Best Way To Earn $50/Day on Clickbank With NO FOLLOWING (With Proof)

so a couple mornings ago I woke up and I logged into my ClickBank account out of the blue honestly I haven't logged into my ClickBank account or even thought about ClickBank for probably three to four months but I logged in and this is what I saw right here you can see here made about 900 in the last 23 days and about a thousand dollars a month is what I'm on track to make right now from clickbait now honestly this felt crazy even to me because I haven't put any money into ClickBank or any time into ClickBank in months I haven't done anything to promote products I haven't spent any money to promote products none of that stuff but to still be making a thousand dollars a month is pretty cool and in fact once you take the initial time so this does take some initial time to get set up and running and it takes about a hundred bucks but once you get everything set up and running it can just run on autopilot it can do it for months or probably even years without you having to put in any more effort once the ball is rolling so this is just going to be a simple tutorial I'm going to show you exactly what I'm doing I'm going to show you really straightforward on my screen how you can go about doing exactly what it is that I'm doing if you want to start building up a ClickBank income and honestly you can take the the stuff that I'm doing here and go well beyond what I've done with it right probably a thousand dollars a month is probably the minimum of what you can do if you actually put time and continue to put effort into what I'm going to show you now we're actually going to do this in a different order than probably most of the ClickBank tutorials go about teaching this and there's a very specific reason for that and we'll explain it as we go but first you're going to need to create a ClickBank account if you haven't done that I'm not going to show you pretty easy to put in an email address and create a password but once you create the account you're going to go up here and you're going to click on Marketplace right here and this is going to show us all of the different products that are available on ClickBank right and you can see it's got tons of different categories I can go to all right here and it's going to pull them all up right here each category also has a bunch of different subcategories now we're not going to pick a product to promote right now because the way that we're going to do this is we're actually going to be creating some content and we're going to figure out which content does best and then we're going to attach a product to that content but we are going to pick a category you've got to pick a category for this to work if you bounce around between all these different categories this will not work at all for you so we're going to pick one and I would recommend choosing something in the E-Business e-marketing essentially the the make money online space or you can choose something in the health space like health and fitness right here I would go one of those and pick a subcategory that you want to start with now if you're familiar with affiliate marketing that's what ClickBank is right we're going to be finding these products that we can promote and we're going to become an affiliate for these products and then we're going to send leads or traffic to these products and we're going to get paid when people convert that's all affiliate marketing is right it's really a two-step process if you oversimplify it where we've got a link and we've got traffic and if we can send traffic or we can send people from the internet to click our link and go to that page then a certain number of them will buy and we'll get paid so really the key to making affiliate marketing work is traffic now you can watch 10 different ClickBank tutorials on YouTube and you're going to find there's probably 10 different traffic sources each person is actually going to tell you a different way to go about getting people to see and then click your link now I'm going to try to break down traffic for you so you understand why you're seeing this and how you can pick the one that I'm using and what I consider the best traffic Source by far and why it's that way so you can see up here we've got paid and we've got organic and essentially all that means is every single platform out there that we're going to try to pull people from to get them to click our link and go make a purchase every single one of those platforms has a way that you can organically or freely get your content viewed and then get your links clicked and then it also has a paid method right and that's where you just pay the platform you tell them who you want to see your piece of content and they charge you a little bit of money and then they throw the content in front of those people you can see here's a Facebook ad here's a quora ad here's a Google ad here's a YouTube ad all of these are different ads that people are placing and paying in order to get eyeballs on their stuff now that we know that every platform out there has a paid and an organic side we need to know what kind of platforms are out there and you can see we've got social media platforms and we've got a search engines okay and a search engine is Google it's a part of YouTube right it's quora so these are things where people come and they search for something that they're trying to learn about and then you put content in front of them and you answer their question now the other side of this is the social platforms right these are the Facebooks this is the tick tocks the Instagrams now these platforms are different because someone doesn't go to these platforms with a problem in mind looking to get that problem solved right they typically go to these platforms to basically sit there and hold open a phone and scroll and shut down their brain and do nothing they're typically not on these platforms looking to buy things now what this means that's fine you can sell on these platforms right you can sell on Facebook and you can sell on Tick Tock but you've got to use a totally different type of marketing it's called Interruption marketing essentially you've got to get in people's faces and be crazy and do the craziest thing on the internet right whoever does the craziest thing you're probably the one that's going to show up and then you've got to take this person who's really just interested in scrolling across the internet and you've got to slowly get them convinced that hey I know that you're just watching my content because it's entertaining but I actually here's a cool product why don't you learn a little bit more about this and then over time you convince them to buy the product it works and it's definitely a real thing but it's a much longer journey and it takes a lot more expertise in my opinion to make money using that method so for beginners the best Square by far by far is this square right here and that's the square that's the mix of free and search right it's a lot

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