Fastest $500/Day AI Side Hustle For Beginners (Complete Step by Step Tutorial)

so there is this AI tool called Blue below Ai and it's an absolutely free mid-journing alternative where you can generate different images so I'm going to show you exactly how you can use it in order to make money online and this is in my opinion one of the one of the fastest ways that you can start to make money online with AI because it's one of the easiest side hustles out there since you don't actually have to build your own website you don't actually need any traffic or whatsoever so what you want to do first is you want to go over to Blue villow Ai and you want to join The Fray beta that's going to take you over to Discord where you can sign up for free now honestly even though this is one of the fastest ways you can start making money with AI it's not the best way to leverage AI technology to make money online so if you want to see exactly how I personally use AI to make money online click the first link in the description box down below for a brand new complete step-by-step training program where I'm going to show you a very unique way to make money online with AI that literally no one is talking about on the internet and that I'm never gonna publish publicly so you can just go over to or click the first link in the description box down below anyways we are gonna come back to this blue villow AI tool that is mid Journey alternative I'm going to show exactly how to use this but as of right now you just want to go over to chat GPT and you want to create an absolutely free account now you want to enter a specific prompt and a prompt is going to be very descriptive prompt for creating a storybook so you want to create a storybook for kids that can be a book about literally anything that's on your mind so you can be very very creative with this one so what I'm going to do is I'm going to answer like a generate A5 chapters long storybook about a boy who traveled back to the ancient Greece and the note is that it should be funny and educational with a plot twist at the end so this is like a very very basic prompt but it's still gonna work pretty well so they're gonna create unique content that I can then use to make money online this is going to be an entire storybook generated for me with different chapters and then you can of course enter even more descriptive prompts to create a bigger storybook and the longer it is the harder chances it there is that you're gonna make more money off of it so here we have an entire storybook but what we also need is we need some illustrations for the storybook to make it a little bit more engaging so what you can do is you can go over to Blue Willow and then you can enter a specific prompt on something that's related to that book that you are creating so for example one of the prompts that I've entered over here was a modern pretty face boy full body in ancient great environment extreme details ultra realistic I could have entered a little bit more details so that they create something that's more magical this looks very basic it just looks like a dude that took a picture in a museum but still I'm gonna go with U1 and I'm gonna use that one or I could also go with this third one so I'm gonna upscale the third one so if you scroll a little bit down we're gonna get a full version of that image so you just need to find it and here it is so for example I can use this all I gotta do is open it up in a browser and I can download it to my computer I can save image as and I'm gonna have it into my computer so what I'm gonna do then is you can go over to which is a free graphic design tool and you can search for storybook templates and that's going to give you a lot of different tools that you can use so for example I can choose one of these templates let's say for example I'm gonna go with the first one and click on customize the template and I can use these illustrations generated by Blue Willow Ai and I can just paste the text as each chapter of the book from chat jpt so I would go back and I would take the chapter number one which is going to be the time machine chapter and I'm gonna paste that here so here we go chapter number one and then I can go back to Blue below and generate like a time machine and I'm gonna have unique content unique illustrations to use in these storybooks and for the text all you gotta do once again is copy the text from chatgpt and you can of course make some changes to it so it becomes even more unique you can also use some paraphrasing tools as well but I'm just going to paste it like this and this is my chapter number one and then I can go ahead and I can copy this or duplicate this page and create chapter number two in order to create chapter number two I just go back and I copy the chapter number two from chapter and paste it right over here so that's how you can continue and create a full story book for kids with all of the unique illustrations generated by Blue Willow Ai and then you can download this entire thing to your computer as a PDF document so you're gonna download all the pages by pressing on the download button over here and once you have a full storybook you could also promote some products some toys in it as an affiliate from Amazon and then what you can do is you can go over to Amazon itself and you can join the KDP program KDP program which is Kindle Direct publishing and you can post your ebook and make passive income from them so for example this person has listed their Digital Book over here their ebook for 14 and so far they've gotten a hundred and thirty one thousand feedbacks and not every single person will live a feedback that's literally millions of dollars this person made by posting one single digital ebook so you can of course upload as many of them as you possibly can because you can generate them in literally less than five minutes and you can upload multiple of these ebooks every single day they're gonna stack up and they're gonna stay there forever so whenever someone finds them and buys them you're gonna earn a commission you're gonna make money off of it and earn passive income for a very very long period of time now even though this is a great side hustle something that you can do in your spare time to potentially make some money online it's not a best way to build an actual sustainable business with AI so once again if you want to see how to build a sustainable online business with AI and how to use AI in your online business and why that is extremely important and why it's only going to become more and more important then click the first link in the description box and down below for a complete step-by-step training program where I'm not only going to show you some unique AI tools that I've been using in my online businesses and how I'm actually using them to grow my own businesses but I'm also going to show you a very unique way to make money online with AI a strategy that I've never revealed before and I also try to make it entire

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