8 profitable business ideas for 2024 and beyond

hey guys welcome to Silicon Valley Girl and welcome to can I am amazed by this place to say the least I am here for the canned Film Festival I'm doing some red carpets I am doing some amazing things and meeting amazing people if you don't follow me on Instagram please do follow it's a lingua Marina on Instagram this is where I share all my day-to-day life it's been four years since I was in Europe last time and of course anytime I come to a new location my head just starts creating business ideas because I'm like oh this is an opportunity this is a huge opportunity oh my God why don't we have this in the U.S so I am pouring all of my ideas on you today so if you love European lifestyle if you love traveling but also if you want some cool ideas to work on in 2023 please watch this video carefully now idea number one uh is about nomadic lifestyle so I'm a mother with two kids and I love traveling right now my kids are three and two but when they're five we're gonna have school and you know what's the worst planning your vacation during the dates of school holidays because while airports are crazy busy prices are rising and within our family we always discuss how cool it could be if there was a school not like an online school right because you know making a five-year-old kid study online might not be the best idea but what if there was a school that has locations worldwide and uh our kids start in the Bay Area or somewhere in the US and then we decide to spend a year in France and we come here and they go to the exact same school with the same program and I come from language learning background and in language learning we have chains of schools that have the same program so you could go to New York for three weeks and study English and then go to La for three weeks to study English I think we really need a school like this but for kids so that kids could also travel around the world experience different cultures but still have the same program because these days when people travel if they decide to change location for work or whatever you know people just move to places because it's cheaper to work from Thailand or turkey and their kids are just forced to adapt to a local system I feel that we're going to travel more and more and this is what I see I've met so many Americans here so this is something to think about okay the next thing that surprised me here on day two we had uh chicken you know what French chicken tastes in a completely different way and I understand why of course American mass production the only taste that we could find the closest to like French chicken in the U.S was it the farmer's market but guess what it's only once a week it's a little bit pricier and then the chicken is frozen and you know we tried many options uh for our family but the thing is the reality is food in the US like in general it's the quality is worse than in Europe and the standards are lower and this is why we have people with health problems this is why we have obesity this is why all the consequences and when we try different subscriptions some of my friends told me like try this subscription try that subscription it's the same problem the ingredients are lower quality so how we solve the problem but it's a more expensive way and we don't do that every single week but we have a person who works with several families and he knows various Farms across the U.S so he orders all the produce and cooks for us and the taste is similar to France but it took me so much time to find that person who understands the healthy food but from talking to my American friends and my European friends who are in the US and understand it's a huge problem so healthy meal delivery is still something you could work on a company that is trying to solve this is called Good Eggs they do farm fresh produce delivery but it is not cooked yes they have their deli department but it is very limited what if there was a healthy even like a meal kit so you can cook the food by yourself but everything is from the Farms think about it the next idea is also connected with the nomadic Lifestyle the medic lifestyle means you travel and work and live in different locations probably this is good for families without kids but I can also see myself with smaller kids moving around so the thing is when you come to a country as an Nomad you struggle with everything accommodation you need to stay somewhere from one month to three months Wi-Fi SIM card like there are so many things to think about what if there was a nomadic travel agency where you come and say like hey my rent in the Bay Area is currently I know four thousand dollars and if I give it up four thousand dollars where does it get me where can I travel and work remotely and the agency says well for four thousand dollars you can rent a palace in Thailand and you're like oh that sounds like a good idea right and then you completely change your whole life for at least a year if your company allows it or maybe you're an independent Creator and using the money that you save on your rent you just go ahead and travel and the agency helps you plan all of that and like if you think even further SIM card for Nomads Wi-Fi router for Nomads they can plug in into any device Apartments furnished apartments that are specifically created for Nomads think about it now we're going to start switching to normal ideas that do not necessarily correlate with nomadic lifestyle and travel I have some more ideas in my mind that I wanted to share and the next idea is actually brought to you by the sponsor of this video Auda Diaz now let me quickly explain the idea of Drop Shipping a lot of my friends actually do it one of my friends did a moisturizing face masks another friend does different devices like electric powered umbrellas Etc so the thing is Drop Shipping is when you sell products without having to worry about inventory and shipping it minimizes your investment and your headache because you go on a platform you see a product and ideally you see a product that captivates you like you are excited about this product and you take this product and you start selling it on different marketplaces or maybe you're a Creator and you have your own platform and this type of activity also lets you become a nomad because you can do it from anywhere you can open a store on Shopify and regardless of market conditions if you do the right marketing and you find the right product there would always be demand for what you're selling autods can assist you with this research Auto DS is a comprehensive cloud-based Drop Shipping platform that helps businesses streamline order management and with their product research tool you don't need to waste time on finding the best Drop Shipping products without a DS the Drop Shipping process becomes so much easier if you're unsure about what to sell you can use their product research tool and find winning products that have gone through a complete analysis and are re

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