I made a US six-figure income per year but I didn't spend most of it because my side hustles took care of the majority of my expenses and I've always believed in keeping debt at a minimum or being debt free because today I'm like a cheap day because we don't have a mortgage we don't have car payments we don't have loans so it's easy to live and as such our expenses are low it was the same thing back then so I was able to take 50 to 80% of that six figure income and invest it and primarily back then I invested it in my different side hustles and bonds now fast forward I'm now almost 50 but I retired at 42 and having invested about $75,000 as an example per year I would have by the time I retired at 42 which is a few years ago accumulated at least $3.5 million us and this of course is with interest now when you invest money in a bond it's going to pay you a certain interest and my interest was always every quarter and what I did was I took that interest and I reinvested it so it compounded over time accumulating to a large sum as an example let's say that $3.5 million was today invested in a bond we would get without getting out of bed $220,000 every single month in passive income rockstars that's why this is my favorite way to invest and it's also my favorite stream of income now all you have to do to get started is to reach out to your financial advisor I've interviewed Brandon here on the channel and recently at our Retreat I had carlen there between the two of them they can help you with index funds which is more Brandon and bonds which is more carlan for you to get started start small build up over time and get your children to watch this video so that they can start early because it makes Financial Independence much easier over time and and if you are like me and want to make money while you sleep this is ideal now I have invested in bonds locally and overseas and between the investment advisors that I've introduced to you in one way or another they can facilitate that but all you have to do is to jump onto chat GPT and Google companies where I can get an investment advisor that's credible make sure you still do your homework because not every investment adviser is an investment advisor but it's not how hard to find one who can get you invested in bonds now the second income stream is mutual funds and a mutual fund is a type of investment vehicle that pulls money from many different investors to purchase Diversified portfolios of stocks bonds or other Securities so this one is lower risk because whereas the Bond as an example it's an investment into one particular thing one particular company or something that the government government is doing mutual funds will take stocks bonds everything pull it together and the way I use mutual funds is let's say when the money is coming in from my different income sources I put it into a mutual fund and whenever it gets to a certain level then I go and invest it in either businesses as an angel investor or I invest it in bonds or real estate as an example this is also passive income because this 5% or 4% whatever it is will be coming in whether you are awake or asleep and again to get started you just need to talk t

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