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all right guys welcome to Silicon Valley and welcome to Silicon Valley girl we haven't done this in a while I don't think I've ever did this thing on this channel where we did a q a but thank you so much for asking me questions on Instagram we're gonna see your questions and I'm gonna answer them thank you so much for you're not yet subscribed to lingua Marina on Instagram please go ahead and subscribe and by the way if you've been watching my shorts that have been going crazy on this channel and if you have never watched my long video if this is the first long video of me that you're watching please comment I'm just amazed by those millions of views that short videos are generating and if they start paying for them and they're going to start paying for them in January it looks like we're gonna buy a new house I'm kid I don't know hopefully but we'll see all right course construction goes wild whenever I start filming guys I know you're probably building my future home but I need to work for it okay the biggest challenge of your childhood love this question so I've recently made a post on Instagram where I talked about and this is super weird and you guys might say that I am going crazy so I was born in Soviet Russia like I actually was born after Soviet Union collapsed we lived in a bedroom in an apartment with three other families so we had shared a bathroom shared toilet we didn't travel abroad we were on a very limited budget and you know when Soviet Union collapsed when you went to a grocery store they would only have like milk butter meat that's it so for me the dessert was an apple and I could only get it once a week so this is my childhood right and so in this childhood Marina has a very clear image of an apartment in a skyscraper that has huge windows and that is flooded with sunlight Marina also looks at other people and like parents in Russia and she sees kids going to daycare and she sees crazy cold Winters and she sees how parents have to dress their kids up and she goes to Russian hospitals and she doesn't like the system and she knows that this is not her future she knows she's not going to be part of it and this feeling is so so strong as if I knew like back then when I looked at all of this and analyzed my feelings I thought does it mean I wouldn't have kids what does that mean like what does this feeling mean and when I thought about you know this apartment in skyscrapers we would go to the suburbs of our city and they would build like this huge huge apartment complexes and I thought is this what I'm dreaming of because my parents didn't have money for an airplane ticket to come to the US let alone life in the U.S but for me like it was a no-brainer that my adulthood is going to look completely different and it's like I had this super Clear Vision of my life today how did it happen no idea but I knew it there are so many things like I'm reading all of these books that talk about like how we from our future can talk to ourselves in the past and how we can manifest everything when our dream is so strong that it becomes a vision in our head we just give ourselves a very clear direction of where we're going and we end up there and a lot of people would tell you like oh dreams don't work stop dreaming because this is all I don't want to say bad words but anyways this is know how the world works you need to get a corporate job blah blah blah when in reality every day we're presented by hundreds of different options and if we have a very clear vision of where we're going like I want to end up you know living in Silicon Valley every day I wake up and I'm like oh I can learn English I can watch a TV show I can go out with my friends or I can study Physics I ask myself out of all of these activities what brings me closer to my goal and every day these small decisions they actually lead us to the life that we're manifesting and if we're not manifesting everything it's really hard for us to make a game-changing decision so may I ask for all of you is to create a dream board with all of the things that you want in your life starting with an apartment or a house that you want and ending with even smaller things like if you want this mug with an American I don't know what you want but if you want like I don't know a Macbook just write it all down this gives you a clear Direction it makes your choices easier and it makes you so excited about life because you wake up every day and you know what you're working for you know where you're headed with all of this with with your everyday and just know that if you can dream it you can make it like 100 this is how it works do you want to have a son okay guys I would love to have four kids since there was a question about it hello leaves hello fall everyone four kids and I really want like I had a very again another Vision that I have three girls when I told this to my husband he's like but I want a boy so I kind of worked with my vision and I can see three girls and a fourth boy but I totally need three girls and like when the first child came Emily girl my husband was like okay the second child when I got pregnant he's like oh my God whenever you dream of something you get it so I have no doubt it's a girl and then we come to the ultrasound and it's a girl and he's like of course I had no doubt it's just yeah so hopefully four kids you know what I want everything to be easy with the kids I don't want this life where you're like oh my God I have four kids I don't sleep I don't sleep I have to cook and you know oh all the schools like oh it's so hard no I don't want that I'm like oh we have four kids and we have this amazing team at home and we get all the help that we need and we can change the world all together this is what I want so I'm working on it so in order to have four kids we need to also like evolve as adults as parents with my husband what are your favorite books in self-help genre what's your stance on spirituality when we talk about spirituality what I started with it could be spiritual for me it's just yes I think we can talk to ourselves in the future in the past I need a I need to think about it more but I definitely believe in manifesting and also one of the books that I'm reading like right now is uh Paulo coelio The Alchemist if you do not believe that dreams come true please read this book it's really good how can you be so focused on your goal always and not get distracted I really want to achieve whatever I want to achieve like I really want it and when there are so many things that I want as well I want to build a company I want to have four kids Etc et cetera whenever I think about what to choose I start thinking about the problems I had this thing when Creator economy was on the rise almost two years ago I was in the perfect position I wanted to build a company in the Creator economy because I thought you know it's a hype topic I am a repeat founder I raise money in Silicon Valley already for a ling

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