4 Ways To Make Money Online That No One Is Talking About For 2024 ($900+ Per Day)

here are four ways to make money online that no one is talking about in fact one of these ways made me nine hundred dollars every single day now let's go break this down the first way is mid journey to Etsy and Amazon merch now what is actually this well here's the thing did you know there's this thing called mid Journey where it's like this AI robot that turns any single prompt or word that you say into an image and just imagine you don't need any creative bone in your body you don't need to have any graphic designing background but check this out there's literally people prompting this thing if I just go down to like any of the Newbie rooms you can see that these people are like oh make a registration desk that not only serves as a functional hub for event Logistics but it becomes a standout visual element and you can see that this thing was created by AI like it looks like it's real but it was created by Ai and you can see just how crazy they're creating this all of this was just like AI generated content now what does this actually mean well think about this if you have the ability to go out and create crazy paintings and artworks and creatives like this you don't need really Photoshop anymore you don't need any creative mode in your body you little get paid now for how good you are in terms of asking this thing certain questions in order to go and create something like this a morph between Burt Reynolds and Kurt Cobain right so they're literally creating all these crazy things that you don't even have to create anymore so how can you actually make money well it's very simple if I go to for example Etsy and I type in something like cat t-shirt do you see how all these things pop up these are literally what people are searching for for example on Etsy if I go and click on cat t-shirt and I see like all these cool artwork all I really need to do if I really want to go and make money with this is go back to Discord and then go ahead and sign up for example mid-journey and prompt it something like imagine and then exactly the thing that is you want right imagine a cat in a samurai clothing with a sword going around there like the moment you have that you then take it off of Discord right you save the image you throw it onto printful on any one of these shirts or products or hats printful literally connects with for example Etsy and then when you actually make a sale on Etsy essentially what happens is you get the money then you take the money and then printful automatically deducts it from the money that you already made and it shippers ships this product directly to the customer just doing this alone it's pretty easy to make a hundred dollars a day even if you have no experience now the second way is doing chat GPT to ebooks especially romance novels on Amazon KDP so check this out do you see this like weird romance novel some guy with his like shirt off like a cool cool I am and he's essentially this you know werewolf well back in the day when I first moved to Chiang Mai Thailand I remember asking a bunch of people around me on how they're making money online because it was so interesting that there was a place in Asia where there was a lot of people that would go to and essentially everyone had a different way of making money online and one of these guys ways was extremely insane he was telling me he was like Hey you know I make werewolf love stories on Amazon and I make 10 grand a month and I was like what are you talking about apparently he got Ghost Riders from the Philippines go ahead and write these ebooks and he would just sell them on Amazon it's pretty simple with kdp.amazon.com you could essentially go ahead and sign up for free self-publish ebooks and paperback books for free with Kindle Direct publishing and reach millions of readers on Amazon but what if I were to go and use chat CPT which is artificial intelligence and AI I say right look at this they're literally writing me a story they're writing me a story about this entire crazy big minute of my imagination that I created and now I can literally go ahead and turn that into for example an ebook on for example Amazon KDP and if any one of these things are too short you can literally go ahead and tell them be like okay stop I go ahead and do that look at this it's gonna go ahead and take that story and now make it go more in depth and just like that you could create full-blown ebooks throw it up on Amazon KDP and be like my weird British Scottish friend that was making like 10 grand a month literally in Thailand now the Third Way is using upwork drop servicing with mid-journey so again you literally have now these AI tools that you know could do a lot of the hard work especially when it comes to for example just creating images so one way that you could go ahead and think about to make money online is you got to think okay well what jobs actually need creative work that do not understand how to use artificial intelligence yet because if I could essentially go into those markets that I could essentially get work and get jobs but instead of me hiring it out I just have ai do all the hard work does that make sense well what would normally take like days to go to create something like this now you could create it in like seconds so check this out I can literally go ahead and go to Amazon or upwork.com and the thing about upwork.com the people that pay the most money right now are like e-commerce people because e-commerce people make a lot of money look at this these people create like simple Amazon sell products and just pictures for these products and some of these people get paid 50 an hour earns 50 K you know this person twenty dollars an hour fifty thousand dollars forty dollars an hour this person earns a hundred and ten dollars an hour has earned over three hundred grand and check this out Amazon creative expert this thing could easily be generated by Ai and artificial intelligence with for example mid Journey now does that make sense and you can literally go ahead and create an upward profile get the job and then whatever person that doesn't know how to use AI yet will be like hey I need this image cool then you literally go to Mid Journey go over to the prom type in Imagine and then whatever it is that you know the client essentially wants and this thing will literally go ahead and create an AI generated image extremely fast to anything that fits your fancy like check this out like every single one of these things they're going ahead and creating this and look at this all of these things these aren't even real these are just people that were generated by AI but it looks so damn real because the fact that AI is just going insane right now and it is kind of the scary part with so many people now using AI there's gonna be a lot of jobs that are going to be lost because of AI and if you are not actively learning skills right now to go ahead and make sure you are AI proof you are literally insane and l

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