How to Make Money Online: $1,875/Day GOOGLE Search (2024)

most people are using Google the wrong way and you're honestly wasting time if you're not using Google in a way that I will show you how to use in this step by-step tutorial because even complete beginners are making up to $1,875 a day with this one single trick that I will share with you in this video and again most people do this wrong and they end up making 0 so make sure you stick with me until the end so I can show you what actually needs to be done in order to make money online with Google the right away and don't worry you don't need to build a website for this you don't need any special skills or previous experience and you don't need to invest any money to set this up so there's a lot of people that are using this exact same method to make thousands of dollars online including this guy who got $6.8 th000 client in one single day using this exact same formula that I will share with you in this video and they will all hate me for sharing this with you but if you're thinking yeah they but now that you share this with everyone the competition is going to be skyrocketing everyone is going to be doing it and that's simply not true because you see 99% of the people watching this are too lazy to even finish this video they clicked and they immediately got distracted by something else and then they left so if you can sit down not get distracted and actually focus in this video all the way until the end you're already in the top 1% and then out of that 1% of people that will actually watch this video Until the End maybe 0.1% will actually go out there try this and stick for longer than a single day without getting distracted by something new so don't worry about the competition everyone is just distracted anyways the step number one is to go over to and the regular way you would use Google and the biggest mistake that most beginners make is they just go to Google and they search for different businesses around the world and that's the method that they use they find a bunch of businesses and they they start emailing them and they start immediately offering different things but what you can actually do is you can use a bunch of lead scrapers that actually help you find those emails which is one press of a button so you don't have to go out there and email each business one by one which obviously takes a lot of time and it requires a lot of energy but there is these like re email scrapers for Google in any Niche you can either use this out scraper you can also use this Chrome extension instant data scraper I'm going to leave all of these in the description box down below but essentially once you sign up for one of these for example you can just select a category let's say for example you want to sell something to doctors you can select a doctor category in the US only and you can also Target like specific location if you want like specific state or specific country or specific City you can also Target that as well maximum results unlimited and I want to extract emails and maybe company insights maybe not I'm just going to live it like this and then we just click get data and this AI tool will basically scrape Google search and find doctors that I can contact and for now this would give me about 40,000 different leads at least 40,000 different leads that I can literally email or call C right away but because this is way too many and I've been targeting like a way specific type of audience this would cost me a lot of money as you can see rough cost would be like $400 or 40,000 leads so I'm going to close this and I'm going to go with a maximum number of leads let's say I just need 10 and I'm going to click on get data well now this is going to finish in a few minutes and I'm going to get 10 different leads in just a few minutes so I'm sending the task right now and I will get like 10 different emails and 10 different contact details so I can start reach out to in this case doctors in the US now you obviously want to align your searches based on the offer that you want to promote and there's going to be different offers that we will be promoting but either way once you find different emails on Google you can just send them this script over here so you would basically just change this with their first name if you found it on their website so for example here from Google I found this email and I want to email them and maybe I found the name of the doctor well now I can just customize this and it's going to be way more personal so let's say for instance I'm going to say hey Dave or to not make it confusing Dr John I notice you are and in this case is a doctor but that can literally be anything else it can be a gym it can be a coffee shop it can be a business coach it can be literally any profession there is millions of different variations in millions of different cities and places around the world that you can Target and you will basically just change this and you would also add some personalized line that would actually make sense to the person that you're sending this to so that it's not a very generic email so went ahead and then created a little analysis video to help you and then just get a dream outcome here depending on the offer that you're promoting if for example you're targeting business coaches and the offer that you're promoting is some course from the online business Academy that teaches them how they can scale from $10,000 a month to a million dollar a month then you can add those dream outcomes here and you can say like where shall I send you the video now you see all of these people that you email like you can scrape a thousand emails at once and you can email a thousand different people but out of a thousand maybe 1% of them will actually reply to you and that's okay because you you don't need a lot of people to make thousands of dollars you need just a few of them if you choose the right offer which brings me to The Next Step which is actually choosing the offer to promote now there's two different ways you can either create the offer yourself or you can just get an affiliate offer now I recently made this like free community on school where you can basically get these resources if you go to the tools and resources you can join it by clicking the first link in the description it's completely free and then basically you can just click here and there you can find all of these like free scripts and free lists of different offers that you can promote as an affiliate and all sorts of different things but most importantly you can also find the personal branding blueprint and there you can follow the steps to actually build your own offer that you can send to these people to maximize your results and actually charge a lot more than if you promoted someone else's offer as an affiliate but if you want to go through all of that and build the website and build the offer and build all of those things you can also just sign up for some free affiliate Network l

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