🚀 TOP 5 SIDE HUSTLES YOU CAN Make Money With in SA (2024) 💸

now if you don't take anything else that I share with you here on the channel at least take this one seriously hey guys welcome back to my channel and a Happy New Year's yes I am back and it's been a long time I just wanted to Kickstart this this year letting you know that I'm okay everything is okay I needed that break and I took the break I hope all of you guys are good I hope you all okay I hope you were still making all of that money let me know in the comment section down below how it's been for you and how you are starting ing this year I'm hoping that the content that will be coming in the channel will be more impactful and helpful welcome if you are new to the channel and to my family thank you so much for sticking by thank you so much for watching the videos and for the love that you keep showing me in the Channel I want to talk about how anyone can make money online in South Africa in this year and I think this is very important because a lot of people have been doing this online research you see it when you type on Google that people are looking for ways to make money it is so unfortunate that a lot of people end up not making their money but don't worry about that because in this year I've got you I'll be bringing you more new websites new ways you can try out until you find what works for you so the first side hustle that you should try out in South Africa in 2024 is a YouTube channel now if you don't take anything else that I share with you here on the channel at least take this one seriously and it has been proven Beyond any share of doubt that any one can make money as long as you follow the guidelines of YouTube but in case you don't know I'm going to mention just a few ways that a lot of people are making money on YouTube one of the most recognized and widely known way of making money is through YouTube monetization YouTube monetizes your channel by placing adverts on videos so as soon as you are eligible they're going to pay you a revenue share for all the adverts that they are placing on your video there is no set amount it depends on different factors so it can depend on the type of content that you are creating a lot of people who are in the finance investment niches travel tend to end higher there are some niches where the CPM is not high but they make it up with the amount of views that they get an example of that would be the entertainment Niche we all want to know what's going on with our celebrities politicians what's going on in our countries what's going on in the world and and because that type of content is highly on demand they tend to make it up with views so the more the views you get on YouTube the more money you get to make it's not dependent on how many subscribers how many people you have in your community and so on although for you to be monetized in this way you first need to reach 1,000 subscribers you also need to reach 4,000 watch hours but then once you are monetized you are well on your way to earning consistent income with YouTube too this is just one way of making money with a YouTube channel there are so many ways one of the biggest ways you can make money tends to be even much more than the partnership program is by partnering with Brands you talk about them you showcase their products or you talk about their products you showcase their links and so on depending on the partnership you earn money in that way another way you can monetize YouTube is through affiliate marketing and this is what I do a lot in this channel to sustain my channel as well what affiliate marketing is it's simply promoting Brands products and websites and this way is a little bit different to Brand Partnerships in a sense that you don't need to sign a contract a lot of Brands and companies already have affiliate programs which means that they allow anyone who can sign up who can promote their companies to sign up and get a unique link and through that unique link they are able to track how many people you have brought to their platforms and in that way pay you a commission for that now how much you earn with this one depends on the affiliate program uh the commission structure and a whole lot of things I would say that you align your affiliate marketing with the type of content that you create on your channel that is the best way to making more money with affiliate marketing another way that I love and I think you should try out is by selling your own products if you have a product in mind that can help your viewers to achieve a certain goal to achieve a certain anything you can make money with your YouTube channel in that way but these are just a few ways you can make money with YouTube there's quite a lot of ways you can make money trust me in this year you don't have to be unemployed you don't have to lack work you don't have to even be broke let's look at the second way anyone can make money online in South Africa and that is by teaching on skill share in case you've never heard about this platform or what it's all about I will explain it as a platform where you can teach teach just about any skill that you have and how skill share works is you teach in classes so you record yourself demonstrating any skill that you have or showing sharing any knowledge whenever people watch your classes to learn from your classes you earn a commission or you earn money in that way this is an awesome way of making money simply because you only have to create your class once and you have no pressure you can create your class over a period of two weeks over a month and edit out make sure that it is good quality and you upload it it can stay there for years as long as the platform is there you're going to be earning commissions whenever people go to watch your class now the third side hustle is a little non side hustle that I think you can take advantage of in 2024 and that is by selling images and videos even graphics on the Adobe stock platform I am more interested in this one because I know that adobe is a solid company I know that I have made money selling pictures in this platform Adobe stock is a creative platform where you can share images you can share videos you can share Graphics even AI created assets and how it works is you will be paid per download the higher the quality of your images or your videos the more money you get to make by the way you don't need to pay anything to get started here you simply sign up and you get started uploading images immediately so in case someone who has a three credits per month monthly subscription downloads one of your images you're going to earn $33 cents per image and yeah guys the limit is actually very high I think you can upload even up to 50 images a day every single day as long as it's your images as long as they are not copyrighted you can upload and sell in this platform but I just want to scroll down and show you that if someone has an extended license you can earn even up to $21 us or $26 us per image that

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