11th Month on Etsy Selling Digital Products 💸 how I make BEAUTIFUL listing photos

September was my 11th month on Etsy it's almost been a year yes I know oh by the way I will make a one-ear update and the results were so so again but stay until the end of this video because I will share what I'm doing to my listing photos and also I have a very exciting announcement in September I actually added zero listings and that was because I was wrapping up my time in Asia and coming back settling down back in Vancouver yes I'm back at home this is my home office and I'm so happy to be back at my desk my visits were 755 so a lot less than last month but it's okay conversion was the same total items sold was 19 total revenue was 262 I didn't run any ads this month because you know I thought I don't I just don't think is really working for me and I wanted to just see what my shop could do without the ads so I didn't run ads net profit was 220 I received $213 in the bank and I spent $52 on Outsourcing and I'll talk about this more later the really really interesting thing about September is that in the first 12 days I only made two sales so look at this first 12 days only like two sales and I want to show you the conversion rate look so September 1 to September 11th 0. 7% and then from September 12th to September 30th it was 3.6% and I made basically all my sales from September 12th to September 30th and you know what I in the first 11 days of September I was so bummed out I was thinking okay this is so weird why am I not making sales and honestly it could be a lot of factors maybe this was just an anomaly I have no idea but overall this month the results have been similar similar to last month I mean overall conversion rate is like around 2.5 which is similar to August and July if you have any theories on why my orders and why my conversion rate was so low at the beginning of September let me know and I actually was thinking about taking a break from Etsy because at the beginning of September I was still working on updating all my listing photos and everything and actually I didn't make any new listings but in September I did redo do about 10 of my listing photos for products that already exist in my shop and in the last 2 months I've been redoing all my listing photos so I think I have about maybe 15 to 20 to go out of the 64 right now I haven't seen too much of a difference in my conversion rates but I think I probably need more time and I need more data because I just started doing it like August and September if you didn't watch my last month's update I did talk about why I'm changing all my listing photos and it's because of two things etsy's listing photos are now all cropped to a square size so I am keeping the same dimensions um like a rectangle but I'm making sure that everything fits into a square when it's cropped so I make sure everything is in the middle and the sides are just kind of like empty space and I would highly recommend you watch this video by by Christina Nicole because she talks about the dimensions in a lot more detail and that's the one I watched and I was like wow this is really useful for learning about what I should do with the dimensions with this new Square crop thing that Etsy is doing another reason why I'm changing all my listing photos is because apparently you can't use the canva logo in your listing photos and I learned this from that Jessa bee her video was also really useful and so I've been redoing all the listing photos and changing the canva logo to edit in canva instead but it's still like a circle and yes I am working with my canva assistant so last month she was working on updating listing photos and helping me redesign some of them right now the main changes other than the dimensions thing and then the canva logo thing the main thing I'm changing is making better mockups and editing my listing photos so that they stand out and are beautiful and for each type of product that I have in my shop I would look at the competitor photos and see what are they doing doing okay why do I think this is working well um maybe I should do this for mine and I've been revising all the listing photos that way so taking a look at competitors making way better mockups and I've been using mid Journey for this and also just using canva in general to make prettier mockups adding Shadows changing the font slightly so it looks more aesthetic and you know the good thing about having someone else help me with this is that she comes up with design and she arranges things in the listing photos that I wouldn't even have thought of doing when I look back at the old listing photos that I made in like November December I mean yes they did convert well but I also think my first 3 months on Etsy it's kind of an anomaly like I think I just I was like on etsy's good side I was on the algorithm's good side after that my conversion rate went a lot down so I think in terms of my listing photo at the very beginning I think they were so so they weren't the best but I think definitely now as I'm redoing all the listing photos August September and I'm going to hopefully finish redoing all the listing photos this month in October I do expect to see an increase in my conversion rates because the listing photos are honestly just so much better also if you follow me on Instagram or you're part of my email newsletter you might know that I've been secretly working on a Etsy listing photos mini course this is going to be a resource that has videos and pre-made templates and it's going to help you make the best Etsy listing photos because actually you know 3,000 of you have downloaded my really ugly Etsy listing uh to photos template that I made back in January that was the quality of the listing photos I was making in January and I'm so surprised that so many of you downloaded this and I really see that it is something that is needed because if you have the best product but you don't have good marketing for it the product is not going to sell no matter how good the product is you need to have good listing photos and I would even argue that you should spend even more time on listing photos compared to the actual product so right now I'm still in the creating phase of this mini course but I wanted to announce that you can now pre-order this mini Course and there will be a two our live Workshop this is a bonus Workshop that is only going to be for people who pre-order this course you'll be able to ask me questions during this workshop and I'm also going to audit your Etsy listing photos so you can pre-order this course now there's a link in the description box and it has all the information about what you're getting and when you are going to get it okay I feel like I have to talk about this because this is new the share and save it's been out for a while basically if you don't know already Etsy will take 4% off the order total off your Etsy bill on orders placed using your unique link so essentially it's the saying that if you yourself can drive sales and traffic to yo

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