SIMPLEST Way to Start a Business: Tailor Brands Review

today I have some exciting insights to share about the growing trend of side hustles and an amazing resource that simplifies the entire process of starting your own business if you're new here I'm Kimberly Mitchell and in partnership with Taylor Brands we'll explore the Journey of becoming a small business owner from the comfort of your own couch so let's Dive Right In now one in three Americans or 34 are now engaged in a side job additionally those who dedicate around 12 hours per week to their side business earn a medium monthly income of 1122 from it and what's even more intriguing is the fact that 50 percent of Millennials and a staggering 70 of gen Z's have embraced the side hustle culture signaling a significant Trend among the younger generation the U.S side hustle Market is now valued at over 2.58 trillion dollars Embrace yourselves it's projected that by 2027 about 83 percent of Americans will be involved in a side business and that is exactly why I found this video to be both important and needed in today's society so what exactly is an LLC and why is an LLC important LLC stands for a limited liability company and it's a versatile business structure that combines The Best of Both Worlds the benefits of a corporation and the Simplicity of a partnership or sole proprietorship so the most significant advantage of forming an LLC for your small business is the protection that it provides for your personal asset with an LLC your home car and personal bank accounts are shielded from any potential business liability so what it basically does is act as a safety net for you as you pursue your entrepreneurship journey and along with this basic question I know a lot of you probably have a multitude of other questions especially if you're just now getting started with your small business and I have some really great news for you so on the home page of Taylor Brands here you're going to see this section here that says blog if you go ahead and click on that you're going to be able to see some of the most burning questions that we have as small business owners and they have that answered here on their website so please go ahead and feel free to use this free resource on their website so now that you know what an LLC is and why it's important I'm going to walk you through step by step and the easiest way to start your business and the best part about this is that it's going to be all on one simple platform which is really going to be helpful so here we are on the home page of Taylor Brand's website what I'm going to be doing is walking you guys through step by step while on their website and this is so that I can show you guys the physical steps along with ensuring you see just how simple it is okay so while on their home page you can see this is the first step you're seeing is naming that business what I'm doing here is typing in my business name Kimberly Mitchell as you all can see this business name is available so what you're going to do is Click next continue the next screen that pops up is going to ask you to select the things you're interested in learning and I've personally selected them all here and if you're new to starting a business you're probably going to want to also select them all the next step here is going to be to explain your company a little bit you know are you offering personal services are you offering physical goods go ahead and select there what it is that you're going to be offering and explaining your business a little bit additionally where and how are you going to be servicing your clients after selecting this you're going to select your business industry and then next what stage is your business in along with when are you planning to launch your business you're then going to need to input where you're going to be operating from including State and area code that you're living in or operating out of and then next go ahead and answer will you have any employees are you currently operating as an LLC and following this you're going to need to list the things you already have so these are the things you do not need assistance with on this page what you already have you're going to select so if you're new to this however you're probably going to need assistance with everything so why like me you're gonna probably want to go down here to the bottom and select none of the above because you don't have any of the former things already taken care of you need help with all of it lastly you're going to select YouTube is where you heard about this so Taylor Brands is going to create an entire plan based off of those answers that you gave them and as you guys can see here Taylor brands has easily created a perfect list for you to follow moving forward and I want to go ahead and go over those steps with you guys especially if you're new to starting a business let's go over those steps so when starting from scratch the main steps are going to be number one protect personal assets by forming that LLC in your state number two is license and permits for the state in which you operate so Taylor Brands will show you exactly what your state will require number three is creating a logo and Taylor brands has some really neat and professional logos to choose from number four is your sales permit tax so to legally sell items or services in your state you're going to need a sales tax permit for your state so they'll help you walk through that number five here is taxes and accounting so Taylor brands does offer a year-round tax expert that you're able to work with if you choose to select that plan so keep that in mind number six is going to be domain you're able to create and reserve your personalized domain name so number seven is getting you that Ein also known as an employee identification number so this is going to allow you to operate out of a business bank account get approved for business loans get approved for business credit cards and also hire out employees if you choose to do that in the future number eight is insurance so you're going to be able to set up protection for your business right through Taylor Brands number nine is a complete website creation so you can start from scratch and create your entire website with Taylor Brands and then number 10 is protect your business from copycats with a trademark and then as you guys can see down here at the bottom Taylor brands have has also easily laid out those options for you here to select as well to choose and work through in your own time and piece they automatically have that for you here at the bottom once you've filled out those steps so I cannot express to you guys how easy and simple this is to utilize their website and getting started especially if you're new to starting a business especially if you're new to starting a side hustle you want to make sure you're protected and you want to make sure you're going about your business in the most professional way as possible Taylor Brands is the complete package

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