How to Design Canva Templates to Sell on Etsy 👩‍💻 FULL BEGINNER’S DIGITAL PRODUCTS TUTORIAL FOR ETSY

[Music] for two weeks straight I created an entirely new Etsy shop so I could show you how I make an Etsy listing how I design everything how I do the market research I do have a one hour tutorial on the entire process but in this video I want to show you the design part of that so how exactly I designed this sorority resume template I'm also going to talk about my tips for Designing templates I have a bunch of canvas shortcuts that I use all the time I'm going to talk about how to design something good for graphic design in general if you don't really have graphic design experience and I'm also going to share how to make a variation on a new listing and how to organize my canva so up until this point I had already done market research and decided that my Niche for my second Etsy Shop is gonna be resume templates and career related stuff so for this one specifically I spent 45 minutes researching and like looking over other Etsy listings and like looking at blog articles watching videos just researching the design part and then the actual designing part took an hour and 45 minutes and why the research part is so important to me is because for me like I have never joined a sorority I am comfortable with making resumes though in general I would say I'm above average when it comes to writing resumes and cover letters for sorority stuff I have no idea how recruitment works so that's why I have to spend 45 minutes looking at other people's Etsy designs researching sorority stuff so then when I go to create my own I know exactly what I'm doing and I'm really making something that the customer can use for their sorority recruitment so I actually screen recorded every single thing that I did in these two hours and 30 minutes and I'll go over the process with you so I was looking at sorority templates I just clicked a couple of them that I thought were okay looking and I took notes on what I noticed so they're mostly pink there are leadership they write about leadership honors Awards Community involvement and then I took a look at what's included so some of them had like matching cover letter templates so I thought maybe I should do that that's pretty easy to do just making cover letter thing yeah take a look at what things they add into the resume because here's the thing I didn't know that most people join a sorority in freshman year like in their first year of University I had no idea so then I have to think okay this is like a high school student graduate applying for a sorority what is a high school student gonna want in a resume like this and then I did a bunch of research on sororities yeah I wrote like lol sorority recruitment so new to me I looked at some blogs about sororities and I took notes on what they include like they also include if your mom or dad is in a sorority or fraternity then they also include that in the resume that is the thing about picking your Niche even though I'm good at making resumes I'm confident in my resume making ability I have no idea about sorority so I have to research everything so when you pick your Niche it's best if you pick a niche where you know at least something about it like for me I know stuff about resumes I don't know things about sororities the most ideal thing is you are making uh your products based on what is interesting to you and what previous experience you have so here I'm just I'm researching like sorority Recruitment and then I also looked at YouTube videos on how to create sorority resumes yeah I watched some YouTube videos did you know that sorority cover letters it's not the actual cover cover letter that goes to the sorority it's like a letter that you write to somebody who's gonna recommend you I didn't know that so I had to learn that then here I'm searching like sorority types because I'm gonna put sample text in it right I should know something about sorority I should know some sororities so I'm reading Wikipedia doing a lot of research on this this whole thing took me 45 minutes like researching I didn't even start designing I was thinking about designing but for the first 45 minutes I was researching sororities because I don't understand sororities at all so I was researching just generally how do sorority recruitment how does it work and I was also searching sorority application process then something else I was also thinking about is and this is just like a personal interest is like what about discrimination in sororities because I noticed I think I read like sororities a lot of them are just like One race so then I was like do Asians okay because here's the thing I'm gonna put sample photos in my canva templates right as an Asian I would want to put some Asian people like pictures in my templates so then I was searching like different sororities and different races like that just reading a lot about sororities yeah searching biggest sororities because I need to in the template I'm gonna put sample text right so I should know some sororities so I would like do my research and then brain dump all this stuff into this document so I have notes so just reading a lot on this stuff let's skip forward and see what I'm doing okay so then at this point this is like 45 minutes into researching sororities now I'm finally starting to design the template so I created a U.S letter size paper on canva I named it workspace I usually name things workspace because it's like this is the place where I'm just gonna do where I'm gonna put all my ideas it's like my workspace for this whenever I start on a new template I see I look for what existing templates there are already on canva I look take a look at the ones that I like I'll put them into my workspace and then I'll work off of those ones and create a new template so I don't really start from scratch oh if you're wondering I do have canva Pro I pre I pay for canva teams you totally don't have to it's just I find that with adding photos into my templates there's a lot more selection with with canva Pro and for the actual template I won't use Pro elements but if I'm adding sample photos for my marketing listing photos I will use Pro elements so the stuff that the customer gets when the customer buys my thing on Etsy I don't have any pro elements in there hope that makes sense yeah because I do not want my Etsy customer to pay for a canva Pro subscription I think a lot of people would be mad so anyways I found a resume template on canva that I like then I was just just experimenting with different colors and I decided to use this one as my the base of my uh sorority template so I was changing the colors I noticed a lot of sorority resumes were pink so I was like okay let me make a pink one then I was looking at my notes at what um like what to include in this resume so I was like okay let me make sure I include all of those because in this sample resume on canva it's for like a Fashion Stylist and they don't have all the elements I want so I need to make sure I add everyth

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