This Google Side Hustle ACTUALLY Works For Beginners ($4,500 / Month)

one in three people uses Google search at least once a day and still 9 million of local businesses have no website in the us alone in 2024 and probably another 9 to 10 million have won that is not even serving them well imagine globally this is massive so today I want to show you an amazing way to take advantage of this opportunity and make a minimum of $4,500 a month in recurring Revenue Yes you heard that right once you sell it once you can continue to charge that for months and months and months I will explain to you everything how to find these small businesses exactly how to approach them in a way that I personally know it works how to create the website for them even if you've never made a website before and how much you can realistically expect to make but before we roll up our sleeves and start going step by step through everything I would like to thank today's sponsor hostinger but more on them later all right so let's dive straight in how do you find these companies well a while back I've made a video which I'm going to link up here where I was showing you how to use Google Maps to find this type of companies you can still use Google Maps that is totally totally useful and it is for free obviously if you want to use a different type of company's directory that is specific to your local region maybe your country maybe specific to your area then go ahead and do that but for the purpose of today's video I am going to refer to Google Maps because it is probably the easiest way that you can go ahead and get started with this okay so how do you actually do it you need to First think of a niche or a type of business that you are going to cater to and the reason why this is so important right now is because you are going to need to tailor your services and the website design to that particular Niche so I've spoken before for you should be looking into picking niches that will be more likely to want to work with you here I'm talking about chiropractors or dentists or companies who are going to go and fix pipes or roofs or the electricity within someone's home or building and the reason I'm referring to this type of businesses is that they are more High tiet type Services if you are going to specialize in something like restaurants for example they are the type of businesses that have very low margins and they won't be as ready to pay for your services as for example a chiropractor will so let's say you pick a chiropractor what are you going to do next well you're going to go to Google maps in your area in your region in your country or even in other countries on condition that you speak their language and you're going to look for chiropractors and go through pages and pages of chiropractors that Google Maps is going to recommend and make a database base of all of the companies that fit the bill that either don't have a website at all or have a website that is probably outdated and not serving them and now we're ready to move to step number two how do you reach out to them and how do you get them to actually want to work with you that's actually easier than you think and believe me because I get approached this way lots of times a day and sometimes better than others but I will let you in on the secret I promise you this works so the way you would do that is you would go ahead and create a very very simple but personalized website for them so for example you pick a chiropractor you would go ahead and build a very simple website specifically for a chiropractor and then you would go ahead and change the logo for each of the ones that you want to reach out to and you will do that in a way that it shouldn't take you longer than let's say 5 minutes for each Outreach so all you got to do is change the logo and go through the next step for each one of them and what is that next step well you need to figure out an interesting way that is going to raise curiosity that you will use to reach out to them so one way you can do that is to write an email that is going to put them on the spot that their website is not working so what you could do is write them an email that in the subject line says something along the lines of are you still open or are you still in business and then include the name of the company and in the body of the email you can write something along the lines of I was looking for a chiropractor today and I came across your website but this and this wasn't working for me or I realized that your website was not visible or I realized that your website is from this date or from this year and you want to link whatever you are able to find online so that they see that you've done your research and then comes the interesting part here's what you're going to write you're going to write so crazy thing but I went ahead and I made a new website for you and you're going to either include a really good screenshot or a very short screen recording of that but very very very short and then you're going to have a call to action that says if you want me to show this to you book a call let's jump on a call and I can show you everything and we can discuss how I can transfer this to you you'll be surprised more often than not they will come to you and when you are able to book that call the other really important thing for you to do is create that sense of urgency so one way you could do that is by showing them a working good website ideally of someone they acknowledge as a competitor so you can show them the website of another chiropractor that might be in the same area that has good reviews that has a great website that seems to be more up to date and say if you were a customer and you had to pick between the so and so website of your competitor and your website which one would you pick and this way they most likely are going to be more interested Ed in working with you now what are you going to do there are two ways you can go about this you can go the easy route or you can go the personalized route the easy route would be that you just provide these website in a box kind of services and monthly maintenance so this is where you would probably charge I don't know1 $150 a month to create that very simple website and maintain it for them for a year or two or three so you would create a monthly retainer and you would essentially give them a website that is very templatized but personalized with their address their contact information their logo and probably the Google Maps pin that you would need to add as well that being said you would very easily be able to upsell many of them to something more sophisticated so if you're looking into adding things like live chat or maybe a way for customers to book an appointment or maybe a way for customers to get a text back when they call and there's no answer then you would be able to very easily add that into your offer and definitely charge significantly more for it than you would for a standard templatized kind of service so here if you're

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