Earn $4,200/Week with Google Gemini AI For FREE (2024)

Google Gemini is absolutely destroying Chad GPT so in today's step-by-step tutorial we will talk about the method that this person used to make over $4,000 this week with Google Gemini and Google Gemini is this AI language model that's now competing with a chat GPT and it's made by Google and it sometimes really gives way better results than chat GPT and it also gives you the same features that paid version of jgpt has but for completely free which is pretty cool now first of all if you just want to make some quick money with Google Gemini then what you can do is the same thing that people used to do when chat GPT just started out and that was to sell prompts on a Marketplace like prompt Bas for example this is a platform where I spent a lot of money like I spent $100 yesterday on just buying different prompts this prompt that I bought was $25 and it's like an Instagram prompt I bought it I went just to prompt base and then I found a bunch of people I basically just searched here for like Instagram treb Proms and then I just bought one of these what you can do is you can just start selling so you can basically click on the sell button over here and you can start selling prompts for specifically for Google Gemini that's a quick idea to starts to make money with Google Gemini but here's a better one and here's what actually this person did to make over $4,000 in one week and it was not by selling proms On Prom base but what they did is they were promoting affiliate links so what you can do is you can go to Gemini and you can ask gem for what are the best affiliate programs and offers to promote and whatever Niche for example in the online business Niche and if you scroll a little bit down you can see that we have all of these different affiliate programs that it's going to recommend like Wix Squarespace Blu host goded share SE and so on and so forth and it's sometimes even going to give you links to those for some reason Google Gemini really likes to First apologize and start it l like unfortunately I S I'm sorry I apologize on all those different things and then it actually gives you valuable info so for example I'm going to go with the online business Academy affiliate program which is at online business academy.com affiliate because on here we can find a lot of different High ticket high quality online business related products and services to promote as affiliate whatever affiliate program you choose it basically works like this you just click on the join now button you enter your name you enter your email address then you click let's go and then you just grab your affiliate link what I want you to do now is just look at these Instagram Pages these are completely faceless Instagram pages that are talking about different subjects in different niches and they were getting tens of thousands of views on these videos like this one got 300,000 views and these are completely faceless so no one really knows who owns this page the Creator is absolutely Anonymous and they're getting all of this traffic and they're of course promoting their digital product in their bio here's another one over here inano it's literally that's how they are called because it's a faceless account with almost 7,000 followers and all of these faceless are reals here's another one over here Tech income and they're talking about Wi-Fi money and making money online and they're promoting something in their bio and they're getting all of this traffic from a faceless Instagram account here's another one over here with 7 million followers with his faceless post they're getting all of this traffic and they're not really showing their face in any of these so what you can do is you can go to Google Gemini and you can enter this prompt which is to create five Instagram real ideas on the topic that you want so you select you choose your Niche whatever the niche is going to be whether it's going to be fight less weight loss whether it's going to be health and fitness and whether it's going to be gaming and whether it's going to be looks maxing whatever I'm going to choose to make money online Niche and here we have the first real idea so it shows me the visuals that I can use the captions that I can put the hashtags that I can use and just different real ideas that have a potential to get a lot of views on Instagram and you can then use this promp that I bought you can just use it for completely free to just optimize your Instagram account so essentially you use this first one for the bio and just for profile optimization so you can paste The Prompt here you can insert the niche let's say the niche is going to be how to make money online and then it just helps you create the Instagram bio that you can just copy and paste and it even shows you like the reasoning behind each sentence and it also adds the call to action that people can just sign up to what you can then do is you can find some viral Instagram real that you would want to replicate so some real that has a potential to get a lot of views then just copy the link that takes people to that in to that Instagram real so just copy to vizard iio so this is like a tool that allows you to transcribe videos so if you go to snap insta app you can first of all download that Instagram re as an MP4 video and then when you go to this wizard AI tool you can just drag and drop that and you can click next and it's going to generate the entire word for word caption or word for word transcription of that Instagram real you can then go back to Gemini Google Gemini and you can paste The Prompt that is rewrite this script and make it unique similar in length just use different hook slightly different story and different words and then just paste the script so script goes here and that script is essentially just going to be taken from Wizard AI once it transcribed that Instagram re that we previously downloaded from snap insta here's how that's going to look like for me so I would just copy this I will paste it into Google Gemini and now Google Gemini will essentially create this entire script for me now most importantly you can then take that script and you can then paste it into 11 Labs which is this AI tool that allows you to create voiceovers from text and these actually sound very high quality so you can choose from one of these voices that would make the most sense for your Niche and your style of content for example for these specific videos I would maybe go with some American Pleasant and conversational voice and then if I just click on generate this will generate an entire voice over that I can use throughout the entire Instagram real and then I can simply just go to ii.com to find some stock footage that I can use as Boll for these Instagram reals because I don't necessarily want to record anything myself so what I would do is I would just Peck from one of these click on this download button and download as much footage that I can use in cap cut when I edit these In

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