Get A $10K Grant To Start That Business AS A WOMAN (Why is nobody else talking about this?)

this grant is here to make your life a little easier baby girl here in number nine is the biggest check on this list a whooping $25,000 in grant money for women say no more so if I were you baby girl I would get in there today after watching this video today's video is all about free money more specifically it's about getting free money to fund your business or business idea as a woman I know that's right you have asked for this video too many times for me to keep putting it off I keep seeing comments like this one Vanessa how do I get money to fund a business I see you I hear you girl and in this video we are solving that problem I'm going to be sharing 10 credible legal and trustworthy sources of free money for women and while all 10 of them are literally the cream of the crop number eight is the the one you don't want to miss because it is one of the easiest ones to get your hands on on this list and the deadline is next month you definitely want to be one of the first few women so you can get in there and get that $10,000 so if you want to get the most value out of this video make sure you watch it all the way to the very end and you might be feeling like M I'm a bit skeptical is there anything like free money yes girl there is yes girl there is a lot of organizations want tax breaks and so they set up foundations and through their foundations they give away money to groups that they care about so if you're a woman with a business idea or business then without further Ado let's get into the meat and the potatoes of this video number one if you're a team T-Mobile girl you might want to sit this one out or you might want to switch because AT&T has a program called she's connected and through this program they give away $2,000 in grant money to women-owned businesses I mean look at this new what girl we just got an order for a Thousand Candles she's connected AT&T is changing what's possible for women entrepreneurs by investing in women-owned businesses number two number two is the FedEx small business grant now you might know FedEx as a shipping company or if you have your own small business you might be using FedEx to send out packages to your customers well what you might not know is that every single year FedEx CS multiple checks through their small business grant program and a lot of women don't know about this but gatekeeping and here let me spill the tea there's one big check for $50,000 but on top of that there are other Grant checks for $20,000 that go to small business owners now this one is open to both men and women but one thing about me I'm going to Spill the tea to my women so that we can get in there and get some of these checks now girl let me put you on the application is open for just 1 month so you have to get all your ducks in a row and be ready it opens up on the 1st of March and closes out on the 1st of April so if you're watching this in February get in there girl but if you're watching this in November or October don't worry about it I'll make another version of this video but if you're currently thinking girl where do I even begin how do I get ready you want to start with a business plan but I'm not going to leave you hanging dry no no no my team and I have taken the time to create a free business plan template and I'm going to link it down below because we are taking action this year and nobody's getting left behind so if you don't have a business plan don't worry about it go down in the description box and grab the free business plan template and let's keep going number three number three is for the girlies in a very specific industry jewelry so if you're a jewelry girly if you make beads if you make earrings if you make necklaces come close come close come close tell your girlfriends to come close because there's actually a grant specifically for for you it is called the hostad Grant and they give away $7,500 in cash to Jewelry Artist so if that's you this might be the one for you and if that's not you yet but you're very much into jewelry and you want me to make a video about jewelry business ideas then baby let me know down in the comment section and I got you number four I know at least 100 women from this community would get this one because every single time I ask you to leave a comment letting me know what your business is about it's always something that really serves other people and if that's you this grant is for you number four is the Amber Grant and it is actually a memorial Grant it was set up in memory of a young lady called amember who wasn't able to stay around long enough to realize her entrepreneurial dreams and now the grant exists for people who have touching stories attached to the work that they do so if you have a business or business idea that is one with a touching story or Mission then girl let me put you on Amber Grant has $10,000 checks every single month now most of the other grants on this list have deadlines they have application windows but this one it is open all year long if you miss January's Grant you can get February's you can get March you can get April they're grants all year long and actually if you already have a business let us know down in the comment section who your business serves it doesn't matter if you've done it before you're literally promoting your own business and I know a lot of big creators don't like people plugging themselves in their comment sections but I'm not one of those people I don't even consider myself big yet but as long as you're a woman as long as you're a woman I'm very open to you plugging yourself promote yourself say your name say the name of your business and who your business serves girl this space is for you this is our Channel not mine so make sure you plug yourself down in the comments section number five now I'm really excited about this one because you could get access to multiple Grands at the same time with this one there's literally an organization called I fund women to reach out to them because that sounds like music to my ears now I fund women exist specifically to fund women and so they have have a whole database of Grants and when you apply when you put in your business plan and your information they just pair you with a grant that suits you perfectly but you have to come correct if you want to be considered and that's one of the reasons why I plug the free business plan template down in the comment section and in the description box so you actually don't have to DM me asking me if I could show you where to find a business plan template I've already plugged one down in the comment section and in the description box for for you number six now this one is super heartwarming because it's not just specifically for women but it's for mothers so if you have babies tugging and pulling at you while you're trying to figure out how to get to the bag then this grant is here to make your life a little easier but before we get into number 6 7 8 9 10 if you'

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