I Made $264 A Day – Super Simple Clickbank Money Strategy!

here is a live screenshot of where I've made over a hundred thousand dollars last year and forty thousand dollars so far this year on just one ClickBank account and as you can see here from today's screenshot I'm averaging about two hundred and sixty four dollars each and every day in passive income and in this video I'm going to show you my step-by-step strategy that I've been using for over 23 years to make hundreds of thousands of dollars on ClickBank and you can use this strategy without a bunch of money to start without having a bunch of skills or employees or anything like that in fact can start this today it's actually very simple and it works here is some more proof just in case proof is what's going to motivate you to take action because with this strategy if you take action yeah it actually works but first a story I got my first ClickBank account back in the year 1999. back then in addition to looks like I'm making a mess here don't want to get coffee all over my money there we go that's better as I was saying back in the year 1999 when I first got my ClickBank account I had set up a website with these plr articles private label articles that I got the rights to that I put on my website and like you I was trying the things that the gurus said to do back then there was only like three gurus yeah I didn't have some YouTube guru or fancy webinars to follow or anything like that I simply had to read what was on the page follow the directions and kind of hope and pray that it worked so there I was setting up this website I put over 600 different articles on this website and I was looking to get some search engine rankings that would actually make money and fast forward like a year later I remember it like it was yesterday in fact I wasn't working that day how do I know it was July 4th and I had gone to my dad's house for a barbecue to hang out with the family and swim in the pool and all that fun stuff and as I was driving home on the 22 freeway yeah if you've ever lived in Orange County the 22 freeway is aptly named because 22 is pretty much the maximum speed you could go on that freeway because of traffic and I rushed my computer to see how everything's going with this new internet business and I noticed that while I was gone having fun with the family eating hamburgers and watching fireworks I had made a whopping 21 automatically and this lit a fire under my butt metaphorically of course and so I went like crazy I started to build websites around all these ClickBank offers and get money and get traffic and I remember one day a website that I set up actually started making like 200 to 300 a day in passive income and I was like wait a minute is this even real I'm literally getting paid for some digital website I created like three years ago and I want you to imagine what that would be like what would your life be like if you were able to make an extra 100 150 200 a day without doing extra work yeah like what if you still went to your job but all of a sudden you got an extra two hundred dollars a day what would your life look like tell me in the comments below what kind of difference that would make in your life because 200 a day on the web is different than going to a job because the internet never sleeps which means two hundred dollars a day is approximately six thousand dollars a month all passive all automatic just kind of check out my sites add some content make sure the links are working and of course log in to see how much money I'm making and boom there you go so today what I'd like to do is share with you the exact strategy that I've used for over 23 years to make passive income on ClickBank now to make this even easier for you I'm going to show you how to use Ai and chat GPT to assist you in content creation because I realized not everyone has time to write countless articles about products or make videos or do all that stuff the other gurus are touting so I'm gonna break it down for you super simple I'm gonna make it easy so that you can follow along in this video and actually get results so that you don't log into ClickBank and see a bunch of zeros you start to see some real money and the way I'm going to do this video is actually Hands-On I don't have any idea what product I'm going to promote I don't have any idea how I'm going to promote it I'm actually going to hop in the computer fire it up and show you my process step by step so that you can follow along and get results for yourself if you're ready smash that like button and type I'm ready in the comments below because we're starting right now okay so first what we're going to do is hop over here to ClickBank make sure we're logged into our account and then we're going to click on Marketplace over here at the marketplace we can see all kinds of different things that are sold using ClickBank now you'll want to remember that ClickBank is a digital product seller and physical product seller with a built-in affiliate program that means that each individual product usually has its own company representing it so if you have like one company that's kind of shady you might have a good company that's like really good so you don't want to throw everything out you just want to weed through and find the products that are actually good as with anything there are some bad actors and good actors but what we're going to do is try to find something that's kind of Niche and kind of specific we could go out there and find something like this leopard gecko care guide which I actually have a student who's using this and is getting sales on his website and you can see here this is actually a legit book on how to take care of your leopard gecko here's another one for Camellia millions and different things like that there's actually a lot of different things in the pet Niche here on ClickBank you could go over here and type in something like pets and you'll see there's all kinds of things from like How to Train Your Pet Rat to caring for your pet bird dog training and on and on we go and these are actually really easy to promote now there's a few numbers that you're going to want to pay attention to number one is the average per conversion this means on average when you get a sale You're Gonna Make 38 dollars that's important because I want to know what I'm getting paid and we could see here that they're saying you get 75 percent commission which means the product is probably like 47 we get 38. that's pretty good the next number that the gurus talk about all the time is what's known as the gravity score on this one we can see the gravity score is 3.7 that means that over the last month 3.7 Affiliates have promoted this and gotten a sale now you might have had like 10 000 Affiliates promoted but only three got a sale what I'm guessing is there's probably three major Affiliates that always get sales and a couple that don't do anything again remember when trying to make money online the average person makes nothing howeve

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