12 AI Side Hustles You Can Do From Your Phone ($700+ Per Day)

I found 12 different AI side hustles that anyone can use from their phone if you make money online from anywhere in the world with no previous experience beginning with a side hustle number one which is to generate fit pictures with mid-journey AI tool and then you can sell them on a website like bitfinder.com okay this one doesn't count this one's a joke don't do this or maybe do I don't know it's weird but this is not a natural side hustle side hustle number one is to use this AI tool called the meme Cam and you can actually install it on your phone it's called memecamp.io and you can take a picture of literally anything around you and it's going to turn it into a meme and it works the best from your phone you can of course use the website memecamp.io but even they tell you that it's recommended to use the camera on your phone to take pictures around and when you do that you can actually leverage that and start an Instagram page which you can build and sell on a platform like socialtradio.com because meme Pages sell for thousands of dollars as you can see this is a meme page right over here and you can generate them by literally pressing a click click click click and you can take a bunch of pictures and turn all of those into memes or with an AI app the next AI app that you can use to make money online is called Cactus Ai and this is a study tool to grow your mind and it's going to do homework for you it's going to write assignments and it's generally going to help you with education but the way that you can use this is you can make money with a platform like study pool which pays you up to seven point five thousand dollars per month to help other students with their homework and assignments so when they give you tasks and they pay you to help them complete an assignment you can just go back to Cactus AI tool or Cactus AI app and you can get it all done for you and as you can see you can write papers you can do math and science and do a bunch of different things and you can make 7.5 000 a month on study pool with this app the next app that you can use to make money from your phone is called taskrabbit taskrabbit is an app that you can install where you can completely different tasks for people from around your city so this is only for your local area for example someone needs help with assembling their Furniture someone needs help assembling their desk well you can now get paid by that person 50 to 100 to just come to their home help them assemble that or help them put a picture on the wall and you can get paid 50 to 100 on your phone by doing that and you can complete as many of those tasks as you possibly want to now the way that you can leverage AI to get more clients is you can use this AI tool called hot Rich AI which is going to help you get more clients and customers by having customized first emails and messages the next AI app that you can use to make money online from your phone is a click and short app that helps you generate these viral YouTube shorts where you don't actually have to show your face and you don't actually have to record anything with a camera but you can get paid from your YouTube channels you can just create an absolutely free account on clickinsure.com and when you create an account you can just click on a new video right over here and you can basically just paste a link to a long form YouTube video you can select how many YouTube shorts you want generated for you and you can also add your logo and then Auto captions as well you can click on generate and they will generate as many YouTube shorts as you want and you're gonna blast them on your YouTube channel as many of them every single day go viral and potentially monetize that YouTube channel in many different ways the next AI side hustle that you can do from your phone is selling lcbs those are a low code than books basically colorized books that you can sell generated by AI so what you can do is you can leverage a tool like mid-journey where you can enter a prompt and you can generate coloring images or coloring books that you can then sell on amazon.com on Amazon Kindle and here is a complete guide over here which I found on how to leverage ai.com this is a post that talks about coloring books prompt generator for mid-journey and you can just leverage that and you can generate all of these different images and boots that you can then sell again and again on Amazon Kindle the next AI side hustle that we can leverage from your phone is to use this app called extrapolate app and this app allows you to see how you're gonna look when you are old so you can just upload a picture over here you can see exactly how you're gonna look when you're old but you can combine this with an app like restore photos.io and you can also combine with this palette FM app now the way that you can combine this is there's a bunch of people that would pay to see how they're gonna look when they're old and how restore photos works as well is you can restore someone's old photos as well so for example if someone has an image of their grandma from 120 years ago and it's like all ruined and it's black and white now you can upload to restore photos it's going to restore it it's going to show exactly how it's going to look high quality it's not going to be blurry and you can also use valid FM to colorize that image as well which is extremely valuable to someone because they've never seen their grammar in a colorized image in a high quality image now the way that you can monetize this is by joining different local groups and by selling this service locally I don't want you to sell this on Fiverr or whatever because the competition is already way too strong for this but if you sell it locally you can charge 10 20 30 per image and you can generate that with one press of a button on your phone and you can do it for completely free and you can sell it again and again and help out to your local community the next AI side hustle that you can leverage from your phone is by installing this app called the swapa.com app and this app is available for both IOS and Android it works pretty much like eBay you can come here you can sell different items and products now you don't necessarily have to sell items from your home of course you can do that as well but what you can also do is you can join them from Facebook seller groups where people are selling different items but in most of those seller grips there are always some people that want to get rid of some stuff from their homes their list their products for free so for example they have a TV an old TV they just want to get rid of it so they're going to list it for free they're giving it away for free but it goes off very very fast obviously there's a bunch of people that want that TV so they're gonna receive a bunch of messages in the first five minutes unless you use this AI app called Devi so this is ddevi.com and this will automate leads monitoring for you so you can connec

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