Easy $5,000/Month With This Free Website (2024)

well so far I made about $1.1 th000 with this free website by uploading Google documents and selling them and these Google Documents can be created in less than 10 minutes or completely free and from anywhere in the world some of the other files that you can upload include class notes old homework exam quiz prep zip files guides and so on right now I'm in Bali I've been surfing this morning drinking a coconut on the beach and I can still open up my laptop and do this from any country around the world while traveling the world which is pretty cool but this will not make you a millionaire this will not make you rich you will not buy a Lambo or anything like that and you noted usually on this channel we talk about how to build a sustainable online business how to provide value and make sure that your customers are happy and then making money from any in the world by building a sustainable online business this is not going to be the case today today we're just going to be talking about this website that is paying up to $5,000 a month so this will not allow you to make hundreds of thousands of dollars or anything like that but it is a good way to realistically add an extra $5,000 a month from anywhere in the world so what is this website all about well in a second I will show you exactly how to actually use it but first things first what you want to do is you want to go to docs.google.com because this is a platform where you can actually create these documents you want to click on the plus icon over here and once you open up these Google documents you can start creating things now what are the things that you can actually uploads to this platform sell and make money to get paid up to $5,000 a month well you see if you go to studypool.com sd/ sell or you pretty much just go to studypool.com and once you're on their platform you would basically just click on sell docs right over here and you can earn up to $5,000 a month so you basically get paid $10 every time a student views your documents and takes your documents from here now some of the types of digital products and documents that can be sold include class and lecture notes practice problems practice quizzes all exam study guides you can type or handwritten notes are also acceptable so you can open up your notebook and you can actually upload that as well and any language is accept accepted it doesn't necessarily have to be in English and any subject is also accepted if you're into history if you're into math if you're into science it doesn't really matter you can upload your old notes when you were in a class and when you were studying well you can now just upload it over here and people will find it valuable actually students will find this valuable and you can get paid up to $5,000 a month by doing so and if you're thinking but Dave this only works for you there's no there's no way well if you actually go to the platform you can see the top earners on the right hand side over here so this person made $96,000 this person made $94,000 this person made $882,000 these are the top earning earners and you can see that you can upload quiz and exam preps all assignments class notes and it can also be done in multiple languages that's why I said you can do it kind of from anywhere in the world and you would basically just go to study po/ sell docs so you basically just click on sell docks right over here and as you can see you do get paid up to $5,000 a month and you will just sign if you click on start selling documents you would enter your email address your username and you will create an account and then you will have to go through an application process so that you can actually start selling these documents now once your application gets accepted your account is going to look something like this so once you go to your actual account you can track your progress and your income so far from these documents and again you get paid up to $10 per document that's sold so not per document that you upload but per document that is sold and you get paid again and again and you can get paid up $5,000 a month now if you're wondering they how to actually withdraw money from this website like what are the payment methods well once you click on withdraw money you can see that you can get paid through Pioneer PayPal wise Western Union and other payment options are also available including direct bank deposit as well so you just select what you want it also has a different fee if you are using payal then it's around 3.5% but if you are using veston Union for example it's only $10 flat fee so it really depends on how much you're making and it really depends on like which of these are actually available for you and easier for you to set up and you set them up by just clicking select in the right hand sign now to upload your documents which again you can create with Google Docs as well you would basically just scroll a little bit down click on upload more files and just upload the documents that you think are valuable whether those are quizzes whether those are study notes assignments old assignments you can also upload those as well some of the pro tips provided by study pool themselves is you always title your documents correctly and even the files themselves because that will allow you to rank higher inside of study pool and will allow students to find these documents a lot easier so you would help students find your document by providing strong titles and if you don't want to upload them file by file you can put them all in a zip file or just folder and then they will review that entire folder and it will allow you to do it like a batch now again this is not something that I'm personally doing to build an online business online it's something that you can potentially use if you're just starting out and you want to make your first few dollars online you can definitely test it out but I personally run my online businesses and faceless YouTube automation channels and that's how I personally make money online but this was study pool and just a great way to break that first few dollars barrier because for most people that's the hardest one once you have enough money you can reinvest it again and again into different online businesses and just build from there and always remember that making money online is hard and it's supposed to be hard if it was extremely easy then everyone would do it so you have to actually provide value to get paid which is fine because most people are not willing to provide value most people left this video in the first 30 seconds I even have data for that like people are just leaving these videos so they can't even focus when I show them how to make like a few thousand extra they can't even watch a free YouTube video Until the End do you think they're going to be willing to do the hard work provide value and make money of course not so they're going to stay broke anyways I hope you learned something new in this video

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