5 realistic side hustles for an extra $500-$1000/month

if you're looking for a realistic video about some side hustle ideas without the purpose of selling you courses on how to get rich you're in the right place you see because most of the videos you see online talk about various side hustle options and then they come to conclusion that side hustle X is the best option and it's going to make you rich therefore you should buy my course otherwise you're going to miss out on your last opportunity to get rich I'm not going to try to sell your course instead I'm just going to share my honest opinions because I don't want to make money telling other people how to make any online so the first one is video editing especially short form video editing is one of the best side hustles you can look into the demand is super high and there are very few good editors if you want to make a living out of editing you should be really good that's a fact but if your goal is to make some extra side money then you don't have to be the best editor in the world obviously some levels of skills are I mean require but so is every side hustle so the most important thing is your communication skills and whether are you know how to pit yourself to creators as a creator with 1.3 million Subs I get every single day dozens of emails and DMS for people offering me editing services but I rarely reply them the reason is not because I'm an but because many creators including myself don't have much time to go through each message we get so what you will need to do is proving that your message is worth someone's time opening reading and replying one of the biggest mistakes I've seen again and again is to talk without any proof it basically goes like this Dy you're leaving money on table you're missing out short form content is super important and I'm really a good editor therefore you should hire me here are some of my passw Works let's h on a call if you're interested okay pause the video and guess the mistakes these people are doing I'm waiting please do it okay ready first of all you might be actually a good editor okay I'm not doubting that but talk is cheap so we need to show with our actions your past work might not be the best way to measure your skill since everyone has a different style and preference what I would do is I would re-edit a couple of my long form videos into short form content with various Styles and showcase my skill set and ability to do different styles and creativity so you shouldn't be sending the same email copy and paste everyone we need to show some effort and instead of suggesting let's h a call which might just like lead to a back and forth Email exchange to find a good time which is quite timec consuming especially when we are dealing with like different time zones why not send a calendly link that way I could easily book a time that fits both of our schedules and it saves time for both of us and it's much more productive also don't leave questions on the table you know tell me your delivery time rate how you work and whether you're are open for a negotiation on the same email so that it's easier for other person to book a call if you have good communication skills and some decent editing skills you're good to go and also don't worry there's so many like free and good resources to learn how to edit so you got this even though I'm a big advocate of starting your own platform sometimes you actually don't have a time to start a social media account because it takes a lot of time investment and effort especially in the beginning to figure out your voice and Style and what you want to share so if you don't have the time freedom to start your own account one of the best ways to learn the backside is to be a social media manager there are tons of benefits to this first of all the demand is super high second of all you can do it remotely and third of all it gives you the chance to see the backstage of what it looks like to run a social media account so so you can make money while learning how things works and maybe in the future if you will be interested in it you can start your own account and let me tell you there will be such a big difference being a total beginner and having some experience in social media world so what do social media managers usually do well there isn't like necessarily a specific definition since every Creator might request something different but some of the common things can be answering emails reaching out to Brands to like sign Partnerships manage content calendars help with Creator schedule and basically help the Creator out same as a video editor it's super important to know how to pitch if I would start over and had no experience and knowledge about social media and you know how to make money online I would definitely reach out to my favorite 50 to 100 creators on Instagram YouTube Twitter maybe Tik Tok to help them out so that I can learn while I make money and build relationship with Brands and also other creators whether you're interested in editing short form content or managing social media as a side hustle having a professional website to Showcase who you are is essential when pitching two potential clients to show how legit you are though building a website can be quite dting in my opinion you know coding technical skills or even hiring someone to do it for you and spending thousands of dollars it's quite difficult so to solve this issue I recommend hostinger and its AI website builder who is kindly sponsoring a proportion of this video with hostinger's AI power tools in the website builder you can create a unique website for you in just few minutes and let me show you how easy it is first what you need to do is you will go to hostinger.com SL duty1 and boom if you see down you see the plans that hostinger offers so the premium website builder and we also have the Business website builder now they are all super affordable compared to other brands but I recommend you going with the business plan as it includes all of their AI tools so with plans starting just as like 2 .99 per month you'll get a free domain email and the ability to create up to 100 websites under a single account okay now let me show you the on boarding process okay so for my brand name is I'm going to go with Kaizen by Rudy and the website store is going to be an online store and let's go okay if you already have a simple website ready just in a couple of seconds and we can you can also see that on mobile how that will look like and you can easily edit the website so let's say I didn't like the colors and website Styles I can change that easily let's say I don't like blue I want to go with a darker blue I'll accept it and as you can see I can change that super easily let's do for example white yeah white looks much better they also have tools like AI writer AI page generator AI blog generator AI heat map and AI logo maker so they also have a 24/7 expert support from their in-house customer success team so if you're ready to start yo

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