Get A 10K Grant To Move to THIS CITY 🏖As A Woman In 2024!

this is not the year to be stuck if you're in a situation Place City Country right now that you're not flourishing in that is draining your soul that is sucking you dry it might be time to move I wish I was making this stuff up but I'm not and this money is for people who are willing to move there so they're basically saying welcome to my country here's $330,000 for coming you don't have to tell me twice if you live in a city that's not popping there are cities that are actually willing to give you money just because today's video I have not one not two but six cities around the world that actually have real money to pay you to move hey girl welcome back to the channel in today's video we're going to be talking about how to get $10,000 to move to a new city and you heard that right there are cities and countries in this world that would actually give you money cash dollars real money to move to their cities and their countries to start start a business so if you're looking to start a business you have this idea that you've been sitting on God has been telling you to launch that thing but you've been sitting on it and you've also had the feeling that in your stomach telling you that you need to move that you're not quite in the right environment the place you're in is not where you would flourish then this video girl this video is for you in today's video I'm going to be spilling all of the tea about grants and I mean free money that cities and countries have for people like you like me women like us to move to start businesses and girl if you didn't know that this existed let me know down in the comment section because when I started to find out I was like the girls have to know so I have not one not two but six cities that are willing to pay you to move and if number one is not your Vibe number five could very well be the most impressive one on this list is number four because even if you haven't started the business yet even if it's just an idea there's funding for you free funding for you so girl I'm excited to get into this one but before we get into it if you do have a business idea and it's already fleshed out in your head let us know down in the comment section who your business is meant to serve so introduce yourself my name is Jill and my business serves women or my name is Joanna and my business serves little kids or my business st's mothers or whatever it is let us know down in the comment section so you can get traction from people who are potentially your target audience girl you already know that as long as you're a woman and you're in this community I have no problem with you plugging yourself in the comment section of our channel so go ahead and plug yourself down below and let's get into it number one coming in at number one on this list is one of my favorite travel destinations Greece I mean we know Greece for the picturesque Blue Waters and the white buildings and the pink flowers but what you might not know is that there's a small town in Greece called antu catha and this town is so small and so quaint that it has a really dwindling population and to solve that problem they decided to come up with a program a program that actually pays almost $220,000 to individuals who are willing to move there the payment of course is made in Euros so roughly about 500 a month for up to 3 years which is €18,000 and almost $20,000 to move there now you're like girl what's the catch well it's a rural really small town and the payments are made by a church there's actually a church that has taken it upon themselves in that town to pay people to move but this is not my favorite one on the list cuz you don't even have to be an entrepreneur you don't even have to have a business or a side hustle they just want people who are willing to populate that town so I just thought it was worth mentioning on the list because it is money and it is relatively free money to move to a city but let's get into number two because girl it gets a lot juicier than this number two number two is a city within the us if you live in a city that's not popping there are cities that are actually willing to give you money just because you work remotely just because you have an online business I wish I was making this stuff up but I'm not literally Tulsa Oklahoma has a program called Tulsa remote and they are paying out $10,000 to remote workers who are willing to work from Tulsa Oklahoma so basically they have workstations they have co-working spaces and they have $110,000 grants girl if you don't mind the sou and you want to start that business or that online job TSA might be the place for you girl I'm just saying number three now number three is a destination fave for a lot of people in the the fire movement and if you've never heard about the fire movement girl that's why you're here that's why we're connected it's called Financial Independence retire early there's a whole movement of people who are dedicated to making a lot of money and saving a lot of money so they can retire early and move to places and a lot of fire people have decided to make Portugal their destination of choice for example look at this to Portugal now Christina and I have been living here for almost 3 years and it has just been amazing and there's a good reason why first things first Portugal has two Visas that make it really easy for anyone to live and start a business in Portugal one is literally called digital Nomad Visa you know what a digital Nomad is someone who runs an online business from anywhere in the world they literally created a Visa for people like us and on top of that there's a second Visa called the startup visa and the Portuguese government was like how can we even support these people that are coming into our country to start businesses and they came up with a startup voucher which is a grant and grants are basically free money so girl if I were you I would put this on my list number four now this is the one that I am most excited for because they have three programs for people who have business ideas who have started their businesses and want to grow and who already have big businesses but want to scale like countries like this exist y'all and this money is for people who are willing to move there so they're basically saying Welcome to My Country here's $30,000 for coming you don't have to tell me twice the country is called Chile it is in South America and they have a program for entrepreneurs like you like me who want to move there and the program actually has three tiers the first tier is called build so basically if you just have a business idea and you want to build it out into something substantial something that's profitable they're willing to offer $114,000 as well as a one-year resident Visa the second program is called ignite so if you already have a business you've already built the business but you want it to grow into something bigger then the ignite program might be the one for you and

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