How to make $3,000+ per month with your art & creative skills🎨step-by-step guide make money with art

so the first thing you want to do is to figure out all the legal admin stuff of setting up your business if you have no idea about different business structures like sole proprietorships corporations llc's I would definitely do some research I'm in Canada and I do have a recommendation if you are in Canada as well and you want to set up a sole proprietorship or a corporation you can use a service called owner to set up your business and this is what I used to set up my Corporation now you do want to look into what are the differences between a corporation and a sole proprietorship there's a huge difference so make sure you do some research and decide on what you do and owner can help you register for a soulle proprietorship or a corporation and I do have a discount code so check it out below and if you're super confused about business structures and setting up a business I would definitely definitely recommend talking to an accountant or at the very least find different business owners in your area and ask them what they did with setting up their business a lot of you might be stressed about how exactly do you collect payments how do you set up everything and for invoicing specifically I would recommend stripe wave and also PayPal so those are the three that I would look into and you can also use the payment uh invoicing platform of whatever accounting software you use if you pay for an accounting software like QuickBooks or fresh books if you're collecting credit card transactions there is a 3.25 plus 29 cents per transaction fee and this is standard across the board so don't be scared of credit card transaction fees it's a very standard cost of doing business and something that you should just incorporate into your expenses next thing to do is to decide what you're actually going to sell you probably already have an idea but I want you to get super specific on what you're doing and remember you can always change it later on but decide what you're going to work on at least for the next 3 to 6 months art and creativity is a very broad term so I'm going to list out several ways that you can make money with your art and right now if you don't really have an idea of what you can do to make money you can consider these things you can sell a physical product you can mail it out to your customers so for example like greeting cards this is what I started out with in 2018 and if you have a physical product you can also sell it at different kinds of markets in your area you can do art commissions so these are specific custom requests that your customers have requested you to do and you're going to create the work and then you can either mail it or you can meet up with them in person another one is on-site art and this is one of my favorites because it just you feel so cool you can do digital art and there's actually a lot of ways you can monetize digital art so you can sell the same thing so for example like prints on your website or an Etsy shop by the way I have thoughts about like selling art on Etsy so maybe I'll make another video about that uh but for a digital you can also do digital art commissions and there's a ton of ways you can do marketing which I will talk about later on how to do marketing for selling your art another one with digital art is you could design the stuff and then do print on demand next is to host some kind of Workshop where you teach people the art that you know how to do so for me I actually taught a whole lot of calligraphy workshops I taught more than 600 people calligraphy workshops in uh from like 2019 to 2022 I would say and and those workshops were public workshops but also corporate team building workshops and they were in person and also virtual on Zoom I do actually have a video on how to teach workshops so you can check that out that one is specifically about calligraphy but if you want to do art workshops as well or you want to host like a plant making Workshop or a cooking class or something I think that one will definitely help you out and another way to make money with your art is to become a content creator so you do your art you can share it somewhere YouTube YouTube Instagram Tik Tok and you can find ways to monetize your art that way and with a lot of these ways of making money with art you can kind of combine them together so for example with content creator you can post about your art you can show behind the scenes of how you do things or you can make tutorials and then you can also sell your art prints on your website or you can link it to your website and you can get people to request custom commissions from you oh I do want to mention if you are a company in Vancouver or company in North America and you want to do a cool team building event you can definitely still hire me to teach a calligraphy Workshop in person in Vancouver or on Zoom virtually and I would mail the supply so I still do calligraphy workshops actually I just came back to Vancouver after 7 months in Asia so I'm back to all my calligraphy stuff and I can teach calligraphy workshops again did I record oh my god oh I did testing so I know I just gave you a a lot of ideas of how you make money with your art but when it really comes down to it I want you to think about what are your goals like maybe you could do all of them like maybe you have the skills to do all of these things that I mentioned but for example if you want to be a digital Nomad artist kind of person and you don't want to mail out things or do a lot of things physically then maybe just bring your iPad around become a content creator you could sell prints you could do custom art commissions but digital art using your iPad and procreate and you're going to create a lifestyle that fits your goals and you're going to decide what you're going to sell based on what your lifestyle goals are but let's say you want to stay in one location then you could do a lot of physical workshops you can do art commissions for people in your local community you could be part of craft markets and stuff like that so I really want you to think about how you envision your life and how you envision you being this creative artist making money and build your business around around that by the way if you've never started a business before I would highly recommend you check out my business plan template this is a very very super simple template that I made for new business owners who want to brainstorm what exactly you're doing in your business so there's a lot of things for you to fill out target market and there's some questions that AFF like operational things so if you're just starting a business you can download it below the next thing you're going to do is to decide how you're going to reach out to people AKA your Market and there's a lot of ways that you can do marketing as well so some of the more common ways that you can do marketing are going to in-person networking events networking your way to getting clients buil

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