How to Travel without Travelling (FREE & BUDGET FRIENDLY TRAVEL HACKS FOR 2024)

[Music] your reason for traveling might be you want to explore a new culture or meet new people or eat different foods or maybe just like get away and rest but what if you just can't travel right now for i don't know whatever reason maybe you don't have a lot of money or maybe someone's not letting you travel like a parent or in general maybe your life circumstances aren't letting you travel well in this video i'm gonna share five things that you can do instead of traveling that still give you the benefits of traveling so if you want to go somewhere but not spend any money you can pet sitting so pet sitting is a way you can go to places for free and the sites i know of are trusted house sitters house sitting canada so i actually have two pet sits this summer in the okanagan they're both for one week each well this is my cat melvin pet sitting is one thing you can do that is free or you might get paid to do it um but yeah you don't need to pay for a hotel or anything just take care of cute little pets like him if you want to experience a different culture but you can't physically go anywhere then what you can do is learn a language like this is one of my favorite ways if i'm like interested in like going somewhere and actually i do this before i go travel somewhere i'm i'm trying to like learn a bit of the language it's a really great way even if you're not actually there to get immersed into like another country's culture first and by learning the language you're really learning like how people speak and like words that people use in uh like for example common food in whatever country and one of my favorite ways to like practice my listening is to watch netflix shows and when you watch netflix shows like you can really get to even though you're not there i know it's like you're not physically there but at least you can kind of experience that one thing i did when i was trying to learn spanish is i shared that i was learning spanish on my instagram and then actually about maybe like three or four people who are following me message me saying that they are happy to like practice with me so it was actually really cool that i got to practice [Music] is not very good like it was just so cool to be able to talk to actual people who speak that language and learn a little bit about how they live their lives if you live in a city with a lot of different restaurants and cuisines from like all over the world another way to experience a different culture is to just go to a restaurant that you've never been to you'll probably meet people who are from that country who like run the restaurant or the people who are working at the restaurant so this is another way you can do it now if you want to experience travel and you want to meet new people but you can't go anywhere what you can do is actually meet travelers who come here basically when i have friends who were not from vancouver come here and i had to like take them around and tour them around felt like i was kind of traveling because i was seeing vancouver from a new perspective and from their eyes and i was shocked i thought oh my gosh like it's kind of like travel i'm like meeting new people still one person who i met online and she also has an online business so when she came here we were already like internet friends so we met up and it was so cool to like drive her around and show her all the places i go to and it was just so new for her even though you're still in the same location but if you meet people who aren't from the place where you are at it's kind of like travel because you are experiencing a new culture but through a person so what can you do if you don't really have people that you know or like friends of friends you can definitely use facebook groups or there's like so many apps online where you can meet friends you can go to different events or maybe have a airbnb experience that you host or you can like go work for a tour company i don't know that might be a little bit off it'll be harder to do but you know what i mean and the next way is if you want to get away but you can't afford a plane ticket there are smaller trip kind of things you can do like hiking with friends camping with friends going to the beach in your neighborhood or going to a friend's house for a sleepover so you aren't just like at home all the time but you're still staying local and traveling doesn't necessarily mean going somewhere and staying overnight you can take day trips out of your area maybe it's like one or two hours drive but you can go there like maybe go there really early in the morning and then you can come back late at night and you don't have to pay for a hotel you just go there and back and it's traveling now if you want to satisfy your travel book and spend a little bit of money and you're okay spending a little bit of money here are the ways you can do it so you can plan a overnight trip in your area maybe one to three hours drive away you can book a hotel or an airbnb and if you really want to do this cheaply you can get a hotel room with like two queen beds and go with three friends so you split the cost of the hotel or find a cheap airbnb because honestly for me i don't really care that much about the accommodation it's more about like being in the place and like going out and doing things but you might be more picky about accommodation than stay in a hotel with like three other friends or another option is to go camping in a tent or you can do hiking and camping and there you have it [Music]

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