5 Steps to Get Your First 1000 Subscribers on YouTube | HOW TO GROW FAST ON YOUTUBE IN 2024

there is no better time to start a YouTube channel than right now whenever you're watching this it's the perfect time for you to start because small YouTube channels are blowing up faster than ever when combining these Timeless strategies with new strategies in this video we're going to be breaking it down all of it how you can set yourself up for Success what to do when you can't pick a niche how to come up with viral video ideas shorts what the strategy there how often you should post and so much more as always these tips and strategies are things that worked really well for me to help me get to 250 000 subscribers in two years I'm hoping by sharing them it will help you too feel free to test it out for yourself I'm not saying it's my way or the highway I know everybody's journey is going to look a little bit different but these are the things that helped me step number one setting your expectations congratulations you've picked probably the hardest and most time consuming platform to post and grow on every step from planning scripting filming editing even posting your YouTube videos takes longer than on any other platform can you be consistent not just now but if you want to be a YouTuber can you be consistent posting for an entire year for two years for five years if you want a platform that spits out instant gratification where you can post and instantly see results YouTube is not that you're playing the long game here so don't get stuck focusing on your channel performance or analytics in the very beginning just start before you're ready commit don't stop the future you one year from today is going to be incredibly thankful that you just started doing instead of wishing because you'll find that even though it does get tough if you just keep going this really is the most rewarding platform out there I'm not saying analytics and insights and stuff like that aren't important of course they are but when you're just starting out especially on YouTube don't rely on those as motivation to keep going because again long game we're playing the long game here step number two setting up your channel for Success before you even start posting let's set up your account for Success so that when you do start posting and people visit your channel their immediate response is oh yep subscribe there are three things that go into setting up your channel for Success picking your unique Niche setting up pillar rotation and basic account setup which believe it or not is part of your YouTube strategy now if you watched any of the how to grow on YouTube videos then you've probably heard this whole pick a niche or pick a niche or I never know how to say that word so I'll probably be saying it both ways throughout this video to satisfy everyone so before you roll your eyes and say oh my gosh I've heard all of this before because guilty I used to do that a lot anytime somebody said that I'd be like okay yeah I know we're going to approach this a little bit differently than how everyone typically teaches it do you need to pick a niche how do you actually do that what to do if you can't pick one can lifestyle be a niche so let's answer all those questions do you need to Niche down yes and no there's a reason that everybody's says to Niche down there are a lot of benefits that come with it you're able to grow your channel faster this way because by staying in a niche it helps the algorithm understand what your channel is about so they can push your videos to the right people and two it makes your content easily bingeable for new people who come across your channel so the reason you hear this tip a lot is because it works it works for the algorithm it works for your audience it's a win-win so if you're posting about fitness tips and Amazon fashion and flipping a house it might be hard for YouTube to understand the overarching theme of your channel therefore they don't know who to push your videos to or they're pushing your videos to the wrong people it gets confusing so how do you actually pick your Niche if that's a strategy that you want to implement first let's unpack the actual definition of that word Niche A specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service now most people focus on the first part of that definition A specialized segment of the market that's where you get people saying oh my Niche is fashion Fitness travel coffee you know you get those General topics but people often forget about the second part of that definition which is for a particular kind of product or service so it's more than just saying oh Fitness what unique approach can you create for that topic what kind of Fitness who is it for what problem do you solve why should somebody even subscribe to your channel here are some examples instead of saying Fitness as your Niche maybe it's at home fitness for busy moms that answers the what kind of fitness and who is it for with that in mind you're able to create videos around that Niche or Niche let's say you don't know what your Niche is or you can't just pick one single topic then what do you do I mean where's all my multi-passionate people who want lifestyle to be your Niche because same right instead of focusing on the topic what you could do instead is focus on the who you're trying to reach or the unique approach that you have for example if you want to have an audience or a community of stay-at-home moms think about what sort of videos would they be looking for on YouTube and make that think about the community you aspire to have in five years what does your channel look like who are watching your videos thinking about them specifically make videos directly catered to them or maybe you're like I don't know who I want to make videos for or if you do want to make videos about fitness tips Amazon fashion how to flip a house how can you create an overarching theme across all of those videos your uniqueness you are the theme let's say you're a college student maybe those videos look like how to stay in shape for busy college students Amazon fashion for under twenty dollars for broke college students picking a niche can and will help you grow faster that's what I did that's how I was able to grow so fast in such a small amount of time but that Niche and your journey of figuring out what that is if you don't already know what it is is going to look different for everyone if you're somebody who hasn't started your YouTube channel because you feel stuck at this step just say screw it and post because the more you post the more you'll find what feels natural and authentic to you in in the beginning of my channel I was posting random-ish like telling Ghost Stories on an abandoned train doing a drunk boyfriend tag vlogging a trip to Julian with my friends like it was all over the place and that's because I didn't know what I wanted to create yet so just start creating because the more you post the more you'll feel like oh I really liked filming this so

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