How to Make 5x More Money With This Faceless Video AI Prompt

do you have 5 minutes well that is all you need to create a YouTube Empire without ever showing your face without writing speaking or editing and you know what why monetize one YouTube channel when you can monetize multiple with the exact same content sounds unbelievable right well I know it does and that's why today I want to show you how using a simple text prompt you can not only create an entire edited video Even if you have zero experience creating videos believe me but also how this tool can turn that same video in lots of variations in lots of other languages with one simple PR by the way you don't even have to speak those languages to do that but before we do this why should you create multiple channels you might be wondering let me explain you see a while back lots of large creators starting with Mr Beast and ending with I don't know Graham Stefan and sad Guru all of them had multiple channels to cater to specific local languages and that is because because they weren't able to be appealing to audiences that didn't have English either as their first language or as one of their main languages and because of that they created channels for German speakers Spanish speakers Portuguese speakers Japanese speakers and so on and so forth I believe Mr Beast at some point had over 20 different channels maybe more however because of YouTube changing and enabling now an option to audio audio dub videos for example Mr Beast ended up ditching the other channels and bringing all the audio dubbing into one single Channel not everybody has done that and there are still lots of creators that have multiple channels now there could be a debate on whether it's a good idea to have multiple channels or not my opinion is that if you don't have that feature enabled yet because not everybody does then why not create multiple channels because you can do that with the exact same content that you will be creating for your main one and I'm going to show you how to do that in this video not only that but in my opinion faceless channels should also explore this option that is of course if they don't have the audio dubbing feature enabled let's take this channel for example uh Ben Lionel Scott I think you pronounce it a channel like this is getting hundreds of thousands and in many cases Millions upon millions of views for literally every single video and the most captivating thing about this is that they never ever have to show their face I mean this channel is getting 4.8 million views in one single month and they never once showed their face and what's even more amazing than that in my opinion is the amount of money that they are earning on YouTube by making these no face videos I mean I pulled up this channel on a site called social blade which probably you've heard of and according to Social blade this channel is earning between between $1,200 and $191,000 per month that is about $636 per day and just like this one there are thousands upon thousands of channels on YouTube that are making insane amounts of money by making videos and never showing their face now imagine what if they made five or 10 channels in various languages you got it we're talking about3 4 $5,000 per day so that is why in today's video we're going to go through step by step and I'm going to show you exactly how to start making these videos so that you too can start earning some potentially life-changing money and I'm going to cover everything from what niches or topics work best for faceless channels to how you can use AI to create the entire video for you in one click as I said even in languages you don't speak through one of the latest AI Technologies called text to video so what we're going to do today is actually create a real legitimate no face video just so that you can see how simple this process is okay so what type of faceless YouTube channel should you start now here's the criteria that I believe you should consider you do whatever you find is best for you but I believe that first of all you want to pick something that allows you an easy kickoff you should choose a niche that is simple to start with and there is no learning curve or at least not a steep one because it shouldn't be something that overwhelms you already from the beginning number two it should be something that is streamlined and allows for an automated workflow and that is why I believe you should look for Content types that allow you for a systematic creation process ideally you want a niche where technology can handle the repetitive tasks and maximize your efficiency and number three you want a rapid content turnaround potential because time is money at the end of the day and especially online you want to opt for a niche where you can produce content quickly so that you can come out with as many good videos as you possibly can ideally every single day so to give you a head start here are some of the top niches for faceless YouTube channels that meet this criteria number one is motivation meditation and relaxation videos think guided meditations or nature sounds or motivational videos monetization could be through ads or selling premium tracks here for example you could look into top 10 lists these can range from movie reviews to historical facts they tend to attract broad audiences and are great for ad Revenue number three you could think about education or tutorials you can teach something that you know or something that you're also curious about learning could range from language lessons to software tutorials and the money you would make from ads could also be complemented by course sales affiliate links and so on and so forth you could think about story narration or something that has to do with mystery um horror stories sometimes are really good for monetization and then category number five would be something along the lines of travel and nature a lot of great videos get millions of subscribers and views for showing beautiful places around the world for example and here I'm thinking about channels like tropia or top fives and they excel in these niches okay now let's go to the fun part let's use invid AI to create a motivational video in five languages and I'll pick some that I don't speak it will help us generate the full script find relevant stock footage and edit it to a voice over which can be as I said in any language or with your own voice in this case my voice if you choose to and I would recommend you do that because then your videos are going to have a personal touch and they're going to stand out from all the other let's say typical AI type of voice that you can hear everywhere in YouTube or Tik Tok space now what I like about in video is that the video will come back ready to be published in just a few minutes as I said probably less than five but you can also go in and fine-tune it and make edits so that you can tune the script the footage the music anything you want to your own taste you can even do all that in the same int

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