5 Etsy Digital Products That Make $100/DAY 💰 | DIGITAL PRODUCTS TO SELL ON ETSY

the online digital product space is only continuing to grow and offers some real opportunity for us sellers to earn some true passive income but the question is which digital products actually sell well i've done some research and identified five etsy digital product categories that have listings within them making at least a hundred dollars a day on the platform uh yes please so if you want to take a look at what these high earning digital products are so that you can make them and sell them too then keep on watching [Music] [Applause] [Music] hey friends welcome back to the channel if we haven't met yet i'm kate i'm a wife mama etsy seller and business coach and i'm here to help you start and scale your online business so that you can make a full-time income doing what you love like i mentioned before i did some digging to find some high earning digital product categories on etsy so i'm going to spill the beans on what these five digital products are but before we get into that i want to show you how i verified that each of these categories does in fact have products within it making this amount per day so my first step was to go on etsy and to use the search bar to start typing in a word like digital or printable and seeing what predictive phrases pops up that etsy suggests these are popular phrases that have been searched recently on etsy and that's why etsy is suggesting them to me when i start typing in one of those words this is a great place to start to get ideas if you're starting from scratch now because i have the sales samurai chrome extension installed for etsy i can look and see the number right next to each phrase for the etsy search volume per month this is sales samurai telling me for that specific phrase how many times it was searched per month on etsy i'm looking for some highly searched phrases so i'm looking for the phrases that have the largest numbers in search volume here now once i identify a phrase that i feel like might be really good potential with high search volume i'm going to click on my everb extension to go to the analytics everb is another chrome extension that i have installed for etsy and it'll show me the analytics for the top selling listings that are using that phrase as part of their seo and tags or titles it has a column where it'll show you for each listing that comes up the estimated monthly revenue that that specific listing brings in so i can click on this to order the listings from highest monthly revenue to least monthly revenue now i'm going to look at one of the highest earning ones and take that number and divide it by 30 since i'm looking for the daily amount not the monthly amount i'm dividing it by 30 for 30 days in the month so the number that comes from dividing this total by 30 is the estimated daily revenue for that listing so all of the product categories that i'm mentioning today i have verified with this system and they do indeed have listings that are earning this top dollar amount all right so without further ado let's dive into the products product type number one is a digital planner or planner bundle the phrase digital planner has over 26 000 search volume on etsy per month according to sales samurai so what is a digital planner you may ask well that's a great question a digital planner is simply a planner for someone that doesn't want to use a physical one that they can use digitally whether on their computer or ipad or iphone they can use it on any of their different devices or with apps like goodnotes or notability the highest selling listings on etsy for this product category include planner bundle so these will include lots of different types of pages and planner outlines and templates for the buyer to use these planner pages might include a daily weekly or monthly calendar view or hyperlink pages with links that they can click through to their other pages like a fitness plan a habit tracker a notes page a monthly budget log pages there are literally just so many different types of pages and templates you can add for someone to access inside their planner several of these bundles include a lot of different front cover designs so the buyer can choose and customize their front cover of their planner as well as templates and sticker bundles and just everything that you would want to go along with a planner another idea for offering this type of product is to offer a themed planner so the theme might be a business planner or a positivity planner or a fitness planner the options are really endless here all right digital product category number two is printable wall art more and more people are opting to buy a file online and print out the art that they want to hang up on their walls as opposed to going to a retail store and purchasing a print now most of the top earning listings in this category i noticed are sets or bundles of prints that go along together this could be an art gallery set or it could be prints that feature inspirational sayings or quotes i saw a lot with abstract art or even fine art photographs some keys to offering these are that you want to make sure to offer it in several different file types because for printing purposes people may want them in different file extensions so this would be anything from a jpeg to a pdf to a png file you'll want to make sure to identify and offer the type of file that works best for your type of art print as well as offer it in different sizes and aspect ratios some of the most common aspect ratios i saw for these types of prints are 2×3 5×7 3×4 4×5 and 11×14 you can do your own research to figure out which aspect ratios would fit your listing best now just because these digital product categories do have listings within them that sell consistently and for a really good amount it doesn't mean that every listing in these product categories will sell you have to do your research to make sure that you're offering a product in a trending style that's currently in demand on etsy if you offer something that's in a style that no one wants it's simply not gonna sell i call this identifying your trend elements you want to identify four to five different trend elements to keep in mind when you're designing this is something i teach in depth to my students inside of our skill your sales academy if you're interested in learning how to pick a profitable product on etsy and identify the specific trending elements to make sure that you're offering a product that will sell and be in demand on etsy i highly recommend you look into our skill yourselves program it's going to be launching next month and we do have a waitlist going for it so if you'd like to receive exclusive content around the course and updates as we get closer to launch you can sign up for our waitlist i'll have the link in the description box below and you'll be the first to be notified when the doors open for enrollment now if you want more information about these trend elements i do have a free tren

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