7 High Paying Easy Side Hustles Anyone Can Start in 2024 (No Skills)

today I'm going to share with you seven side hustles that anyone can start there are no special skills required minimal time investment however they offer some really serious earning potential and look we're going to take it easy very practical and also very profitable so stay tuned and make sure you watch this video till the end so the first opportunity that I would love for you to consider is one that actually many people would be able to do but very few actually think think about so look if you are somebody who has a passion for nutrition or for healthy eating and maybe you find yourself reading a lot on this or you've been studying it for a while for yourself mainly then imagine turning that into a source of income and here's the thing you don't really need to be a chef or a dietician to get started literally what you need is a good understanding of nutrition and a desire to help others and uh be there for them to help help them achieve their health goals that is exactly what you can do with personalized meal planning so for example let's take Jordan um Jordan is a fitness Enthusiast and has a flare for crafting balanced meal plans he started by helping friends and family and soon this hobby turned into a super successful online business Jordan creates customized meal plans for people with specific dietary goals from weight loss to muscle gaug and I think Jordan's success demonstrates how a simple but true passion for Healthy Living and healthy eating can transform into a really profitable business or side hustle and you can do this as well if you're passionate about this area and if you're wondering okay so how much could I actually make if I decide to get into something like this well personalized meal planners just like Jordan are able to make a pretty decent income you could make upwards of $70,000 a year obviously depending on how many clients you're willing to serve and how much time you want to dedicate to this but the need and the demand is absolutely there so now if you're thinking what does it take to start being a personalized meal planner or offer this type of service well obviously you need solid understanding of nutrition and dietary needs and then I guess it's about building your client base and finding people who need this type of support probably the easiest would be through social media and online marketing but literally you could start just with your friends on Facebook and believe me there is a lot of need for something like this and you can think about it as more than just advising people to eat healthy foods it's about helping people achieve goals and being there to support them and help them see tangible results and once you do that with a few people and you can prove that your um approach to me meal planning is successful then you will have no problem finding new clients believe me the next side hustle that you can consider starting again with not a lot of skill required is something that um is related to reading I guess so think about the last time that maybe you've read something that really struck a chord with you I don't know maybe that was a blog post or an article or a story whatever imagine if you were able to to create that impact in someone with your own words and you were able to tell your stories and share your knowledge and your experiences and reach a global audience and you could do that while also earning a nice income and here there's a story of Riley Riley is a passionate cook who absolutely loved creating all sorts of interesting recipes and decided at some point to compile everything that um she has tested into an ebook and surprising surprisingly or maybe not so surprisingly the ebook went totally crazy and this success opened up a whole new world of possibilities for Riley because then she began creating more content and more ebooks that served the same audience in different ways and look people like Riley who create ebooks and they don't have to be about cooking or recipes they can be literally about any topic could earn anywhere between 5,000 to more than 60 ,000 per year obviously it depends a lot on how many ebooks you have and how well they sell so you got it this is about becoming a eBook author and you can use your knowledge and your creativity and write about any hobbies that you have and publish that as an ebook online and you can get started really super simple by putting that together in a digital format and starting selling it on platforms like Amazon C ADP okay it is actually really easy nowadays particularly with AI to put together an ebook that brings lots of value to your audience and starting to sell that on Amazon that already has lots of traffic and lots of demand all you got to do is create a good ebook that actually serves people number three is an opportunity that I've spoken about before but I can't stop talking about it because I think it's such a great opportunity and you literally don't need any skills and you don't even need to dedicate much time in a day think about the last time that you bought something just because it looked cool or maybe it spoke to one of your hobbies or just your personality well that is the power of print on demand it is truly a game changer when it comes to Ecommerce okay because you don't need to hold any inventory you don't need to take most of the responsibility okay and you can just create designs that people across the globe want to wear and display okay and you can create those products digitally really quickly in a matter of minutes and here I have the story of somebody who's uh coincidentally also called Laura uh Laura is a graphic designer and she turned her passion for art into a super successful print on demand business but trust me you don't even need to be a graphic designer you can create beautiful artwork beautiful slogans beautiful designs with the power of AI and you can do that as I said in minutes okay and Laura is just an example but nowadays there are thousands of people selling print on demand products either on Shopify or on Etsy and they are able to make anywhere between $10,000 to $50,000 per year again this depends a lot on how many products you're selling how big is the market that you're targeting is there demand or not and how good your products are and how people are perceiving them and if you are are new to print on demand well this is a very very straightforward e-commerce business where you create a design and then a third-party company will print that design on whichever type of product you choose that could be a clothing article it could be a backpack a water bottle a notebook literally anything in between and you don't have to hold inventory you only create a shop where you display your product and you connect that with the marketplace that creates and does the printing for you so all you need to do is be able to either leverage traffic that already exists from platforms like Etsy or create your own traffic maybe through Tik Tok or

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