30 Online Businesses to Start Right Now And Make Money as a Beginner

so in the next 15 minutes or so I'm going to speed through 30 different business ideas and I'll explain to you how they work and how you can get started right after this video they are fairly easy and they'll help you make money a few days ago I posted this poll on my channel asking you what's your biggest hurdle in starting an online business many of you were telling me that you don't know what kind of business you can start with so I'm here to serve so here we go number one is becoming a YouTube thumbnail designer and don't worry you do not need to be a big shot graphic designer you can simply use canva the only thing that's important here is for you to understand how thumbnails work and why they're so important and what makes a good thumbnail and then go ahead and reach out to YouTube channel owners with examples of what you would do for their thumbnail don't just send a random email and try to get their attention because trust me they get hundreds every day send them an example of what you would do if you you would work with them they'll love that number two is being a brand designer so if we're talking about design skills and you are very good with color and you're creative and you can do beautiful designs and shapes then think about being a brand designer and if you want to make a lot of money with that look for companies who create a lot of brands for example companies who put out a lot of courses or companies who create a lot of books so think about which companies would need a lot of branding and then specialize in that niche next one consider selling your photography online whether you're a professional photographer or just somebody passionate about taking pictures you can sell your art online you won't make millions but you will make a nice income on the side completely passively there are platforms like dreams time Shutterstock smug mug plenty of them where you can sell your photography next one is becoming a video editor for courses for online courses everybody is coming out with courses these days and they need people like you to help them make their content more enjoyable and keep people watching so they can get through the course and be able to apply and get results everybody needs their course participants to get results so someone who can help them do that with great editing will definitely make good money next if you are passionate about video editing and maybe you spend a lot of time on Tick Tock consider becoming a video editor specialized in Tick Tock videos because the editing style is so different you would definitely be able to bring an edge and if you love Tick Tock already then you're probably familiar with the type of editing that you could do so think about that you can make really really nice money every single video that you edit and it's a repeatable business so definitely look into it I love writing the next ones are perfect for you number one you can be a Ghost Rider and make a ton of money loads of people and companies want to come out with their own books but not everybody is a great writer so they will need to use the services of a Ghost Rider to be able to put their thoughts on paper so to speak so if you are talented with words then definitely look for opportunities to be a Ghostwriter for a company or influencers who want to write their own books next idea is that you publish a low content book you don't have to be a novelist to come out with a book right you can publish low content books which means to-do lists and notebooks and journals and bullet journals and that is quite easy to do there are loads of apps out there book world for example is one that can help you create that low content book create a beautiful cover design and then sell that on places like Amazon or Etsy or Shopify you name it another great idea if you are talented with words is to become a copywriter what I mean is writing sales copy for example so email content right email sequences writing content for landing pages if you're able to use your words in the right way to trigger sales and higher conversions then you will absolutely make a fantastic living being a copywriter last but not least another great idea if you are very good with writing and with your words is being a cover letter or resume writer so here obviously you need a little bit more than just being good with words you need to be able to understand somebody's experience and put that into the best description to obviously put them in a good light so they can get a better job and you can offer this type of services on freelance platforms like Fiverr or like upwork and you will be able to make a good side hustle a good income out of it coming up next if you are someone who loves talking and meeting people then here are two ideas for you number one you can become a online tutor or an online teacher and in some cases you don't even need to have a certification some platforms do require that so you have platforms like preply or vipkid I've talked about these a few times in the past and you can teach children you can teach teenagers but you can also teach adults and obviously it can vary you can teach foreign languages or you can teach stem subjects from science and math to Computing and actually even music or biology so check out these platforms where you can be an online teacher another great idea is for you to be a full-time or part-time podcaster and this not only gives you a great opportunity to meet people and talk to them but also you can monetize that either by selling your own products or by sale selling other people's products specifically you can have brand deals you can do sponsorships or affiliate marketing speaking of podcasting another great idea for you if you are someone with patience and a good attention to detail is to become a podcast transcriptionist and this is because many many times podcasters need to get someone to either do or check the transcription of their podcasts you can find plenty of opportunities like this on freelance platforms another great idea is for you to look into bookkeeping for this one again you need a great attention to detail to go through primary documents and be able to keep track of all these transactions for a small business typically or for a small entrepreneur but you don't need a certification you don't need to be an accountant in order to be able to do bookkeeping another opportunity for you if you are good with internet and research is to offer online Research Services to small businesses and entrepreneurs and this could be stuff like looking for addresses and building lists looking for a set of influencers who fit a certain profile or looking for Prospect clients that could be targeted or look for Partnerships or competitors there's plenty of needs that a small business has and you could offer this kind of online Research Services and then another perfect idea for you if you like to to pay attention to details and you're very organized is to be a

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