House hunting in California | Shopping for a $1.5M home

1.5 i'm leaving silicon valley and you know i'm going to get mansions real estate is really good hedge and good protection for your money versus the versus stocks yeah the windows here are amazing i can definitely say this is a very good place to live hey guys good morning i am vlogging from irvine california orange county a lot of my subscribers and a lot of people who i know live here in irvine they say this is the best place to live in california and we've spent four days here we came here for vidcon one of the largest conferences for creators and social media people and i can definitely say this is a very good place to live [Music] the biggest advantage of orange county is that it takes 15 minutes to get to the ocean [Music] my husband is swimming in the ocean i don't think so i don't want to do it kids did swim two days ago but it's too cold for me i'm wearing a hoodie [Music] of course when we saw this beauty i was like is it a good place to invest in real estate would it work from the cash flow perspective let's find out four bedrooms three bathrooms almost 1.4 million let's take a look okay the windows here are amazing curtains [Music] look at this the tub is right here and your shower it's right here and this is your marina looking and browsing and exploring [Music] a lot of people say that carpets are old-fashioned they don't like them but i like them because they make your place cozier and soundproof which is super important if you have two small kids i like this place it's really nice see it's brighter if you're watching from the us i don't know like this is a very american thing but a lot of older houses don't have any lights on the ceiling where i come from we have lights coming from your ceiling i'm glad that this house has it it has lights on the ceiling this is the view it's okay i wish well there was an ocean or something like this ah that's so cute nice the question that you probably get a lot in this in these market conditions yeah should i wait till quarter three quarter four to buy or it doesn't matter i mean as we usually say you'd better buy and wait rather than wait and buy because what we have seen historically happening is that no matter what financial crisis occurred in the past typically it takes about three four years for the market to recover so even if you bought at the peak in 2007 which everyone is so much fearful of it would take you about two three years not only to get to the pre-crisis market levels but also even um excel that level and gain some equity obviously some people also fearful of the rates they think that they're way too high now compared to what we have seen right like a couple years ago yeah like even a few months ago but again historically if we look back you will see that the race we're having now is what the average percentage was in previous decades so what we have seen and experienced during covet is was something totally unheard of and unusual so we shouldn't take that as a basis for comparison interesting because i've seen this meme i don't know if you've seen it like there's this death knocking yeah do you think it's going to crash or it's really hard to predict what's going to happen to be honest with you i don't think anyone knows i think people will believe what they want to believe and someone who really wants to get a deal you know they want to they will see the signs they want to believe that they will believe that the market is going to go down and i can get a great deal but honestly people who getting great deals are people who are able to buy something and then wait a few years so we're renting an apartment in this beautiful beautiful morning contemporary housing community that is called spectrum and what i really like i'm comparing everything to where we live right now los altos hills where if you want to go somewhere you need to drive there are no grocery stores walking distance where we live there is a starbucks or whatever but here it reminds me of europe because you know in the u.s what i noticed if you're in a residential area you wouldn't really have a lot of grocery stores they might have a plaza but you would still need to drive or like walk like 10 or 15 minutes depending on where you are here so i'm in in the middle this is like the main square of this apartment complex supermarket and they actually have grill so thursdays and fridays they grill here and you can buy food which is like the best i'm always debating like why don't they create an apartment complex for like young people or people with families and have a real canteen there like a university style where you can just grab a tray and get your food and not bother cooking and then introduce like a meal plan just like for students i love those student vibes because you don't have to cook anyways there is a medical center right there there's a beauty place there starbucks everything one minute walk from the apartment which is like oh my god and you might say but marina i'm from europe and we have this everywhere i don't know like in my country also like where i'm from in russia you have a lot of apartment complexes with the stores but again in the u.s this is not very typical so i'm really happy to be here and we also brought our kids because i'm this person who's like i really want to be with my kids all the time and uh if i'm traveling for like two nights i might not take them but because we're here for five days i'm like oh let's take our kids and so our nanny can just take them anywhere during the day because again if we're just staying at home it will be super boring for them but here they can walk to the shopping center and have fun and ride the carousel this is amazing by the way guys this video is brought to you by books i've been reading this book that i highly highly highly recommend to everyone it is called 12 and a half by gary vaynerchuk i've read all of his books this is the newer one and i've been using this device to read this book during my trip the device is called onyx books note air 2 plus first of all this ebook reader has a large screen do you know this feeling when you're kind of reading like a pdf file and it has really small fonts so you have to zoom in and zoom out all the time it's not a problem with this device it's very easy to read they also have a split screen feature so you can take notes while you're reading or for example you can use this mode to open two apps at a time and yes this ebook reader comes with a pen and when you write something it feels like you actually write on a piece of paper so for example if you're reading a non-fiction book or you're studying you can actually highlight things in the book and it would feel like paper which is an amazing feeling because honestly i get tired of screen time and this doesn't feel like screen time this feels more like a physical book at the same time you don't have to carry all the books with you this model is equipped with an e-in card to display with th

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