3 Easiest Survey WEBSITES To Make $10 Daily | Make MONEY on your PHONE before 2024

hey loves what is up and welcome back to the channel my name is adisholami should you be joining us for the very first time and in this video I'm gonna be sharing with you three websites that will pay you daily just for performing simple tasks on your mobile phone yes you heard me correctly they will pay you daily just for performance simple tasks using your mobile phone now if that sounds like something you are interested in you want to make sure to watch this video up until the very end and please do not forget to give this video a huge thumbs up if you find this video helpful at any point in time do not also forget to subscribe to this channel because baby why nuts now let's get right into it alright so straight to the point the simple task you will be performing and get it paid for is completing surveys what this basically means is that you'll be given some set of questions to answer and you will get paid for answering them to the best of your knowledge you don't need to Google anything you don't need to carry your dictionary you don't need any external help because this set of questions are questions that you will be able to answer they will give you question based on your age and based on any information you feel when registering now before you get really excited about this website I am going to be very very honest with you it is important that you know that one this website and not some sort of get rich quick scheme okay so I don't want you to expect the money to change your life miraculously because that is obviously not going to happen now if I'm being honest with you I need you to know that the money that you're gonna get from answering this question is not usually that much okay but if you are able to answer a lot of questions over a specific period of time you will be able to accumulate with your money the money will build up and it will become something significant at the end of the day so the second thing here is that I want you to see this website as some sort of side or Soul so it's not supposed to replace your full-time job I want you to see this as something that you do for fun and you get paid while doing what you are doing for fun is that too much to process okay I want you to see it as something you do for fun something you do for fun but you are getting paid to do it while you are enjoying doing that thing for fun I think it makes sense the third thing I want you to know is that there are a lot of people like you and I trying to use this website and get paid at the same time so there is every possibility that when you check for surveys there are usually not available which is why I'd recommending having about 10 15 20 if possible of this app so that you can always check at intervals you can give yourself like you can schedule yourself time yourself and say okay I want to check five survey websites today or this money let me see which one is available if it's available you can just jump on it answer these questions and you get paid because the same way you're checking is the same way I am checking I want to make money and you want to make money like I said it's just some sort of side also you know getting extra income by this side is definitely a side also baby although you're not going to be making a lot of money I'm not even gonna lie you need to do this consistently for a long period of time before you can you know get something meaningful out of it something you know that you can say oh this is money yeah the first website I'm going to be sharing with you is called surveyjo and don't worry I'm going to leave all the links in the description box all you have to do is go to the links in the description box or go to the comment section I'm Gonna Leave the links there click on them register sign up and you will be good now the first one we have here is survey oh this is what the apps looks like right here as you can see you can earn up to 533 naira per survey while this is not always true you can definitely build up to get 533 naira because it's all dependent on the number of people that are also taking the survey and as you can see here how much would you like to earn each day up to sixteen thousand thirty two thousand or even more to register all you have to do is click on this free registration right here you know set up your account it says register for free everyday response to surveys and studies this in just a few seconds you join the community Pockets your money and treat yourself you can request for withdrawal of your money and round up at the end of the month now this is why your dashboard is going to be looking like right here you can go to your paid surveys and you see whatever surveys are available to you at the moment all you have to do is click on whichever survey you are interested in as you can see we have 179 naira here we have the one that is going to pay you 55 naira the one that is going to pay you 34 naira and the one that's going to be paying you 117 naira so most of the time is all dependent on which survey you meet at any point you log in okay so today you can meet like 100 naira tomorrow is 50 naira and this literally take even though it says 10 minutes some of it will take you about two three four five minutes to complete okay second one I have here on my list is called CGM Nigeria and this is what about the interface looks like okay all you have to do is to sign in it says join TDM panel Nigeria to take part in interesting surveys and earn money points and reward all you have to do here is to create your own account and after creating your account this is what your dashboard is going to look like as you can see here it says no new service available please check back later but after registering I received a couple of emails that says there are now surveys that I can take part in and make money so all you have to do is create your account make sure you set it up properly make sure you verify your email because they are going to be sending you emails and informing you when new service will be available and then you can make money from here convert them to points and withdraw your money I'm also going to be leaving the links in the description box so make sure to register or you can just type this into your browser and you will be good the third website I'm going to be sharing with you today because I'm obviously going to be sharing with you more website you can answer surveys on and the next couple of videos so make sure you're subscribed to this channel make sure to give this video a huge thumbs up so that you know we can help other people out there now the third one here on my list is called survey yeah when I first found this website I was like what is this but yeah the name of the website is called survey yeah and as you can see here this is what the interface looks like okay all you have to do is set up your account and you can this is where your dashboard is going to look like you can find out new surveys these are s

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