New To YouTube Shorts & Instagram Reels? Watch This Full Tutorial.

if you stay till the end of this video you will know exactly how to make viral short form videos on Instagram Tik Tok YouTube or any other platform from start to finish you'll know how to come up with Incredible content ideas create good outlines that actually go viral how to film set up your studio how to edit with AI and post across all the different Platforms in a matter of seconds let's roll first let's talk about coming up with good content ideas by the time you watch this you will never again wonder what your next piece of content will be you will have a list hundreds of pieces of content long so there's three ways that we're going to come up with good ideas the first one is using word when you get there you're going to type in the big desire of your audience so whatever category you're in they've got a desire right if it's weight loss they want to lose weight if you're in getting strong they want to get strong right if you're in money they want to make money so mind is typically money I'm going to type in make money that's their big desire and it's going to give us all these different things that people type that are they're looking for online around this thing essentially what we've got here is we've got a list of the biggest questions that people have around making money so you can see here people wondering how to make money on YouTube how does honey make money how to make money online how to make money fast how does Robin Hood make money how much money do teachers make how to make money as a kid jobs that make a lot of money right these are all good ideas I can make a list of the five best top paying jobs that earned 2023 as you can see right here the list is huge that it's going to give you and I can type in a few different desires I can type in make money earn cash make money online all kinds of different little phrases to come up with different ideas here out of word tracker now the second way I come up with content ideas is pretty unique to me and I don't see a lot of people doing this or teaching this but it's one of the best ways to get really viral videos and what you're going to do is it's called cross verticalization so I'm going to go to Tik and I'm going to choose a niche that's not my exact Niche but it's really close for example let's say I was in the stock market Niche I might go with the real estate Niche or if I was in crypto I might go with the stock market Niche right something that's really close so I'm going to type in real estate right there I'm going to go to accounts and I'm going to try to find a few big accounts so there's a good example right here this one's got 700,000 followers and they talk about real estate investing next I'm going to leave a link down down below to this extension but it's an extension in Chrome that's called save for Tik Tok and when you click that link and add it you're going to be able to click sort for Tik Tok you're going to click Start and it's going to take all the videos this person's everever produced and it's going to sort them in the proper order so that you able to see their most viral videos in order after about 30 seconds you're going to see right here I now get to see his best videos ever that all have millions and millions of views and I can hover over right here and get an idea of what the video is about or I could watch it but it says do you want to become a real estate developer so could easily take that and say do you want to become a stock market investor and then follow along with what he's doing in his but targeting a different audience this one right here is about how teens can make a million dollars to real estate we can talk about teens can make a million dollars to the stock market right there's very similar ideas very similar desires and we're just kind of approaching it from a different perspective since we're taking a stock market perspective and the last way I'm going to show you for ideas is probably one if you're a brand new account and you're you're smaller than maybe a th subscribers this is the fastest way to grow and that's jumping on current trends so all you're going to do is you're going to go to Google news and you're going to keep track every morning of Google news and what's happening in the world today that's probably a good idea anyway but you can see right here I've got this hurricane coming right so let's say I'm in the real estate Niche and we've got this hurricane coming is there any way that I can take this current news where everybody's talking about this already and I just want to join the conversation but can I join it from the perspective of what my account is about and if I'm in real estate I could easily make three or four pieces of content that connect this to this hurricanes right I could say if you're an investor and you're wondering how a hurricane could affect your Investments or I could talk about insurance and how insurance works with hurricanes with real estate Investments or what happens if your tenants have to move out right there's a bunch of different angles I can take that people are probably wondering if they're getting into real estate or they're current Real Estate Investors like what would happen if a hurricane hit my house how would that play out and if you're one of the first few people to create content around a very big trend for your Niche there's a good chance you're going to blow up quickly once you have your ideas you're going to move into outline mode and I use the same outline for almost all of my content it's got three parts to it the first part is a hook and what a hook is is what you're going to say in the first five seconds to get them convinced that they need to watch the rest of that video and I'm going to say this right now if you have a good hook you're probably going to have a viral video so there's two ways to get a good hook the first way is to Target curiosity and the second way is to Target a problem or a desire what I mean by curiosity is it's saying something that makes them just have to know how it's going to finish so it could be asking a question that they've always wondered it could be showing something on screen where they have to know what's going to happen next or you can say something that targets their problem SL desire and we're going to show you an example of this in about 30 seconds here but once we've hooked them then we have to go through What's called the journey and this is the next 10 20 30 seconds where we're kind of leading them along a journey to solve their curiosity or solve their problem or desire we don't want to instantly solve it right if we're going to show them something really crazy if we've got something you know spider dangling over our head we don't want that to get resolved till the very very end we don't want to drop the spider right when we start the journey phase because then the video is over for them and they don't want to watch anymore and once we get to the

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