18 MONTH ETSY UPDATE: selling Canva templates realistic results, planning to start a new shop

a lot of you have been following Along on my Etsy journey and it has been one and a half years cannot believe it the last time I made an update was at the onee Mark and now I'm making another update at the 1 and 1/2 year mark so I'm going to go over the stats everything I made and I'm actually thinking about starting a new Etsy shop this year if you're interested in starting an Etsy Shop stay till the end because I am going to share some advice that I have for you let me just quickly show you what happened in the one year of me doing I had 64 listings which in the last 6 months of that first year I kind of just didn't really work on it um you can see all the numbers here my profit was $2,700 Canadian which is okay it's like side hustle money but obviously not a full-time income so that was my first year now if we look at what happened since then so in these 6 months here from November to April I added one more listing so yeah I barely worked on my Etsy shop it's mainly because after I came back from my big 7-month Asia trip in September I started to focus a lot more on my YouTube channel and specifically brand deals and then I was also working on my new course which is the Etsy listing photos course so that took up a couple of months and that's why I didn't work on my Etsy Shop you'll see that my visits were they're kind of similar with like what happened before you will see the anomal right here is January where the conversion rate was really high compared to before and after January the conversion went down a lot not sure why but that did happen last year at the same time um I made 57 sales in January which is really good and that is sort of like the same thing that you see in last year's where I made 66 sales um this year I made $900 last year was uh $1,200 and yeah my store last year was doing a lot better I only had like 20 something listings maybe it was like a new shop thing I don't know maybe like back then there was less competition for the items that I was creating but now you'll basically you see that I have a lot more listings compared to before but I'm still kind of getting the same amount of sales um the good thing is it is completely passive I don't have to do anything I don't even have to really do customer service so I think in the last 6 months maybe three people messaged me with a question or they wanted a refund or something where I had to like message with a customer but there was basically no customer service it's pretty passive which my Etsy shop I keep telling people like my Etsy Shop is not doing that great because it's only generating $200 $300 a month which is not that high but it is passive so I guess that's a good thing I'm not I wish it was higher but you know it is what it is so everything was pretty much kind of like the same as before cuz this middle part here like 1 year ago I was kind of making the same amount it was like $200 $300 a month which is it's the same thing right now so let's go back to January uh the reason why every single January it does well like last January this January is because I sell canva templates for business owners and January is like New Year's resolution so a lot of people are thinking of starting their business is so they're going to buy the templates that's why the sales are really good usually in January the conversion is good cuz people are looking for it and then I don't know for some reason after January um my conversion just like goes down by a lot that happened last year too so if anyone knows why please tell me why my conversion rate is going down I also did not spend anything on ads last year I was kind of playing around with it my conclusion last year was that it didn't really work for me either that or I'm just I just don't know how to use Etsy ads um so please tell me if I should be using Etsy ads or no Etsy ads but the things I tried it didn't really work that well okay and then last year in the summer I hired somebody to help me with my Etsy Shop specifically with canva designing templates and working on my marketing listing photos in canva I gave that person a good amount of work last year but because I haven't really been working on my shop and then oh yeah she also helped me work on some things that were related to my Etsy listing photos course which by the way if you are feeling stuck with making listing photos you can check it out it is a full course on how to make listing photos with full demos how to make the listing video it has all my canva tips what dimensions you should use for your listing photos and yeah I basically show you exactly how I make my listing photos to get a decent conversion rate pretty much um I outsourced a bit last month I am making new listings again but I'm also thinking about starting a new Etsy shop and I did already start doing some research and this time I'm actually going to track how much time I spend on making a new shop because in the past you guys have been curious like what's your the return on time like you're spending so much time you know like making these listings and you you made this much amount of money but like what's the actual time that you spend oh yeah I forgot to go over this so um well you guys can see the number so I feel like I don't really need to explain all of this um my actual profit in my one and a half years of doing Etsy is almost $5,000 Canadian the profit margin is 63% also I did not include my canva Pro subscription because I use my canva Pro subscription also for my YouTube Channel but also for the Etsy shop so I didn't include that in here yeah this is the profit which is just my Revenue subtracted by 667 converted into Canadian dollars and it does not include my canvas Subs subscription or my mid Journey subscription okay so yeah I did start on a new Etsy shop I am currently researching niches um the reason why I want to start a new Etsy Shop is because I feel like I kind of just I don't know I kind of want to just like experiment with something new cuz my old one doesn't feel that exciting anymore motivation is really important when it comes to me working on stuff like I didn't feel that motivated to work on my this Etsy shop but I do have some ideas for the new Etsy shop right now I'm researching niches and I'm using a whole bunch of market research tools if you're interested in which market research tools I recommend check out the links that I have below I've linked all of them but I am uh thinking about three potential niches most likely canva templates or like downloadable like PDF kind of things I do want to work on a new shop because you know like I think there's a lot of potential like I don't know what happened here and I think every Etsy Shop is different the results are different I feel like if I keep working on this shop I don't know how much more money I can make from this shop cuz I've made a lot more listings in the past year but I'm still making the same amount of money every single s Le month right now the

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