How To Make Money As An Appointment Setter in 2024 (For Beginners)

here's a step-by-step tutorial on how to make money as an appointment setter now complete beginners are making 100 to 700 a day with no experience and when you stay until then you'll find out how cam was able to make 25 000 in a single month with no experience now one of the reasons why I want to go ahead and start making money online was just I just wanted freedom in my life and I didn't want to go ahead and be a Slave at a 905 job or work for Corporate America but every single thing that I tried just didn't seem to work I mean I tried Drop Shipping e-commerce crypto all these things and every single time I tried making money I was completely burned out the reason why is because I was always doing things alone and I wasn't the smartest person in the world my background was supposed to be me becoming a dentist I didn't know anything about sales I didn't know anything marketing I didn't know anything about product delivery but what completely changed was one simple thing and that was when I found a mentor someone who was already making seven figures at eight figures a year already had the entire business line from the advertising to the sales and the delivery and he was already making millions of dollars and all I did was finding a way to essentially help him in one specific little thing like this is the thing that I didn't realize like when I was doing all these business models I had to do all these things that wear all these hats I needed no sales and marketing and running advertising all that stuff but little did I know is there's already multi-millionaires out there that have already figured all that stuff out and if I could just come in and find a way to actually help them then I could actually go ahead and make money and I did it to the tune where I was able to make a hundred dollars a day but as you can see with one of the millionaires that I essentially worked with I was able to make 1.9 million dollars in commissions and I'm not the smartest person in the world they probably wondering well what the heck then is appointment setting and how can I actually utilize appointment setting to start really making money well here's the thing okay a lot of the millionaires that you see making money online right now it's very simple their business model it's literally this okay it's some type of AD to some type of content or website to literally a conversation in the DMS or on a phone call to qualifying a call to then a 45 minute call closing a deal which is about like five to ten to 15K it's been a dream result right that is essentially it when I started traveling I remember when I left you know America and I just went straight to Thailand and I just started meeting like all these multi-millionaires I was like huh all these people that make millions of dollars they all have the exact same business model they're all creating content doing this little dance on social media and they're all selling High ticket offers and products in the back end and I was like huh what if I could just find a way to insert myself in any one of these boxes if you understand that any one of these boxes is a business opportunity in itself where you could already work with multi-millionaires literally Your Heroes the people that you watch on you know YouTube or Instagram or Tick Tock if you could just insert your way into any one of these things you could literally make three grand to five grand to 10 grand a month and this is literally just even on the low end right because the fact that the multi-millionaires created all of these things for him he's already built a team he's literally trying to find his like Avenger team to go ahead and run any one of these things now you're probably wondering what is appointment setting then appointment setting is very simple it's this box right here this box is essentially appointment setting where you don't even have to do the closing you don't have to go ahead and like oh I gotta go ahead and take the deal you're not even actually accepting payments like all appointment setting you do it's it's kind of like dating right like let's actually go over here so for the business owner the sales call might take like 45 minutes to 60 Minutes on average close a deal the business owner does not want to spend 45 to 60 Minutes on a call with a Prosper that's not qualified it's literally just a waste of time so appointment setting also known as remote triaging is such an important role in sales and learning this will not only help you ease your way into becoming a remote closer and actually getting the bigger commissions right but it will allow you to start making serious commissions while you're building up the confidence and the reference experiences to actually start making money and you actually become extremely valuable to the business owner now here's the thing becoming successful online is very easy it's either you do all the hard things yourself oh let me do e-commerce Drop Shipping run ads or you find someone who's already successful who's already in a big pain point and you just have them as a client and it'll pay you money does that make sense now check this out if you really understand this you save them time you make the money obviously this is a huge pain point for business owners in life money gets deposited into your bank account in direct proportion to the amount of value you give people and what better way to literally just solve rich people's problems because they'll pay you very handsomely right now our goal on anything especially the people that come into our community is literally start like for example with remote triaging and Ascend to for example the closing role and here it's literally remote triaging or for example appointment setting is beginner friendly sales opportunity to make serious money and you don't need to do any hard selling you don't have to handle payments you don't even have to do any face on camera you're literally just going ahead and like scheduling Zoom calls does that make sense and remote triaging is kind of like dating to finding a husband and wife on doing all that's obviously you probably will make you're going to give me dating advice I thought this was an appointment setting thing well just check this out well when you're going in and dating right like when I want to go ahead and find a wife the future mother of my child so I could go ahead and start big family where I can go ahead and just die a happy man it's very simple what are the red flags in a partner you don't find the red flags too late you need to find them on day one oh dude that huge debt are they a gambling addiction do they have unresolved mommy and daddy issues that's a big one rude to waiters or waitresses in restaurants mean to kids differing values so essentially once I understand all the red flags I just go on a bunch of dates I then identify the red flags on the first date oh mommy and daddy issues ah huge debt odd gambling problem uh you know doesn't

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