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now look at how much money they earn a year that is more money than a lot of doctors and what did they create the internet has a new gold mine and I'm super excited to share it with you in this video thanks to AI it is now possible to make money online without being an influencer so if you've been searching for the best side hustle ideas how to make money online or how to make money from home then girl this is is the video for you I know that's right this gold mine is called a themed page and the men the men are already getting to the bag with this I mean look at this how was I able to build an asset that was producing me at Peak $70,000 a month and when I saw that and started looking for other theme pages and I saw how much money could be made I was like oh the women in this community have to know so in this video I'm literally going to hold your hand and walk you through what a theme page is what websites and apps you need to get started how to make content for your theme page without showing your face without showing your voice how to pick a theme page Niche and most importantly how to generate revenue for your business or side hustle with a theme page so without further Ado let's get into it so first of all what is a theme page I don't want to just throw words at you that just leave you confused and leave you googling and searching no no no no no a theme page is literally just a page on social media that like the name implies is about a very specific theme a theme page could be about pets like this one on Instagram or it could be about quizzes like this one on Tik Tok or which is my favorite one it could even be about motivation like this one on YouTube and you might be thinking why is motivation your favorite one Vanessa because later in this video we're going to talk about exactly how people actually make money from themed pages and you will see why motivational videos and videos around those themes are the way to go especially here on YouTube it is actually called YouTube automation let me show you something this is a perfect example of a theme page now look at how many views this page has in total millions of views but do you notice something about the videos on this channel we do not know who created this channel it's literally just a platform that attracts people who care about this specific spe theme they don't really care about the person the individual the brand for example I'm over here building a very specific brand for women I'm putting my face out here I'm putting myself out here and you might just be like Vanessa I don't want to do all that I'm a private person I don't want people to know me but I want to build something this is it the next question that came to our minds when my team and I were looking at these pages is okay but are they getting to the bag though and there's a tool to find out calm down I got you girl now look at this I'm literally going to search for this Channel's name it has popped up now look at how much money they earn a year that is more money than a lot of doctors and what did they create an automated YouTube channel now what makes it automated girl I'm glad you asked because recently someone left a comment saying if I have to jump 50,000 Hoops just to get it done I'm going to lose interest and I get you I get you it can get really complicated if you have to go on to up work or fivr to find someone who would write the script and another person who would do the voice over and another person who will edit the video with pictures and videos and then put it all together and upload to Youtube that's too much that's too much because of the internet and AI we no longer have to do all that now let me put you on first you're going to hop on to chat GPT so for me if I were to do this you know I'm here for the girls okay if I were to do this I would ask Chad GPT for 20 motivational video ideas for women to post to an automated YouTube channel and look at that we have all of the ideas so Step One is already done you don't have to be the one coming up with all of the topics that you need for this automated challenge that's why it's called automated we're using our tools so once you have these ideas the next thing you're going to do is hop onto another website that continues to blow my mind I found it last month and girl I am not looking back this website literally allows us to turn text to video I am not kidding so for example we can ask in video to give us a motivational video for Christian women who want to build wealth so that they can live full impactful and joyful lives and once you type that all you have to do is choose a voice choose an accent and boom look at this empowerment through wealth Christian women isn't about extravagance it's about impact joy and living fully grow your resources multiply your blessings and let your prosperity shine brightly and if the video comes out and you're like girl I wanted the video to be a little bit different you can even edit the video without actually editing the video you can change the pictures and videos using edit media you can change the words using edit script and there's even a little box down here called edit command box look at this stay tuned as we explore these steps in detail so when I say this is automated girl it is automated and here's what's mindblowing about in video to me personally when I see a tool this powerful I'm instantly thinking it's probably going to cost thousands of dollars and not everyone's going to have access to it but girl girl it is completely free to try out however if you're serious about video creation and you want to dedicate your time to making motivational videos and other impactful theme pages that would help you get to the bag then you can upgrade to the paid plan which is literally just $20 a month I am not making this up and don't send me an email asking me what website it is because it's not n it's and actually I'm just going to link it down in the comment section and in the description box so if you want to try it out for free go down to the description box or to the comment section and start making your own automated videos now for the juiciest part of this video how exactly do people make money with this how do people make money with theme Pages I'm glad you asked theme pages generate income through advertising okay because the theme page is about a very specific theme the audience will be made up primarily of people who really care about that specific kind of content and so advertisers will be attracted to the theme Pages because they know that they can reach Their audience directly through a theme page for example if you have a theme page on Instagram that's about dogs guess what companies that sell dog food dog accessories dog toys would reach out to you to place ads on your theme Pages They're Not Just Pets their family they teach us to love without boundaries now the amount of money that you're able to charge per ad wou

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