Become A FULL TIME Content Creator In 12 MONTHS (or less)

all righty friends buckle up because this is your 12-month Guide to Becoming a full-time content creator now is this the only way to grow on social media no this is just what I know works because I've helped dozens of people do this I've done this let's do [Music] it jumping straight into month one this is the most important of all the months so don't skip it just because you think you've already done it yes that's right I'm talking to you Bethany here you are going to Invision your dream life get clarity on the brand that you are going to be creating online and set goals that you want to be hitting for the next 12 months for people who Rush this step what I see happen is usually they all answer these questions based off of the path they've seen other people take for example starting with a simple question of like okay what Niche do you want to be in what do you want to be known for they're like well I want to be like that content creator so I'm just going to answer all these questions based off of this content Creator's current brand while it's great to draw inspiration for the people that you look up to always pause give yourself a little gut check does that answer feel true and authentic to you to who you want to be to what you want to be known for online allow yourself to pause take a little bit of time here Journal close your eyes meditate Envision what your life will look like when you become a full-time content creator forget the limitations that other people have placed on you or that you have placed on yourself say screw that and instead think it would be really cool if fill in the blank during this month the questions that you're going to be focusing on answering fall into three categories branding social media and lifestyle SL income now I have the complete 12month content creator guide down below to help you actually stick to this plan so everything that you need is all in this guide so that you could follow it stick with it this guide explains everything that you need to do for month one month two three and so on with videos explaining each step so that if it's like hey do this step and you're like what is that it'll link you to a video that's on my YouTube channel explaining in depth how to do that thing because this guide took me over 5 hours to create and of course this YouTube video took me over 5 hours to create it's a dollar so girl's got to run her business download it for a dollar and you'll have your 12 month plan that you could follow through for the rest of the year so what sort of questions are you answering this month let's first talk about branding one what industry do you want to create content in AKA your Niche do you need to pick a niche Niche Nar in order to grow on social media no you don't have to but the reason I include this step is because it's the most proven way to work for any social media platform whether it's Instagram YouTube Tik Tok picking a niche narrowing down on that industry picking topics and rotating between those topics it's a proven technique that works on all platforms so if I was starting from zero and I wanted the quickest route to growth or making money I would pick a niche next question is who is your content going to be for is it going to be for stay-at-home moms college students people who are beginning their fitness journey think about who you want to create your content for and then think about what your content pillars are going to be within that topic so content pillar are the subtopics that you rotate talking about for example let's break down my brand my industry social media next we have the audience that I want to Target or the people I create content for which is aspiring content creators and then I have my content pillars that I rotate posting about Instagram YouTube Tik Tok making money and other busy organization things so when I'm thinking about content that I want to create I'm like okay what sort of Instagram video would be helpful for Content creators what sort of YouTube video would be helpful for Content creators you know what I mean another example outside of my Niche would be Fitness if your goal is to help people who are just starting their fitness journey let's break that down even more your content pillars could be at home workouts no equipment workouts basic form videos nutrition and protein you're giving yourself topics that you're pretty confident you could talk about and you're rotating between those topics when creating content if you're not quite sure the answer to any of those questions really what I want you to dive into for this month is asking yourself what do you want to be known for online with your online presence in the next 3 to 5 years next there's some platform specific questions that you want to answer what platform do you want to grow on Instagram YouTube or Tik Tok pick some dream goals these are goals that you don't really have control of but it would be like really cool if they happen for example how many followers that you can get by the end of the 12 months you're not really in control of like oh I got 10,000 subscribers like you can't choose when people subscribe to you so you have your dream goals and then you have controllable goals which is maybe something like how often you want to post or even some daily habits that you want to change for example maybe it's oh I want to film my coffee making every morning that's a simple habit that you have control over and that you can adapt to your lifestyle then of course you have some lifestyle and income questions that you need to answer like what habits again do you need to change for you to actually put in the work in a perfect world how much money will you be making every month as a content creator and what are some dream brands that you want to work with if you're somebody who's leaving your 9 to5 is there a date that you'd like to leave your 9 to5 by all of these questions are again in the guide that I've created your 12-month content creator guide month number two now that that you have complete 100% certainty and Clarity on the direction that you want to take for the next 12 months let's start setting the groundwork The Roots if you will if you haven't noticed a lot of the work that we do up front in these first few months happened like underground if you will like no one can really see it and sometimes it might feel like we're not really making much progress but things are happening it's working you're setting yourself up so that you can freaking Skyrocket like a sycamore with those strong roots that you're creating right now basically without strong roots from the very beginning if you have a video that goes viral you might just topple over without a solid foundation in place what goes into this groundwork you are going to step into your expert era my friend I want you to fall in love with this research phase being curious do what you got to do to make this fun the first thing that I want you to do is you're go

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