Affiliate Marketing 2024: Make $34,553 Per Month WITHOUT Selling Your Own Product

so many of you guys watching this right now have probably heard about affiliate marketing but you're just wondering how the hell do I make money with this I completely understand you affiliate marketing is one of those businesses where you have tons of people online saying how profitable it is and how you can make thousands of dollars online traveling around the world and just working from your laptop now this is 100% true don't get me wrong here but there's an overwhelming amount of new people coming into the space that's had a little bit of success but have no business teaching others how to do it online and Inn leaving you guys completely clueless on exactly where to get started with this business model trust me I get it this can be extremely frustrating and this is why I'm going to show you how to actually start your very own affiliate marketing right here right now and the best part is that this is going to be for completely free I've been doing affiliate marketing since 2019 and I've generated multiple six figures over the years with this business model right here so I know a thing or two about it it's not like I've just seen my first $100 day and I'm coming on here making videos for you I'm actually very well versed in this industry and you can go on my YouTube channel and see the whole journey all of my fails all of my wins and everything like that what I can promise you today is that this is going to be by far the best 2023 to 2024 affiliate marketing guide you've ever seen so let's go ahead and get right into it so first things first what exactly is affiliate marketing without overco complicating it just look at the word itself affiliate marketing what is an affiliate this is an individual that's officially attached or connected to an organization and then marketing is just simply the activity of promoting a product or a service so essentially all we're doing here is just collaborating with a company to promote their products when people buy the product through your referral link the company will pay you a commission in some way shape or form with all Affiliates to some sort of product or service the only difference is that some people do it for free and others get paid for it let me give you a real life example meet Sarah and Alex two friends who just stumbled upon this amazing new delivery service called Fresh flavors Sarah fools heads over Hills for fresh flavors delicious meals at my doorstep yes please she was so thrilled that she decided to join their affiliate program whenever she talked about fresh flavors to her friends and family she shared her unique affiliate link and guess what every time someone tried fresh flavors through her link she earned $20 in commission what's interesting though is that Alex loves the Mills too in fact they were a game changer for his busy schedule however he didn't know about the affiliate program so he missed out on the chance to ear hundreds if not thousands of dollars in commissions Sarah on the other hand kept sharing her love for fresh flavors and more and more people gave it a try through her link by the end of the month she ended up earning $320 are you starting to get the idea now I hope I simplified that for you with this little illustration this company fresh flavors was paying out $20 per commission but believe it or not this is on the lowest scale with affiliate marketing there's other companies out there that will pay you over $1,000 per sale that you get on their product so you can imagine if you is getting 5 to 10 people to sign up to a product like this per month you could be well on your way to start making some life changing money with affiliate marketing now I know a lot of people at this point are probably thinking Dre how can I drive traffic how can I get people to buy through my link I don't have any type of social media following I don't have 100K like you do well don't worry because I'm going to go over exactly what you can do in your unique situation and exactly what I would do if I was starting from zero so just sit back relax go ahead and take some notes so you don't miss any important information I'm about to teach you here what we need to do now is lay the foundation of your business and the way how we're going to do this is by choosing the category or Niche that your affiliate marketing business is going to be based around what exactly are you going to be writing talking or creating content about and on what particular platform for instance are you going to be creating like a review website where you're going to be listing like the pros and cons of different health related products that are surrounded in that specific industry or you may choose to start like a faceless Tik Tok or YouTube channel where you provide valuable content to a specific audience and monetize that through your affiliate links or you might decide that you want to go towards something a little bit more creative maybe you want to start creating some cool Pinterest pins and use those as marketing materials so that you can redirect people over to your affiliate products and services whichever way that you decide to go and whichever Niche that you select just remember that you're going to be doing for a long time you're probably going to be at this for the next 6 months to 2 years so this category or Niche that you're selecting needs to be something that you have some passion or interest in because there will be hard days I'm going to be completely real with you there's going to be some hard days where you do feel like quitting but if this topic or Niche that you selected is something that is close to your heart and you genuinely enjoy making content about and technically it's going to make it harder for you to just throw away and give up on because this is something that you genuinely enjoy doing so that's number one picking something something that you actually like and you're genuinely interested in some people say you know have a passion in it you don't have to have a passion it could just be like a hobby or something that you enjoy doing let's say it could be like cooking it could be like going to the gym maybe you're into like dating and you want to give relationship advice whatever needs you pick just make sure you enjoy talking or making content about it the second category or box that this has to tick is that it must be a high profit Niche at the end of the day you're doing business to make money you're doing this to replace your 9 to-5 job but maybe you don't have a job right now but you want life changing amount of money coming into your bank account so that you can live that life that you've always wanted to live so please pick a niche that is in demand there's no point going out there picking a niche just because you enjoy it but it's not paying out any substantial amount of money if you ever get stuck at this stage then what you need to do is just go back to the basics as I've said in many of my other videos t

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