I Found the 8 Most Profitable Etsy Products Anyone Can Sell ($997 / Day)

today I'm challenging my team back and I'm asking them to come up with their best most profitable NC shop ideas what they don't know is that whoever wins the challenge is not only going to get something from me but also we are going to start a shop as part of the team experiments based off of their idea so how do we decide which idea is the best well I'm gonna use five criteria number one is level of demand are people actually looking for something like this number two is high income or Revenue potential can we make a good amount of money per month or per year number three is cost of getting started do we need an initial investment or not number four is ease of getting started do we need new skills or are we okay to get started even without any skill and number five is passiveness is this a passive income idea or do we need to get involved every single time we need to ship an order so let's dive in and see what they say I've searched a few but I don't included to to make the products as had a specific theme like 80s and 90s because today there's a comeback for movies games and even children's toys for that so I searched for wall art and actually I I access a enhancement search to be like printable thank you cards uh planners like some photos all right so Legrand said he wants something 90s retro style I heard there something about wall art something about thank you cards something about stationery so let's go ahead and look for 90s stationery first okay good level of demand not very high but promising let's try retro now okay so we see already now that the level of demand for retro stationery is not necessarily very high but it could be because it's just before going up in demand so let's see what's the high Revenue potential can we make a good amount of money well I found on Etsy two shops that Drew my attention first one is trendy Fox Studio this is a shop that sells not only thank you cards but mainly thank you cards and they are done in different styles and based on a little bit of research that I've done I could see that they make about 130 more specifically 134 000 per year and about eleven thousand dollars per month which is definitely not bad and then I found uh Stag and Peach which is another shop that is not dedicated to 90s thank you cards or stationery they do a lot more than that but they seem to be more of this retro style shop and I see that they make 234 000 per year and about 19 and a half thousand dollars per month so we're already off to an incredible start this is definitely a great opportunity now startup investment what do we need to get started well the investment is not necessarily very high because you can get started with your own designs if you're a designer or you could use an AI tool like dally or mid-journey and you can get started with a low investment I know that mid Journey right now is no longer for free but I'm pretty sure you can find some AI design tools that you can start with for free and then you can use canva if that's something that you're more familiar with then definitely use canva to get started what I also like about this idea is that it gives you potential to sell products both physical and digital so you really don't need a lot of investment to begin with now if we look at the ease of getting started then I would say this is a 5 out of 5 because you really can get by with any level of skill you really don't need to be a graphic designer even better if you are but you can absolutely get started and as we see make a really good income per month and per year with this kind of 90s retro design let's see who's next I really want to try with clip art and illustrations because I think everyone's neat written design in social networks okay so Nika said she wants to do illustrations and clip art I think that is a beautiful idea and I know she's very talented so I definitely can see that as a great opportunity for her now in terms of level of demand clip art is one of the most in demand terms that I've seen and the high Revenue potential is also pretty sizable so even though there are smaller shops on Etsy so I found for example Anna style art that's making about fifty thousand dollars a year so somewhere around four thousand a month we have Studio Equinox art making about 60 000 a year so something about 5 000 a month I also found this shop that is called digital curio that is making 363 thousand dollars every year or at least in the last 12 months which means about thirty thousand dollars hours per month I think we already have a contender to the first place let's see the rest of the criteria startup investment what do we need to get started with clip art and illustrations well again if you are a designer yourself then by all means you can use whatever tool you're more familiar with if you're not a designer and you want to use the power of AI then it would be quite easy to get started with a tool like mid-journey for example but there are lots of others that you can get started with canva has a lot of cliparts as well that you could use and personalize and then be able to sell royalty free so I think investment wise as long as you have the license for the tool of your choice you're good to go and skills wise again there are tools for every level of skill you don't need to be proficient in Adobe Illustrator you can very easily get by with an AI tool in canva free version in terms of passiveness well obviously you need to create all of these initially but I think the beauty of it is that you only create them once you package them into bundles and then they will sell again and again and again so I think we already have a really good Contender so if you guys decide to go ahead with this idea or any of the other ones we've talked about in this video so far you might want to consider adding a video of your product on your Etsy product page and instead of thinking about doing that by using chat GPT and canva and HootSuite then maybe you might want to consider using for this dot AI this is one of the easiest ways I've found for anyone to create product videos for any e-commerce platform including Etsy and the way you do that is by using the power of AI through fritis so what you can do is if you have a shop outside of etsy as well for example on woocommerce on Shopify you can even integrate into prints.ai and then it'll pick out your pictures and information about your product and then create the video for you or if you want to continue with Etsy then you can add and customize the video quite easily and then the AI tool will create the video for you not only that but if you want to use the same video on your social media platforms then you will be able to immediately schedule the posting directly from prettis thank you for this for sponsoring today's video let's see who's next well why not try wall art I think it would be at no cost because we could even use something like me Journey AI to to come up with the images and I think it's som

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