I Asked Ai To Find Me Free Money – It Did – $41,202 So Far!

just last week I asked the Bing AI co-pilot to find me some money and using what I'm about to show you it not only found me the little bit of money I was expecting it found me lots of money and in today's video I'm going to show you exactly how this works step by step start to finish with nothing left out this is something that you don't even really have to be that smart to be able to do you won't need any money because the tools I'm going to show you are free and with a little bit of work I think you can use this strategy to find tons of money hiding in plain sight because after all let's face it the people getting extremely rich aren't doing anything incredibly new and today I'm not only going to show you exactly how to use the Microsoft Bing co-pilot to find money I'm also going to show you how to think differently and how to spot hidden money that no one talks about hiding in plain sight all over the Internet so watch this video at least one time all the way through because your eyes are about to be opened Welcome to The Secret World of hidden online moneymakers and how to use Microsoft Bing co-pilot to find them and in just a minute we're going to get in to the nitty-gritty but first a story back in the year 2002 when I was starting my internet business we were looking for keywords that were non-competitive I know a lot of people think that oh Google back then wasn't that competitive and you had a unique Advantage but it still was pretty competitive and the information about how to rank and how to get in front of people wasn't as readily available as it is today and we certainly didn't have ai Bing co-pilot chat GPT and Google bard to help us out and what I did is I came up with a list of what I call trigger words these trigger words found out what people wanted online and the hidden profit strategy that allowed me to find advertisers that were willing to pay anywhere from 10 cents to 50 cents all the way up to about $10 or more for one click on a link to their website and using this exact same strategy I've been able to make millions of dollars online over the years in fact last year using this exact same strategy I banked over $1 million in one of my businesses alone and not only that but I've made High six figures and even seven figures in some of the niches that you probably never even heard of and certainly didn't think you could make a lot of money with and today I'm pulling back the entire curtain you're going to get to see exactly how this works so that you can go do it for yourself we're going to use free keyword tools free Ai and show you exactly how to prompt Microsoft Bing co-pilot AI to find hidden money in a snap oh yeah and I forgot to mention we're also going to ask the AI to go get the money for us smash that like button and let me show you how it [Music] works all right so first off what we want to do is find keywords that have very little or even no competition and pair them with things that make lots of money the hidden money on the internet is the fact that there are so many people searching the web and there's so many advertisers paying for this stuff that if we can bridge that Gap we can make tons of money and today I'm going to show you how to use AI to do exactly that but I want you to picture this in your brain let's say for instance you're out there on Facebook you're looking at the marketplace maybe you're looking for a new scooter and all of a sudden some kind of ad pops up you click on the ad and then go to a page with search result now a lot of people might think well maybe the website's broken or maybe there's a problem with it or what's going on in fact what's happening is they're taking you from something generic something super non-expensive searching Facebook Marketplace and putting you into something that is expensive maybe they'll have something like get a new auto loan or something like that we're going to want to do the same exact thing with keywords and this is what I've done for over 23 years we want to find keywords with no competition maybe something like autol loan calculator New York which doesn't have many advertisers on it we can create a little autol loan calculator or an article or a link to an autol loan calculator and then drive them to a page with search results that pay us money it's actually super simple this is how I've made millions of dollars online and now with AI it makes it a lot easier so we're going to be using the Bing co-pilot tool in conjunction with the profits scoop.com over here at the profits scoop.com we're going to going to click on open the profit toolbar this toolbar is going to open in a window so that I could use this alongside Google bard Internet Explorer wow that's an old one Microsoft Edge Chrome Firefox Mozilla whatever you want we're going to go ahead and use this and click on money getting tools and then we're going to choose the trigger word tool this is going to be a tool that you can use to help find you keywords to do exactly what I'm teaching you now so that you can make money in a very simple way now notice with the trigger word tool that there's no real Rhyme or Reason for these right we have drain which could be like drain my bank account or drain the toilet or drain the shower or the drain is clogged yeah basically there's no Market attached to these keywords they are just curiosity words to find things that people want in a very easy way now if I was to go through and take a list of keywords like this and then put them into a keyword tool like the free ahfs keyword tool here we we could see that a lot of people are searching for different things like French drain drain snake drain cleaner how to get rid of drain flies how to unclog a shower drain and on and on we go and surprisingly a good amount of the keywords on this list are pretty non-competitive then let's say we wanted to go for this one here because it's a little less competitive than the others I can actually go back to the keyword tool type in drain flies right like this and now I have a list with super non-competitive keywords about drain flies and notice how quickly I was able to find a keyword with no competition that hundreds of thousands of people search for each and every month this is money secret number one next I'm going to go ahead and open the Microsoft Bing edge browser we're going to go ahead and go over to Google right like this within the Bing browser and type in how to get rid of drain flies we're going to go ahead and find a website that might be about Plumbing or getting rid of pests or something like that we're going to take a look here and say maybe we'll use thisoldhouse.com that's a pretty big site and we can see it has all kinds of info about drain flies where do they come from how do they work everything like that what we're going to do is Click over here on the Bing co-pilot this is going to open the co-pilot right here on the page and it's actually looking at the page with us so I could

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