$450 Per Lead – Crazy Simple Niche Market With Free Traffic!

what if this little thing right here can pay you up to 450 dollars a lead or more wait a minute what how does this thing even go together alright ladies and gentlemen today we're going to talk about how to make money with smart apps smart home equipment and security systems this is a multi-billion dollar a year industry and there's tons of people just like you starting websites making videos doing press releases and all kinds of things to put money in their pocket so I'm going to take you through a full tutorial on how this whole thing works we're going to show you the offers how to get paid how to get traffic how to set up your ads how to get free traffic that little press release tip I mentioned earlier and a super simple way to show people how to use these gadgets and get paid tons of money because let's face it these things are pretty complicated you try to go through the instructions what are you gonna do and just this week as we're setting up the new studio we had to get a fancy new security system and this thing had so many different options and confusing stuff I didn't know where to start not only that but it doesn't even have a key so let's head on over to the computer and I'm going to show you exactly how bloggers affiliate marketers and social media people are raking it in big time in the home security smart home niche all right this niche market is one that I really like I like it because it's one I've actually made money in I've actually gone out there and had websites about different statistics and crime and security systems and things like that actually the keyword that I used was crime statistics by ZIP code I was able to get this traffic really really inexpensively on paid search and then flip them over into the offers that are paying like four hundred and fifty dollars per lead or more and as you can see here these offers do pay lots of money and while there are Affiliates making millions of dollars in this Niche I want you to remember at the get-go that the results are not typical implied or guaranteed just because I made money and someone else made money doesn't mean you're gonna make money and certainly not just by watching a video this is a business it takes work it takes effort and the average person trying to make money online makes nothing but my goal here is to show you how solid this business model is so that you can go out there and do it and get results like many of my other students have and the first thing we need to know here is what our constant is a constant is something that we know for a fact for example the constant in this market is the fact that these companies are paying lots of money if I wanted to go over to the affiliate Network true home or e-local or Aragon or any of these affiliate networks I could sign up get a special link or phone number if it's a pay-per-call offer and I can get paid 420 a lead or eleven hundred dollars for this one or 500 for this and on and on we go so we know that that is a constant constant number one is that there is lots of affiliate marketing money constant number two is that the amount of money people are paying on Google for this traffic is pretty much astronomical you can see house alarms near me goes for 33 bucks a click yep that's right they search the term click and add and Google gets 33 bucks and I'm going to show you how to get some of that for yourself too we can see home alarm systems near me is 57 a click business alarm systems sixty four dollars a click and on and on we go so constant number one is affiliate marketing money constant number two is pay-per-click money what this tells me is that advertisers are paying lots of money for traffic in this Niche and now that I know that it's actually pretty simple I just get traffic in this Niche and I can make money it's virtually guaranteed because we have the constant so now it's time to get traffic and get paid but I gotta give you a warning at the get-go and that is that you want to produce good content about these types of things we don't want to lie we don't want to fake people out and we want to really keep in mind the end user's goal whatever we're doing so if they want a security system we want to help them out with that if they want to learn how to fix their ring doorbell we want to help them out with that whatever it is we want to focus on the person on the other end of the search engine on the other end of the computer that's actually going to be consuming the information that we provide and you can see over here these are the results from Google directly showing how much these people are paying for clicks to their website and the cool thing about this is if we have a market where the constant is well constant and we know that there's money then we can get traffic through many different means we can go to social media we can use YouTube videos we can do Tick Tock videos whatever we want we can get this traffic and we know that at the end of the day there are advertisers willing to pay money for that traffic and if you understand this you're pretty much halfway there already how to promote Home Security offers AKA what would markets do if he had to promote Home Security offers well let me tell you now the first method is the most obvious that's when you're going to get a website or a Blog and you're going to do SEO to try to show up on the rankings on Google for example if we were to go over here to the Hoth keyword tool which is a free keyword tool and we type something in like doorbell versus and we can see all the different well let's spell it correctly doorbell versus we can see all the different doorbells uh blink versus ring Nest versus ring all kinds of different doorbells and things like like that so the idea would be to rank for these keywords right like this guy is doing here in Google and if you can rank for these words then you're going to get the traffic that these advertisers are paying for and you can then in turn make money now we can see a Google Store trusted reviews Android Central lots of different websites and YouTubers and different things like that that are doing this exact same thing now the key is in finding the right keyword that is not super competitive so we can use our keyword tool whether you're using the Hoth keyword tool and the competition here or whether you're using something like ahrefs or semrush we can go through and find non-competitive keywords so we could look at like install Google search bar on home screen or we could do something like Nest versus to see what people want for nest versus and we could see the competition goes down quite a bit and these are actually not that difficult to get and this traffic leads into the stuff that pays lots of money so it's very simple so what we would do is we would go out there and we would get a website or a Blog we could go and find a new domain something like www.mysecurityreviews or my smart home or whatever it is that's available or we could do s

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