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okay let's talk etsy's strategy for breaking through a saturated market the amount of shoppers on etsy has grown tremendously in the past two years which is awesome but that also means that the amount of shops has increased too creating more market saturation and competition for sellers it can be just downright intimidating as a new seller looking at how many shops and listings there are in your niche you start having thoughts like how am i ever gonna get discovered on etsy and why even try there's no way i can break through the noise well while it is true that etsy is more crowded than it used to be i'm here to tell you that it is possible to stand out on etsy and for your etsy shop to be found even amidst all the competition today i'm letting you in on my dynamic duo strategy for standing out on etsy so these are the two pillars that i go back to time and time again when i need a little boost in traction or when i feel like my shop is starting to get buried let's get it [Music] [Applause] hey hey friends welcome back to the channel if we haven't met yet i'm kate i'm a wife mom etsy seller and business coach and i'm here to help you start and scale your online business so that you can make a full-time income doing what you love on this channel we talk about all things small business entrepreneurship etsy selling and strategies so if that's what you're looking for you're in the right place in today's video we're talking about what i think are the top two most important things to consider when you're selling on etsy and you're wanting to break through the competition i call this the dynamic duo because honestly if you have both of these things you have the key ingredients for breaking through the competition and being discovered on etsy now that is assuming that you've already done the research and the work you need to do with seo which is search engine optimization your photography and making sure that your listings have top-notch photos and all of the other elements that we talk about in other videos on my channel which are also really key to having a full successful shop but assuming you already have all of those basics and foundational things in place for your listing these are the top two things to consider okay so the first of the dynamic duo pair that you're going to want to pay attention to is having a quality and amazing product you may have heard the phrase content is king right but in our case we're gonna think of product as king you can do all the amazing work on seo and photography and applying all the different secret strategies for growing on etsy but if you don't have a quality product that is in demand on etsy specifically it will all be for naught there are so many different online platforms and marketplaces that people sell on these days and they all offer different types of products for different types of shoppers so etsy is really unique from let's say amazon or ebay or some of the other marketplaces because etsy really is geared towards handmade goods and more products that are on the creative artistic side so per etsy's policy you have to either be selling handmade products vintage items or digital items this does also include print on demand which is fine with etsy that is also allowed because you're selling your unique creative designs so i just want to give you a quick example of this and how this would differ from let's say amazon or ebay which are also marketplaces but have a lot of resellers and the audience on those marketplaces are going to be there looking for something different that's why they've chosen to shop on that specific marketplace so let's say someone's looking for a leaf blower a leaf blower is not handmade it's not artistic it's not vintage it's not any of those things that sell on etsy so just for fun i did a quick search on seal samurai which is the tool i use for keyword research on etsy and i did a search for leaf blower as you can imagine on etsy no one is searching for leaf blower and it only came up with a few monthly searches whereas if you typed in something like leather journal that's definitely something that could be handmade customized personalized all of that so i typed in leather journal and it came up with 3 500 monthly search results on etsy so this is just kind of a silly example of what i'm talking about you wouldn't sell a leaf blower on etsy you would sell that on something like amazon or ebay so once you get a good idea and handle of what just broad category types sell well on etsy then it's time to narrow it down a little bit more specifically you know what niche you want to offer what product category but now we need to figure out what styles and what patterns and different elements of the listings are trending so a quick and easy way to do this is just to go on etsy and in the search bar just type in one of your main keyword phrases this will be one of your main keywords that's going to apply to your listing for your category type or niche so let's stick with our example of leather journal we might use that as a keyword phrase so we're gonna go on etsy and type in the search leather journal then we're gonna just look at the results that populate on the first and second page of search results and we're gonna look specifically for the little yellow popular now or best seller tag under specific listings these little badges that etsy applies to listings give us a clue as to which listings are selling on a regular basis and are currently popular in this moment so what i like to do is take a note of which of those listings have that little badge and then start to realize as you look through them what things you're seeing over and over again are there certain elements of that product that are present in a lot of the different popular now listings it might be a certain type of color scheme it might be a certain font style or pattern or size or scent it depends on what type of product it is but you can start to notice pretty quickly what things seem to be trending within those listings so don't feel like you need to copy here but just take inspiration and clues from what is selling really well right now within your niche and take inspiration to create your own version of that now once you have your niche narrowed down you have your trending style narrowed down the third part of this is that you need to figure out what your unique selling point is a unique selling point is a piece of your product or something that you're going to add to this listing that is totally you totally creative and totally unique that'll help set you apart from all of the other listings that are similar so this will take a little bit of creativity on your end to brainstorm and think about what elements you could add to your product that might be something new that people haven't seen before take front door wreaths for an example i think about how popular it is now to have a little sign attached to your wreath but think about at one poi

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