$150k With AI Stickers On Etsy – Secret Traffic HACK Revealed!

$100,000 a year selling stickers $10,000 a month on Etsy sticker side hustle $38,000 in one day but there's one thing everyone's leaving out and I'm going to show you what that is on this paper in just a minute what does it really take to make $150,000 a year selling stickers like these on Etsy well a lot of people are going to show you screenshots like this one here where the store made over $290,000 in Revenue selling stickers on Etsy or this one here doing over $600,000 in sticker sales on Etsy or this one here that made over $50,000 selling stickers on Etsy and a lot of these stickers can be created with AI which makes things even easier but but coming up with a simple sticker idea and posting it on Etsy is a lot harder than it might seem in fact when looking at some of these results the amount of sales they make is off the charts 60,000 55,000 almost 3,000 and the conversion rate is around 2 to 3% meaning yeah you're going to need like 2 million visitors and just posting stickers up on Etsy hoping to get millions of visitors is a recipe for failure but don't worry on this piece of paper right here I have a secret hack that will get you tons of sales for any sticker business even if you're struggling to get traffic on Etsy and your stickers are nowhere to be found what's on this paper is a game Cher Yep this is guaranteed to get you traffic and it has nothing to do with SEO or rankings or utilizing Etsy special features or paid ads or anything like that in fact the traffic is already there that's right I'm going to show you a simple little Hack That doesn't involve creating new listings hoping and praying and doing the rain dance so the Etsy Gods will favor you with traffic no this is factual information Based on data that anyone can do to sell tons of stickers and print on demand items on Etsy starting right now but you got to pay attention to this entire video because I'm going to walk you through why it works and then show you exactly what it is so that you can duplicate this process for yourself and if you're looking to make $150,000 a year or more selling stickers well then this side hustle hack is something you need to pay attention to right now because because what's on this paper could change your life in fact this is based on something I use in all of my businesses and something I've been doing for over 24 years to make money online so if you're excited smash a like button let's head over to the computer and I'll show you exactly what's on this paper and how it's going to help you make money okay so now a lot of these people that are talking about doing red bubble stickers print on demand and Etsy and all different kinds of side hustles like this are leaving out something super big because when we look at the different examples over here of the people that are making huge money with stickers we can see that there's one thing that they all have in common and that is that they're mostly using an outside traffic Source that's right A lot of people that use Etsy expect to put a sticker up and then etsy's going to give them a bunch of traffic and they're going to get rich and the rest is history only what we're going to find out is that it doesn't really work in that manner however there's one little hack that I'm going to show you to help you get tons of traffic and make money selling stickers on Etsy because if we were to look over here at some of these stats you can see that they are getting sales but they need lots and lots of traffic to make it work and even if we were to go through and pick a select Niche maybe something like Jeep decals we can see that the average number of searches each and every month is only like 700 44 which means even if we dominate that keyword at a 2% conversion rate we're only going to get like 14 sales which is hardly going to make us $150,000 a year now we can go out there and put up a bazillion stickers and hope for the best but again you're relying on etsy's traffic to do the work however when you use the hack that I'm going to teach you not only will you get traffic off site instantly guaranteed and in a super simple way but you'll also trigger the Etsy algorithm to show you even more often because let's face it if you're getting sales on your own and making Etsy money wouldn't that make them want to boost you up in the algorithm yes exactly more about that in just a minute first let's take a look at this word Jeep decals which isn't searched for very much on Etsy and let's take that into something like the ah ref's keyword tool Jeep decals you can see here that the word Jeep decals actually gets 4,400 1,700 1,400 close to like 10,000 searches a month on Google alone and if we were to put Jeep sticker right like this we could see another 4 to 5,000 searches a month on that keyword so that gives us a lot more traffic to work with but how are we going to get this traffic well we could do something like this Jeep decal store and go for all the different keywords around Jeep decals right like this here which will get us some sales or we can bypass that process Al together and skip to the front of the line yep that's what this paper is all about but first we need to understand how this works because if we were to look at this guy who made $38,000 in one day we can see that his major traffic source is using Tik Tok and he's selling the cool little stickers like this but if it wasn't for Tik Tok you probably wouldn't be selling many of these at all so what we're going to do is use a combination of Pinterest Tik Tok Google and a secret method that's going to kick this thing off like crazy and get you traffic instantly and that is the art of buying the right domain name yep ladies and gentlemen domains are a huge commodity in fact somewhere in the neighborhood of $500,000 a day worth of domains is sold at auction each and every day but why would people buy domains at auction quite simply because these domains rank for keywords that make tons of money if I was to go over here and use a tool like spam Zilla I can click on positions and see the domains that rank in Google right now Joy of museums I can see this one here ranks for over 34,000 keywords in Google gets 177,000 visitors a month for a traffic value value of almost 5 grand and you can click here and see exactly what keywords it ranks for now you could go out there and buy a domain like this and make Museum stickers but that would be a complete waste of time so what we're going to do is use Spam Zilla and type something in like sticker and we're going to look for something specific that has to do with stickers here's one that has 58 rankings although be careful careful if Minecraft is a trademark I wouldn't touch that one with a 10-ft pole but I could see that at one point this actually did rank for all different kinds of keywords about Minecraft stickers and if I was to put links to my Etsy store on this domain I'm going to get tons of traffic overnight in fact just this morn

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