Get Remote Jobs At These 15 Reputable Companies Always Hiring- US$120,000 A Year

the job market as we know it has been completely revolutionized by the availability of remote jobs and these jobs allow us as individuals from various backgrounds to find opportunities that suits our skills some of us are seasoned professionals or some of us are entering the workplace for the first time whatever your story is in this video we're going to explore 15 companies that offer remote jobs from different sectors and many of them you can apply to from anywhere across the globe but these companies they always seem to be looking for team members to expand and bring in fresh Talent so here are 15 companies that are always hiring with several of them paying a us six figer income per year and some as much as $120,000 per year [Music] welcome back to the Rockstar Academy thank you for clicking play when this video popped up I'm grateful and if you are subscribed to this channel which means you're a rock star thank you for your support and if you are a member on patreon or a member on YouTube I'm also grateful for your support thanks a million now let's jump right right into this list of reputable companies that always seem to be hiring and looking for fresh talent that also pay good money and several of them you can apply to Across The Globe not all however but there's definitely some here that are available worldwide the first is Sedwick and if you have never heard of Cedric rockstars and I think there's going to be quite a few on this list if not all of them that you're hearing about for the first time I want you to write the names in the comments so Sedwick please go ahead and write it in the comments if you have never heard of it that way I don't come here thinking that I'm sharing something novel and something new with you because if you don't write it it means that it's stale news but if you write it it means it's the first time you're hearing about it and I can continue to apply my research and share in this format now Sedwick specializes in risk and benefit Solutions with a focus on health productivity and claims management they hire for roles such as workers compensation future medical claims examiner that's one role yes I know it's a mouthful and that role pays anywhere from $80,000 to $990,000 per year and they also hire proposal Specialists coming in at $59 ,000 per year and they seem to have these positions as you can see on their website all year around now their Global operations and awardwinning programs make them a very attractive employer that I would recommend without hesitation and their website which I'll put on patreon and if you are a YouTube member I'll also place it there so that you can click not just Sedrick but all the other websites and get to their page with one click and I'll put in the description of this video a link that will take you to the links on patreon to get that oneclick experience and if you are not a subscriber on patreon or a member for YouTube don't worry because we'll try to pop up the pages here so you can capture the spelling correctly and then go ahead and search for them on Google I'll also be sharing all these websites and the company names along with details that go even beyond what I share in the video on my website blog which is Odetta rocket it will just be a little bit delayed because it's not as real time as patreon and the YouTube members page that said their website will be on that list and they pay via direct deposit or check check and this direct deposit goes directly into your bank account now the second website I hadn't heard of it and I had to do some serious research and it is cinch sin NCH they operate globally as well and they provide cloudbased platforms that facilitate business communication via messaging via voice and via email they offer positions like account payable specialist and they pay these roles or these individuals $23 per hour and again they seem to always be hiring someone for something they also have application support administrative roles or application support administrators and they pay these individuals $17 to $23 per hour with numerous Awards under their belt cinch is an excellent choice for the Savvy individual who is looking for an opportunity and to work with a company that always seems to be hiring now you have to wonder why are they always hiring is it because they can't keep their staff and because turnover is high in some cases Rockstar I'll be honest with you some of the jobs are a little bit taxing so people don't necessarily stay for the Long Haul but a lot of these companies they're growing they're going into new territory and they're they're expanding and looking for new Talent this list is a mix of those so I encourage you to do your own research I'm giving you the website I'm telling you what the job does how much you'll get paid and where you're going to get paid the least you can do is just check it to make sure that they have a good history but this particular company with its many awards stands out as a good employer and they will pay via Bank transfer or in some instances based on what I've seen online which I still need to confirm it appears that they also pay via Paypal now this next one I know you haven't heard of it and remember to write it in the comments it's reminder media and reminder media they actually provide automated marketing tools for business owners and also for sales professionals and they're always hiring around the clock the roles that are predominantly out there are remote call center agents and also remote inside sales agents and the salaries are pretty good actually they range anywhere from 65,000 to believe it or not $120,000 but anyone who has done a sales job know that it can be taxing but it pays good money so to me it would be worth the sacrifice now with a focus on client engagement and an A+ Better Business buau rating again these are reputable companies they are a growing company which is why they have opportunities that are available all the time as it would appear they also pay via direct deposit so you'll be able to get your money straight into your bank account now Maximus again if you have never heard of it rockstars put it in the comments but they are also always hiring and Maximus offers technology Services enhancing Digital customer experience and they are directed or focused on the healthc care sector they hire a number of roles including trainers and they pay the trainers anywhere from $16 to $36 per hour as well as customer advocacy Specialists and they pay those roles $42,000 to $50,000 per year they have a serious commitment to Innovation and employee satisfaction and that's well documented about this particular company making it extremely reputable as well and Maximus will pay you via direct deposit again write maximus in the comments if you have not heard of it One support I had not heard of this one and and when we did the research we realized that it's a pretty good platform for entrylevel positions One su

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