EVERY APP I USE IN RELATION TO INSTAGRAM | The only tools you’ll need to keep your Instagram running

this is a list of all of the free apps I use in relation to running my Instagram business what's up everyone it's Millie I'm an influencer coach welcome back to my channel where I post videos every Wednesday teaching you the latest strategies and Trends on social media to help you grow your brand and every Sunday you get a behind the- scenes look of what it's like to run a business as an influencer first I want to say a huge thank you to this video shout outs I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for all of your love and support so if you want to shout out in one of my future videos be sure to screenshot yourself watching this and tag me over on Instagram stories for leave a comment below and subscribe to my channel as always time Stamps will be in the comments down below because I value your time and you already know why you're here so let's get into it I'll be splitting up this video into two sections so the first section will be apps that I use for photo and video specifically and then the second half of the video will be for Content creation planning organizing all the things and while 90% of these apps that I'm mentioning are actual apps that you can use on your phone some of them I only use on my desktop so when we get to those apps I'll be sure to just say hey I only use this on desktop because I prefer it that way so you wel welcome the first app we're going to be talking about is the app that I use for all of my video editing whether it's my stories Instagram reals or Tik Tok videos and that is cap cut cap cut is also the sponsor of today's video but whether or not they're sponsoring this video they would absolutely be included in here because I probably use this app the most because video is the dominant type of content right now online and so I'm probably creating video content more than any other content types out there so when I'm editing on the go I need to do a quick edit on my phone this is the one to use so this is the Simplicity of the app let me just open one of my videos this is a story that I recorded for brand collaboration you can just upload all of the files that you have you can adjust the length of it you can adjust the speed speed it up adjust the volume something that I use a lot especially when I'm transferring Instagram reals over to Tik Tok and vice versa is the extract audio button because then you can extract audios from maybe like your favorite Tik Tok video and then you can make your own real using a Tik Tok talk sound that you found so that's something that I use often also the voice over feature I use a lot to record voiceovers for like tutorials another feature that I think a lot of people Overlook is the format option you can change the format depending on where you're putting your content out so typically for Instagram reals Tik toks you have 9 x 16 but for YouTube videos like this it's 16 by9 and then Instagram like the portrait view of Instagram is 3x fours you could do one by one but nobody uses one by one anymore that's long gone but yeah you have a bunch of different format options so you can upload one video to multiple content types or multiple platforms capka is absolutely free you can create and save your videos without any watermarks adding to the video all of the features that you see here adding stickers if you wanted to add like a video on top of a video or a photo on top of a video you can do that and say let's just add this one so now I have another video here where I could be like hey in this video and I'm talking about that one so all of the features are absolutely free to use you don't have to upgrade to have access access to those things and it's available on both iPhone and Android so win-win if you want to use cap cut to edit your Instagram reals or your Tik Tok videos or any video on your phone for that matter you can use the link in the description below I'll be linking every app down in the description box below for you to test out use and try them for yourself the next oops the next app that you can use or that I've used before is lens buddy lens buddy is really helpful for when you are taking content by yourself or taking pictures by yourself and you only have your phone hello YouTube setup so basically what you can do is you get to set a timer you get to set how many photos are taken after the timer counts down and you get to select the intervals between each photo being taken so that way you can set up your phone stand in front of it set the timer maybe choose let's say 10 photos are being taken or 25 photos are being taken and you want them to be taken every 1 second and that way we will do countdown timer to 5 Seconds cool now when we press it 5 4 3 2 imagine I'm posing I have like pose pose pose pose and that way when you're posing in front of the camera you could be like ooh but like cooler and like Cooler Than Me yeah so that is really helpful when you are out creating content by yourself you just want to set up your phone real fast take a few quick photos you get a bunch and you're able to create more organic photos that way instead of having to just do like one pose it's like you get to move throughout the pictures which I feel creates more authenticity within those photos the next app we're going to be talking about is after you take those photos and you're like I want them to look so amazing I Ed the Lightroom app the Lightroom app is completely free for the mobile version if you have Lightroom for your desktop you do have to pay for that so if you're just using the mobile version you're fine so with this photo if I wanted to go in and edit it I actually have all of my presets here these are from Ariel ve you can follow her on Instagram I have her presets they're the presets that I use for every photo so if you want those presets I'll link them down below as well but these are all of her presets I already have them saved on my phone so that way I could just click adjust as I go it's like if I see this I'm like oh that's a little too orange I could go in select color select mix select the orange bring the saturation down a little bit so it's not too in your face or I could adjust the Vibrance maybe it's the Vibrance that needs bringing down yeah the Vibrance was a little much and then the contrast is a little much but those highlights definitely need to go down you know what I mean so that's the app that I used to edit all of my photos if Lightroom is intimidating for you because it was intimidating for me for like 2 years I refused to use Lightroom because I was scared of it I didn't know how to edit and I was scared of it if you want a more friendly editing app I started out using visco V I have a whole video on how you can find your own editing style using visco it's a really handy dandy hack for you so you can watch that video or you can use a color story I love a color story because they partner with other influencers to create bundles of kind of preset bundles so a color story is another great

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