17 Fast Paying Survey Websites That Actually Pay (2023)

hey guys welcome back to my channel and thank you so much for tuning in I'm going to be sharing with you 17 paying survey websites that actually pay in 2023. I've been paid by all of these survey websites so I'll also leave you guys links in my description box down below where you can check out some of my payment proofs to just see the potential that there is with the survey website so if you've been looking to make money for absolutely free and maybe you've just been wondering which ones are true which ones are legit I suggest that you stick with me because I'm going to be sharing with you all of this legit survey websites that I have used in the past that I'm still using to make money on a daily basis if you are new here welcome to the channel my name is Queen magumani I share information on how to make money online and that's all you can expect to learn more of in this channel let's get right into this video all right guys so the first survey website to check out is license I've spoken a lot and highly about this platform and I still stand by my words it's one of the best survey websites that you will find online for making money by participating in online surveys and it does offer you other ways to make money off making money you can download apps and test out different apps sign up to different subscriptions and different platforms you can play games as well you can also make money by referring others to use the platform it is very simple to use not a lot of information as you can see they say and extra cash online it is a global online community with multiple earning options the second one is TGM research it is a strictly survey website but very fast paying because of the number of opportunities that they have they're also widely available so you'll find them in different continents and countries they are in Africa Asia Pacific in Europe Mena the Americas and you can check out different countries where they are available in those different regions it's one of the best paying platform I get paid every month from TGM research the next one is survey time it is a platform that will pay you instantly after you've completed a survey you can earn a dollar I've seen that they've introduced shorter surveys which pay you like half a dollar and so on it is a platform that still works in 2023 so if you're looking for a way to earn money instantly get paid immediately after doing a survey this is a platform to check out they are highly reviewed online as well and have been paid several times both as an affiliate marketer for them as well as take for participating in online survey they've got different payout options such as cryptocurrency PayPal as well so do check it out the next one is actually the biggest get paid to platform online that I know of and it's called Swagbucks Swagbucks will pay you for participating in online surveys for watching videos for browsing the internet you can also be paid for downloading game apps and playing games for participating in polls and other things it is legit it is fast paying because of the number of opportunities that they have for making money within the platform the next one is super pay me also not new here on the channel I've spoken quite a lot about this platform and I can still confirm till today that it is one of the best platforms that I've ever used I love this simple user interface the choice of color and all of that those are things that I consider when looking at websites for making money more especially these types of uh platforms where you have to participate in games and surveys and all of that as you can see here they say online paid service for money get paid today you can literally get paid today because they have quite a lot of survey overalls within the platform and they have a very low cash out Threshold at one US Dollars and quite a lot of their service pay over a dollar if you do qualify for a survey you you can cash out immediately the next one that we're going to look at is toluna influencers they have quite a lot of opportunities they keep opening up opportunities for ending with service over here to Luna influenza's is youthful they tend to localize the surveys that they offer you in each country where you are signing up from so it's things and platforms and companies and products and services that you probably know something about or even use on a daily basis you can earn via Paypal as Amazon gift cards and Tesco I think what you can end also depends on the region or country where you are participating from you can also download an app because they have an app for Android and iOS as well which you can do also for White Sands and Swagbucks as well the next one is life points and I have to admit that I had left life points before but I'm enjoying this platform the number of opportunities that they have in South Africa and the type of service that they offer as well are really really great and I can relate so it is this perform that I'm looking at here you can end PayPal rewards and gift cards as well it's easy to sign up and you can even make donations with some of your earnings as well so this is an incredible platform that you can sign up to it is fast paying because they have enough opportunities for taking part in service now the next one is called ipsos I say ipsos is one of the biggest market research companies it is worldwide they do have this platform called ipsos I say where they will Rod you who are participating in online service and of course they are adding other ending opportunities here and there it is a growing platform that you can participate in online surveys and you can end here different gift cards such as take a lot gift cards Woolworths gift card PayPal gift cards how much you earn or where you get paid will also depend on the country where you are participating from but I think the most common one is Paypal for this platform the next one is called tryaba it's available in many different parts of the world triaba is also very easy to use it's not complicated all you have to do is to come in and select the join now button start signing up to the platform by giving the details that you'll be asked for here and start participating in online surveys you make money in that way you can get paid via PayPal here you can also receive your money on a virtual Visa card which is a good option as well the next one is called Moby wax a synth a B platform which is also a strictly service platform it is easy paying as well because they have quite a lot of survey opportunities that you can find within their platform to get started you need to select a sign up from their home page of their platform part of their sign up process includes filling in your phone number because when it comes to logging in you will need to use your phone number so just make sure that you are comfortable with that I've been paid a lot of times from this platform and I can tell you that it is a legit platform that will pay you f

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