How to make money on YouTube without filming videos by yourself (feat. @NateOBrien)

I was thinking if I should make like uh I'm leaving YouTube type of video I think I just said everything that I needed to say on on YouTube that sounds like a lot of headache to me I really don't want to make videos have you thought about buying real estate I'm not a real estate person why I'm not sure if I can share it cuz it's like super just competitive one advice for everyone who wants to be like as successful as you are don't reinvent the [Music] wheel guys welcome to Sil com Val girl we have an amazing guest today Nate O'Brien thank you so much for making it meet Nate O'Brien a 25-year-old American YouTuber and investor Nate manages multiple YouTube channels with over 3 million combined subscribers and recently he disappeared from his main YouTube channel so we're going to talk about what happened we'll also talk about his secrets of making money on YouTube and operating multiple channels simultaneously please welcome Nate O'Brien Nate youve been on YouTube for how long it's been too long uh 2016 so what is that 7 years 7 years that's almost 8 years yeah what is going on now where are you where are your videos I miss them um yeah I I think I'm taking a little break a little retirement but uh I'll probably be back at some point yeah you posted your last video in October 2023 when is the next video coming out I I really don't know I was thinking if I should make like uh I'm leaving YouTube type of video but then I was like I'm just going to disappear and just come back and like when I when I feel inspired to come back what happened um I think I just said everything that I needed to say on on YouTube you know like and and there's nothing worse than like someone repeatedly making the same videos like years and years and years and like he feels like a hamster wheel and so once I made all the videos that I wanted to make over like the past like six years or so I was like okay that's everything I needed to say and um now it's time to move on this part of the video is brought to you by drawbox being a creator and an entrepreneur means having multiple teams to interact with and it also means constantly switching from one task to another as a YouTuber with a team of 10 who experience frustration of losing critical content material more than just misplaced notes imagine the agony of losing hours trying to find documents consolidating feedback or tracking files slowing down our entire production process Dropbox just launched Dropbox business and business plus which has been a game changer for teams like mine he has created a workspace where all the tools that you need are integrated bringing our work into one shared space apart from the expected file storage and sharing capabilities that come with drawbox my team's top two favorite are send in track and replay you create a perfect deck and a pitch presented to a brand and nothing happens then you start wondering is it me or was the email even delivered have they even read it sen and track is great for 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in addition to Seamless app integration with ad dilby Cana and more this has been a game changer for my team and if it sounds like it could benefit yours click the link in my description to learn more now back to the video so what are you doing what is your dayto day now uh right now um saie and I have the Venture fund Road Runner which takes up a good amount of time and then uh my brother and I have a media company we own some YouTube channels and it's a little bit more on the business side so it's like I don't have to be on camera and and so that's kind of where some cash flow comes from uh which is I'm glad I set that up because I think a lot of creators like they get on that hamster wheel and they can't get off because it's like their only income source and luckily I've been able to diversify quite a bit over the past uh few years when did you start doing that was there a moment when you were like okay I am tired of being in front of the camera I'm tired of repeating things when did this click happen so so I I feel like it the click happened before I even started my my main Channel okay because I didn't how old were you by the way 18 18 yeah that's amazing so um but when I started in 2016 I I was like I really don't want to make videos but someone's got to make these Finance videos because there there was nobody making the content back then so it was like a big opportunity um so I said you know what screw it I'm just going to turn on the camera I'm just going to make the videos even though it's like not my natural tendency to like create content um and so yeah I started that in like late 2016 and then probably by sometime in 2018 my brother and I started working on some other things um so that I could eventually plan to phase out my personal brand so can you talk about like how you think about starting a new channel uh where does the idea come from do you think purely uh whether it's going to make money or like what's the thought process so I think the biggest thing that I've realized with a personal brand is that um there's no real like Equity buildup in a personal brand it's it's like hard to sell like you can't like like I I can't really sell the natal bran YouTube channel I mean maybe someone would buy like revenue streams from that but um so I wanted to build something that would be like separate for myself um and then that was that was the main factor and then also it was like what what makes money are you not interested in like growing your personal brand anymore no you don't want to be recognized you don't want to be yeah I'm just a very private person so like do you have a home by the way cuz I see you traveling all the time um I'm based in Pennsylvania um and I'm trying to slow down and not travel as much anymore I see you in all the different places you know Orange County the B I was in Mexico yesterday Mex yeah and so 2018 you started the another like Media company with different how many channels do you have there uh we at one t

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