yo guys so check this out this entire place is literally for free and you're gonna find out exactly how to get hotels for free more that after the drove [Music] yo guys so we're literally chilling here in the lemon Meridian Le Meridian elaborating something Hotel we're little here in Bali as you guys can see uh it looks really nice you could take you know that that dream Instagram picture holding like the girl as she's like running into the rainforest or the waterfall I mean you can see it's like pretty epic it goes from here all the way over there and there's like multiple levels to this stuff and I'm literally with my buddies right now and uh we're gonna go ahead and check out into this hotel but one of the quick things that I get asked is like how do you actually go ahead and travel for free because no one actually realizes that a lot of these places you know like these nice fancy hotels or like flying in business class for free actually for entrepreneurs that for example do certain things with their business they could actually go ahead and actually travel for free now I know it sounds insane because it literally sounds like too good to be true but this is literally what I was doing ever since I was 18 years old and this is exactly how so for most people right they could only dream of spending money to go ahead and live in a place like this right but for entrepreneurs it's a lot easier because they have something known as expenses now the thing about the expenses is you're not the one that actually spends the money on the expenses you have your customers do that for you so here's an example of how I did this literally when I was like 18 or 19 years old it was around you know the time when I was like in college and I wanted to go ahead and make money right and while I was going in and do that I found this like really interesting opportunity to essentially sell products on eBay and only after did I make a sale did I take that money and actually go ahead and buy the products from like Walmart or Amazon right but then essentially what would happen is I just started doing it more and more and more like I would get a sale on eBay take the money and then buy the products on Walmart but then as I started realizing that I was like huh what if I put this as an expense on my credit card I started looking at like some of the top 12 Awards credit card points out there that actually give you points for actually using you know a credit card to spend on purchases now most people they do it the wrong way they're thinking oh in order for me to go ahead and get the 6 000 Point bonus I have to go ahead and spend my own money but the coolest thing about business if I was already spending money on like the products on Walmart or for example Costco or any one of these places that I was already sending on eBay and I was already spending that money but my customers were essentially the ones that paid off my credit card right I could essentially make as much travel Awards points for free and I kid you not when I was like 18 19 years old I literally racked up hundreds and thousands of child Awards points where I stayed in like hotels for free the first thing that I did is I stayed in Vegas for like 30 days all for free from just like the hotels from the 12 Awards points right and another thing is not only that I was also profiting for my eBay business at the time but this is what people don't understand you know because poor people they're like oh let me go ahead and use a credit card and buy things I don't need I had some buddies that use credit cards and like oh I'm gonna go ahead and buy shoes I'm gonna go ahead and buy TV and they literally do things buying things that actually don't produce income but when you see like successful people like for example my friends over here that are essentially going ahead and getting a place here whenever I go ahead and travel is they literally go ahead and put things on their credit card not in a way because they need to borrow money but essentially because of the fact that we could easily get customers to go ahead and pay for the credit card essentially rack up a bunch of free trial Awards points for free so that is essentially how you start traveling for free you need to start a business start spending money on Advertising start buying specific things and buying products low so you can sell it high but understand this that the customers that you actually make the sale for that's essentially what funds the entire thing doesn't make sense but obviously if you want to know and know more exactly how we do that how people in our community do that we have a free training this week that you can sign up for in the link below check out this video on this podcast today I'll see you guys later [Music]

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